Dajjrambo x Sephora - VIYF #51

Mother's Day is right around the corner! So let's have a look at the most inspiring Mother's Day partnerships! Perhaps it will give you ideas if you still don't know what to buy to your mother 😁

April 29, 2022
Camille Valentin

Partnerships for your Mother's Day campaign

This isn’t your regular VIYF. This week we are focusing on partnerships for Mother’s Day. As a brand, doing influencer partnerships will help you reach new consumers and let them know which of your products will make the best Mother’s Day gifts. Surprisingly, partnerships are flourishing a lot on TikTok. TikTok is often used by people to share tips, and their new finds so presenting gift ideas works pretty well on this platform. Let's have a look at these collabs that we hope will inspire you for your Mother's Day campaign!

Isabellacastillo35 x Hooray Heroes

Isabella is an American TikToker with 12.5k followers. On the app, she shares moments of her life, her favorite outfits… She has an excellent buzz and community ratio. For Mother’s Day, she collaborated with Hooray Heroes. This company allows people to customize cartoon books to create awesome and original gifts. This partnership was a success, to say the least! This TikTok is her most viewed, as it currently has 12.9M views. A very impressive score considering she only has 12k followers.

@isabellacastillo35 #ad the best custom gift for your mom on Mother’s Day ! @Hooray Heroes #hoorayheroes #mothersday #mothersdaygift #personalizedgifts ♬ Mom - Meghan Trainor

Finns.vlogs x Chemist Warehouse

Another TikTok partnership! Finn is an Australian TikToker with more than 400k followers. She is known for her humorous videos. Finn has a very good engagement rate of 20%. A few days ago, she shared her collab with Chemist Warehouse. In her TikTok, she plays a rich Australian mother explaining to her kids what she wants for Mother’s Day. This collab perfectly fits with her usual content!

@finns.vlogs #ad shout out to Roshan at Majura Park Chemist Warehouse — I asked him what scent rich mums wear and he DELIVERED! #pov #australia #aussiemum #mothersday #fyp ♬ original sound - Finn

KatClark86 x Rebel

Kat is an Australian TikToker with more than 1.5M followers, an excellent buzz ratio, and a perfect Favikon score of 5. She is a mother of 2 gorgeous girls. She actually does a lot of videos with them. For her collaboration with Rebel, a sportswear retailer she shared a video explaining how it lightened her day to receive a gift from their daughter.

One.loved.mama x Mr Price

Keratilwe Mphafudi is a South African influencer with 13K followers on Instagram. She is also a mother of 3 adorable boys. On her account, she loves to share lifestyle, fashion, and parenting content. For Mother’s Day, she shared a fun picture of her and her 3 children. This post was in collaboration with Mr Price.

Oliver.theminibernedoodle x

What if you collaborated with a dog influencer for Mother’s Day? This is what decided to do. They collaborated with Oliver.TheMiniBernedoodle, which is an Instagram account dedicated to Oliver, Sherry’s adorable dog. They have almost 17k followers, an excellent engagement rate of 5.25%, and a good Favikon score of 4. For this collab, the post was written from Oliver's point of view explaining he loves his mother. Such a cute collab!

Paulinewing x Douglas Nederland

Pauline is a Dutch influencer with 276k followers on Instagram. She loves to post about fashion, and beauty. She is a mother herself but for her post in collaboration with Douglas, she decided to share a picture of her and her mother. The two women can be seen smiling while Pauline hands a bottle of perfume to her mother. A heartwarming collaboration!

Dajjrambo x Sephora

Let’s be real, perfume is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! Sephora teamed up with TikToker Dasia Janae for a special collab. The TikToker currently has more than 340k followers. In her video, she shared her perfume ideas for Mother’s Day. An effective collaboration!

@dajjrambo OG Fragrances your mom would LOVE for Mother’s Day from @sephora 💐 #Fragranceoftheday #Fragrancemusthaves #ad #SephoraSquad ♬ Original sound - i_am_sailorcoon

Did these partnerships inspire you for your Mother’s Day campaign? Or at least we hope you found gift ideas for your mother. Partnerships were really effective on TikTok because they looked like a friend giving us advice and tips whereas on Instagram it often looks like a simple product placement. We were astonished at Isabella’s stats for her collaboration with Hooray Heroes. This is a great example to show that it is easier to go viral on TikTok. Anyone can go viral.

On Instagram, it would have been impossible for her to reach these stats. This is also great news for brands that are still reluctant to work with TikTokers. You don’t have to work with the biggest influencers on the platform to gain visibility. You can get amazing results without spending too much money on Influencer Marketing. So now, you know what to do for your next Mother’s Day campaign!

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