Avani x Valentino - VIYF #55

Fashion, cosmetics and... cereals! Have a look at this week's partnerships 👀

June 24, 2022
Camille Valentin

Another week, another bunch of awesome partnerships! It’s “fashion week” season and we can tell! Many influencers collaborated with clothing brands this week. From high-end brands to the latest trendy brands, they all did influencer partnerships. Some influencers are also setting a good example by doing partnerships with brands that are sustainable.

Mayadorable x Nakd

Maya is a French influencer with 1M followers on Instagram. She has a good Favikon score of 3.9 and an excellent engagement rate of 6.35%. A few days ago, she posted beautiful pictures of her wearing an outfit from Nakd, while being in Marrakech. She also shared a promo code with her community, only lasting 48 hours. She looks stunning and the promo code will probably create a FOMO among her community, so this partnership will probably be a success!

JusteZoe x SuperDry

Another French influencer! JusteZoe is also known as Zoe Tondut has more than 1.5M followers on Instagram, a very good Favikon score of 4.2, and an excellent engagement rate of 3.25%. This week, she collaborated with Superdry. She shared pictures of her wearing vegan shoes and clothes made with organic cotton. She added the hashtag #betterchoicesbetterfuture. Zoe is showing her concern about environmental issues and it is great to see a mega influencer doing partnerships like this one!

Charli D’Amelio x VideoLeap

The star of TikTok, Charli D’Amelio also has a huge community on Instagram with 48.8M followers. She has a good Favikon score of 4, and an excellent engagement rate of 2.75%. This week, she shared a video on Instagram explaining how to use VideoLeap, a cool app to edit your videos. As the queen of TikTok, she is the first ambassador for the app.

Avani x Valentino

Avani currently has 18.9M followers on Instagram. She has a good engagement rate of 1.56% and a very good audience quality. Avani has been working with Valentino for a while now and this week she shared a reel of her getting ready using their makeup products. She showed one makeup look for the day and one for a night out.

Adrian Bliss x Cap n Crunch

Adrian Bliss is a TikToker with 6M followers, a perfect Favikon of 5, and a very good engagement rate of 18.10%. Adrian is known for his humorous videos. He loves to play different silly characters. This week, he teamed up with cap n Crunch and dressed up as a pirate, treasure hunter, and… a spoon. Judging on the comments, his community really liked this partnership as we can read “this is how all ads should be '', or “this is the greatest TikTok ad of all times”.

Brittani Boren x Target

Brittani is an influencer and mother of 5 children (and she is expecting another one soon, congratulations to her and her partner!). She has more than 813K followers on Instagram, a good Favikon score of 3.9, and an excellent engagement rate of 3.92%. Yesterday she posted her collabs with Target, which is launching a special collection for the 4th of July. She added the hashtag #targetpartner and #targetstyle.

Bona x Fendi

Bona is a Korean actress and singer with more than 1.6M followers on Instagram.
This week she shared her collab with Fendi. A simple collab but she looks stunning and she added the hashtags #FendiPeekaboo.

What’s your thought on this week’s partnerships? Personally, I really liked Adrian Bliss’s collaboration with Cap n Crunch. He really adapted the collaboration to the content he usually does and it’s working perfectly! The best partnerships are probably the ones that don’t look like ads! As we saw Adrian’s followers enjoyed this TikTok because it perfectly fitted with the rest of his content. In order to be effective, a partnership should look like the influencer’s usual content.

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