Everything you need to know about social media Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing from A to Z! Let’s go through the basics together and discover how to plan your influencer campaign from setting your objectives to planning your collabs!

October 10, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Why is influencer marketing important?

Nowadays, influencer marketing has become a widespread practice in the marketing industry. We can say it is now one of the most used digital marketing strategies as it has shown great potential throughout the years with a promising return on investment for many companies. Before getting into details and strategies, let’s refresh your memory and go through the basics for those who are less familiar with this concept. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is the exchange and relationship between an influencer and a business. An influencer will work with a brand to promote its product, image, and identity through different social networks. It goes from exchanging ideas, and creating content, to co-creating products and collaborating in the long term. Content creators have a strong bond with their audience, they build a trusting relationship to create proximity and grow a feeling of closeness. This is what brands seek when working with influencers. The influencer becomes a trusting figure, a mediator between the brand and the niche audience. Thus, this third party helps brands reach their target audience by promoting their products.  

What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

Visibility. Working with influencers can boost your social media accounts! When launching an influencer campaign, influencers will share a few posts identifying your brand, and depending on the size of their account, the visibility can fluctuate. You can work with big creators such as macro or mega influencers and reach a large audience, which will have your account gain wide visibility in little time. But you can also work with smaller creators like nano, micro, or middle influencers, which require a smaller budget and allows you to reach a smaller circle of followers, but a better fit to your target audience.

Engagement. Influencers can grow your engagement! Checking the engagement rate of an influencer before working with them is crucial as it gives you an idea of the overall engagement your campaign can reach. For instance, influencers with a great engagement rate are close to their audience. Their followers enjoy their content and trust their opinions. Thus, working with this influencer can boost the number of reactions to your campaign post with more likes, comments, saves, and new followers on your brand account. 

Authenticity. Content creators are a great way to work on your brand image. Small businesses as well as big companies invest in their brand image as it influences their brand identity. Working with influencers brings their community closer to your brand as they are the third party that builds a trustworthy relationship between your brand and your niche audience.

Added value to your content. Let’s not forget one of the best assets of influencers: their creativity! It is well known that if you want to succeed as an influencer you must follow three essential steps: creating original and creative content, posting regularly and consistently, and engaging with your audience. These are the three social media pillars that add value to your brand by linking it to creative, regular, and engaging content creators.

Reach your target audience. Last but not least, working with influencers is one of the most efficient marketing strategies as social media is the perfect channel to target your niche audience. Thus, collaborating with content creators allows your brand to reach followers that match your target market. In other words, their followers can be possible customers, which has a huge impact on your sales.

Now that you know a bit more about influencer marketing and its benefits, how can your brand plan the right influencer marketing strategy?

How to plan a social media influencer marketing strategy?

Choosing the right social media marketing plan

The first step when planning your influencer campaign is setting your objectives. You can start by asking yourself a few questions like:

📍 Are you targeting visibility or engagement? 

📍 What social media platform is best to reach your target market? 

📍 What type of content do you want to create (video, carousel, picture, etc)?  

📍 What type of ROI are you targeting (followers, more views, sales, etc)?

📍 What kind of collab do you want from an influencer (product placement, haul, review, etc)?

These will help you sort out which social media is best for your partnership, and what kind of influencer you are looking for. For instance, if you are promoting a fitness wear brand you can choose to work with an Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube influencer. For a try-on haul and review, a YouTube video is the perfect fit. For professional pictures or short videos, Instagram is a good option, and finally, for short video content such as a short workout routine, or a short haul, TikTok is your go-to platform! 

This not only determines what platform to use but also what influencer you are looking for. For example, if you were a makeup brand, you might be looking for an Instagram influencer to make a short reel to create a makeup look with your products. In this case, you'll need to search for a content creator that is experienced in filming short videos.   

Finding the perfect influencer for your brand

Once you have chosen the platform for your influencer marketing strategy, the type of content, the type of ROI, and defined clear objectives you are ready to move on to the next step and choose the influencer for your campaign! To choose the right influencer you must analyze their profile and check their statistics such as the engagement rate, the content and audience quality, and so on. For instance, if your goal is to boost your visibility, account growth is an important metric to take into account. However, if you are looking to grow your engagement, the engagement rate and comment/like ratio are the metrics you should focus on.

There is an easy and quick way that will allow you to find the perfect influencer for your brand in just a few clicks! Favikon allows you to filter your search to come up with thousands of content creators’ profiles that match your expectations. 

23 filters can help you find the right influencer for your brand such as:

  • Gender
  • Country, City
  • Language
  • Influencer tier
  • Engagement Rate
  • Favikon Score

The Favikon Score is an overall grade that considers all the influencers’ statistics such as the engagement rate, audience quality, content diversity, and so on, to give you a quick overview of the influencer’s account quality.

Finally, once you have chosen the perfect content creators you could contact them and once you've settled everything and agreed on the terms and conditions you can start planning your influencer campaign!

Plan your influencer campaign

With Favikon, planning your influencer campaign has never been this easy! Once you have chosen your influencers, you can add them to our CRM, which allows you to classify them by statistics, add personalized tags, and date of publication.

Finally, once your campaign is running, you can check every post of every influencer and check their statistics with tracking links. This way you can see which influencer has the better results and what type of content works best for your brand! You can then plan long-term partnerships with your favorite influencers and better your influencer campaign each time. 

That’s it for your influencer marketing strategy! If you are looking for more tricks, tips, and insights on influencer marketing, check out our blog! 

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