When vaccination becomes a trend on TikTok!

Thousands of young people are getting vaccinated every day and are eager to share it on social networks. They don't ask themselves anymore if they agree with the vaccination but rather what challenge on vaccination to do! Discover the new TikTok trends

May 24, 2021
Nina Lipzyc

The vaccination program has been open to young people for a few weeks already, and obviously the web went wild!

The world is starting to open up again slowly but surely... With the arrival of summer, people are rushing to get vaccinated. This has led to trends on social networks, especially on Tiktok.

In the USA, 47.8% of the population is vaccinated, they have even started the vaccination for Americans aged 12 to 15 years.

Young people do not hesitate to express their joy, their doubts, their jokes on the vaccine.

It is not a secret that TikTok has mostly young users who do not hide their desire to resume their life from before, to go out, to be "finally" enjoying summer as if the summer would bring all the solutions ... Well maybe with the acceleration of vaccination in the world, it could! Especially in the USA where trends like Hot Girl Summer are a sensation, explanatory videos on COVID-19, trends of war between Team Modena/Team Pfizer vaccines etc...

If you're a fan of Tik Tok, this trend is probably in your #foryou:

Pfizer hot girl summer ☀️

Hot girl Summer has become Hot Vaccine. "Um, only hot people get the Pfizer vaccine," the popular audio.

This challenge puts the "pfizer gang" in the spotlight. A kind of superiority was born on the TikTok with the Pfizer vaccine which even became a trend.

The tiktokers show their vaccinated arm using the audio "girl on pfizer".

Indeed Pfizer is the vaccine with more success, 95%, and for some it is a sign of wealth, even if the others are also effective!

Team Pfizer or Team Moderna ⚡️

Another TikTok trend, still in a humorous tone, which again puts vaccines in competition: "Are you Team Pfizer, Team Moderna...".

As long as you're not Team Johnson or Team AstraZeneca, you've got a good chance of breaking through.

Dances 🕺

Dance challenges have appeared on the platform, including this one: A dance that consists of doing the mill with his arm! Strange isn't it? Well, not so much...The goal is to get the blood flowing after being vaccinated! Young people have fun doing this in public places. It also helps boost the vaccination campaign.

Finally, it is not a trend but a video on TikTok that made a huge buzz: the one of the actor-comedian Vick Krishna who made a storytelling to explain how the vaccine works in the form of a horror movie! It made 12.6 M views and was acclaimed for having succeeded in explaining in a simple and effective way.

Vaccine trends obviously have both positive and negative points 👍👎

The positive point is that these videos can reassure young people about the idea of getting vaccinated, democratize the thing and thus advance the pandemic towards a collective immunity.

Nevertheless, as on all social networks, there is always fake news. This can lead to "infodemia".  That's why TikTok, has for sometime made official videos where we can be informed about covid 19, the vaccine without risk of misinformation.

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