How To Plan Your Holiday Season Campaign

The holiday season is an important moment for brands. It's the ideal time for them to boost their sales, but for that, they need the right marketing strategy. With the rise of online shopping, influencer marketing plays a major role in brands' strategies.

September 26, 2022
Camille Valentin

Yes, we know summer just ended but it’s never too early to start thinking about your Christmas campaigns. After all, Christmas is one of the most important seasons for businesses. People buy more during this festive season, this is why it is important to have a solid marketing plan to attract the most customers. This year, social media will play an important role in marketing campaigns, as more and more people are shopping online and discovering brands through social media. Thus, influencers will also have a major role in promoting brands. However, creating a campaign doesn’t happen overnight. This is why we are sharing the trends to expect for Christmas 2022 so you can start planning your marketing strategy! 

2022 Influencer Marketing Trends

The first thing to have in mind is that people will start shopping earlier this year. It used to be quite common to shop for last-minute gifts, but with the rise of online shopping, consumers tend to shop earlier. Online shopping is really convenient, so people don’t delay buying gifts for their loved ones.  

TikTok Creators Trends

With that in mind, it is clear that your marketing campaign should begin right before Black Friday. It is a huge event for brands and you don’t want to miss it. Many consumers take advantage of discounts and deals during Black Friday to buy their Christmas gifts in advance. 

TikTok is the perfect platform to promote your special offers or products. As a matter of fact, in 2021, 70% of TikTok users expected TikTok to inspire them to make a purchase during Black Friday. Moreover, 80%  of users who bought something on Black Friday in 2020 said TikTok played a role.

Many users come to the platform to find gift ideas, or else, even if they are not looking for anything in particular they can come across a video that makes them want to buy a specific item. 

Hauls and sharing good deals are two popular formats on TikTok. This is why we recommend using the platform for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

You can of course promote your offers directly on your brand account (if you aren’t on TikTok yet, what are you waiting for? ) but it can be more effective to work with influencers. TikTok creators have already built a community that trusts them and loves their content. Moreover, brand accounts are often less popular than personal accounts. This is why collaborating with a creator can be a good idea, as you will benefit from their already well-established community. 

Don't hesitate to check our article to know how to contact TikTok influencers.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram 

By now, it is pretty obvious that Instagram is trying to make its platform more business-friendly. These last few years, the social network has implemented different features to help brands promote their products. You can now tag your products in a publication so your followers can click on them and be redirected to your website or store. It is even possible to buy directly on Instagram now. 

In terms of influencer marketing, Instagram is still the preferred platform for influencer collabs. Instagram has created a “paid partnership” label, so don’t forget to tell your influencers to use it, or at least ask them to put hashtags that clearly disclose it’s an ad. 

You can also use the Instagram collab post feature when working with influencers so their post will also appear on your feed. This can be great if you are looking for more diverse brand content. It’s also easier for their followers to find your brand account.

Tips for your 2022 Christmas campaign

On which platform to post

Each social network has its specificity and its audience. So you won’t reach the same people depending on which platform you are using. 

As we mentioned before, TikTok is great because people are genuinely interested in discovering new products. You’ll be able to reach a large audience thanks to TikTok algorithm. However, if you are trying to reach a specific target, then collaborating with Instagram influencers will be more effective. Of course, this means finding the right influencers and analyzing precisely their audience. You can do that on Favikon by researching influencers by keywords. YouTube is also a great platform for collaborations. Collaborations are usually seen positively by the YouTuber’s community. So people are more likely to purchase a product if they liked the ad or partnership they saw. 

Useful tips for your campaign

The holiday season is the right time to be creative! So be prepared to create original collabs. Many brands are going to collaborate with influencers, so if you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to plan memorable partnerships. 

How to create partnerships that stand out? 

Creating a succesful influencer marketing campaign isn't so hard but there are some mistakes you should avoid.

First of all, try to create partnerships that make sense for Christmas. Yes, users want to see beautiful Christmas trees and red outfits. Don’t do collaborations that look like pure product placements. For a collab to work, the influencer needs to make it personal. 

Let’s say, you are a company that sells candles. Your influencer could explain why they enjoy spending their evening reading a good book and drinking hot chocolate while a candle is burning on their shelf. Have a look at our article for more social media marketing campaign ideas.

Our second piece of advice is to plan your collabs early. As we mentioned before, people are shopping earlier this year. On top of that, if you don’t contact influencers in advance, they will have already planned all their collabs and you won’t be able to work with the influencers of your choice. 

Christmas and the holiday season is a key periods for businesses. With the right strategy, you can truly boost sales. Everyone is looking for gift ideas, so it’s time for you to promote your products. As more and more people are shopping online, social media is an important asset in marketing strategies. Working with influencers is beneficial for brands as they can get visibility and boost their sales. On top of that, many content creators are professional, which means that you will have high-quality content for your brand. Make sure to contact influencers in advance, it’s a busy period and they’ll receive many partnership opportunities.

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