May J Lee x Adidas Korea- VIYF #19

A trip to Mars and Mexico, pancakes, lingerie... Check out our View In Your Feed #19! It is full of surprises!

September 10, 2021
@ayanakamura_officiel x Undiz Family

French singer Aya Nakamura shared a short clip in which she announced her Undiz Family campaign! She tagged the brand and included a unique hashtag, #ayaxundiz, now used in numerous posts! A great collab' in which both parties can promote their business: on the one hand, the brand is showcasing its product to a large audience; on the other hand, the artist uses her songs as background music! What a combination!

@abrameng x walmart

Young TikToker Abram posted an adorable video with his little feline assistant! While he and his cat play the drums together, he advertised Walmarts Homecoming Livestream. A great idea, as viewers are mesmerized by his cat's talent and curious to discover the brand's event! The campaign follows TikTok's advertisement policy by using the #ad, combined with a mention of the entity.


Kurt on the drums 🥁 ##ad ##HereWeGo @walmart

♬ Believer - Imagine Dragons

@mayj517 x Adidas Korea

The talented Korean dancer May J Lee is keeping up with her Adidas collabs'! She shared a simple yet effective post in which she promotes both the brand and her dance workout. She wears an Adidas outfit for the post and will also be showcasing it at her event! May added the brand's logo on the picture and tagged them in her caption.

@logfive x Outfry

French comedian Logan shared a hilarious video for his collab' with the Korean Fried Chicken brand. Following his usual feed, he humorously makes fun of women who go on a "diet" by imitating them in a phone call. A great concept that follows TikTok's golden advice "make TikToks, not ads"! Logan tagged the brand as well as used both hashtags #ad and #tasterkitchens. Wow, a double collab'!


Y’a pas à se mentir à soi-même comme ça 😂🍔 @outfry @tasterkitchens ##tasterkitchens ##Ad

♬ son original - Logan

@nasablueberry x Gap

This one is for space fanatics! The incredible Alyssa Carson, a 20-year-old student, will soon go to Mars! She announced her new campaign with the clothing brand Gap in a picture and a small teaser video. Their collab' showcases the new clothing line and announces the big news: this young genius is soon going to space! Looks like the sky isn't the limit anymore!

@mmmjoemele x ihop

American comedian Joe Mele was once again spotted filming a TikTok with his dad, but they added a little spice to it, or should we say syrup! You guessed it! Both dad and son made a collab' with IHOP, the multinational pancake house! The logo appears a few times in the video, and the family did a fantastic job at creating fun and entertaining content for the advertisement.


##ad Reply to @ihop You asked, we delivered 😂 Order some ##IHOP pancakes today!

♬ original sound - Joe Mele

@oliverbrynnum x Wander XO

Who wants to go to Mexico? Instagrammer and Youtuber Oliver shared his trip to Latino America with the travel company Wander XO. His post follows his usual content and has a complete description in which he advises his followers to travel with the company! Oliver also added many hashtags, including the #ad.

@abbieherbert_ x Always

‍The American model Abbie is a new mom and loves to share her journey with her audience! Pregnancy, postpartum, and many other moments of life; she will share all her tips and advice, and that is when Always comes in! The collab' is impeccably well thought of, with the right influencer that will provide wide visibility and reach the moms' community!

@sophiagasca x Calerie Health

Feeling tired or dehydrated? Influencer Sophia made a great collab' for you! She posted a few pictures showing to her community how she uses the nutritional supplement and tagged the brand in her caption. A great partnership in which the influencer can answer any doubts coming from her audience in the comments!