Wonguy x Fnac - VIYF #32

From micro to mega influencer, from fashion amateur to doggo creator, discover our 32nd View In Your Feed collabs!

December 10, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

Let's introduce you to the 32nd edition of our weekly View In Your Feed! Amazing influencer collabs, with unique influencers from micro to mega, from model to doggo, and brands of all kinds. Are you looking for new influencer marketing ideas? New strategies? Then we'll keep you posted on the best influencer campaigns of the week!

@babydumplingg x applebees

Let’s start our 32nd View In Your Feed edition with an amazing influencer who reached +692k followers and a perfect 5/5 TikTok Favikon Score. Give it up for @babydumplingg. Known for tasting different foods and trying various restaurants, this TikToker shared her collab with Applebees. She tagged the brand, used the hashtag #ad and another unique hashtag to promote one of their dishes, #CheetosWings. The influencer has an excellent buzz ratio and aced her content quality score.


##ad @Applebee's Grill + Bar & cheetos’ new menu was sooooo yummy😍 ##CheetosWings ##ad

♬ mario sound - mandycap

@igawysocka x Bill's restaurant

Iga shared her collab with Bill’s restaurant in her latest post. She mentioned the restaurant’s Instagram account in her caption, with a short description of her experience at Bill’s, and tagged them. To present better content to her audience, Iga created a short video showing the menu, her order, and the restaurant’s ambiance. Well done Iga!

@gigi_schmiitz x H&M

We’ve talked about this one before! Does #HMxME ring any bells? The one and only Gigi Hadid introduced us to H&M’s latest campaign, but it looks like H&M has decided to include all kinds of influencers in their collabs. Giovana Schmitz is a middle-range influencer with a great engagement rate (+2.7%), account growth (+1.5%), and an excellent hashtag quality score of A+. H&M understood influencer marketing isn’t about the number of followers but about reaching the right audience.

@lifewithelliott x DUKE + DEXTER

With a 4.3/5 Favikon Score, Elliot is a great influencer with an excellent following ratio of 150 followers per user followed, excellent audience quality, and an amazing comment/like ratio of one comment for every 42 likes. In his last collab, he took different shots showcasing D+D’s shoes. He tagged the brand, mentioned them in his caption, and used the hashtag #ad. Great detail is the consistency of his partnership with the rest of his Instagram feed.

@wonguy x Fnac

This mega influencer built a fantastic feed on his Instagram and TikTok account! He shares his filming and editing tricks with his audience to create incredible videos with him. In his last post, he promotes Google’s new phone model, Pixel6Pro, purchased in a Fnac store. His post reached 6.4M views? How? He didn’t simply introduce the product, but showed its different functionalities, tried them, and shared the results with his audience. Thus he tagged la Fnac and used other hashtags to promote the phone.


J’ai testé ##Pixel6Pro et les fonctions Gomme magique et Mouvement sont incroyables. Les Pixel 6 sont dispos chez @Fnac ##TeamPixel ##Photo ##Sponsorisé

♬ Into Your Arms (feat. Ava Max) - Witt Lowry

@goldengirl_maggie_ x Charlie and Millie Co

Here comes the cutest collab of the week! Maggie has an impressive Instagram profile with 16.8k followers and a nice Favikon score of 2.9/5. This cutie pie does a long-term partnership with the accessories for dogs from Charlie & Millie. The doggo influencer already shared a few pictures wearing the brand’s accessories, and for her last campaign post, Maggie wore their knit sweater. This puppy mentioned, used #ad, and shared a discount code in the caption.

@joshuapaine x Johnny's Chop Shop

We’ll close our View In Your Feed #32 with a handsome influencer who shared his collab with the well-known Johnny’s Chop Shop. Joshua tagged the brand, mentioned them, and specified he is sharing commercial content? Four pictures to showcase the product, with the last one as a close-up, and bam! You have a collab. With +66k followers and a 3.6 Favikon Score, Joshua has a fantastic engagement rate of 14% and a remarkable account growth rate of +11%. Great job!

What did you think of this week's collaborations? Fashion, cosmetics, technologies, food, and so many other kinds of partnerships are yet to come next week, so stay tuned and check our future VIYF!

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