The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

From engagement and visibility to authenticity and SEO, here are the four benefits of adding influencer marketing to your strategy!

July 25, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

I bet you have heard much about influencer marketing in the past few months. It’s everything we have been talking about these days! But why the hype? Since the COVID lockdown, new generations have found themselves yearning for social interactions, and social media was just the right place to connect to everyone. Then came the TikTok booming of 2020, with almost 700k monthly active users. 

Thus social media platforms have undergone an immense transformation with millions of new active users every year, and platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch are going through a massive success. But what has changed users’ behavior since 2022? With the evolution of TikTok’s popularity, social media’s second most created content was in video format. The TikTok era impacted our perception of social media immensely because this platform encourages every user to become an influencer. We went from the Instagram picture era to the creator era. 

TikTok established the idea that any user could create short videos, which at the time of lockdown perfectly answered the need for entertainment. And today brands have seen an explosion of content creators, some bigger than others, some more famous, professional… 

Yet this constant growth has created a golden opportunity for brands to find numerous intermediates to reach their target market. As every influencer has their community, enterprises can now reach these niche audiences by collaborating with influencers and appearing on their feed. Okay, so we know why influencer marketing has become one of the most popular digital marketing strategies, so let’s get into the details: why is influencer marketing an asset for your brand?

Influencer marketing betters brand awareness and reach

Influencer marketing boosts your engagement 

The importance of influencer marketing is the proximity influencers have with their community. The Favikon audit helps you analyze the influencer’s account and check their social media engagement rate. An influencer with a high engagement rate means that the content creator is close to their audience. Their followers tend to react to their posts by liking and commenting, and the content creator also responds to their comments. Your collab will get more reactions by partnering with a content creator with high engagement. If you appear on their feed, there is a high chance that their community will link your brand name to this influencer. Moreover, since both the brand and the influencer need to share the same values and have a similar image, your brand content will most probably attract their community. Thus, this niche audience will look at your brand content and start interacting with your posts, building engagement. 

Influencer marketing grows your visibility

Just like reaching an influencers' community can boost your engagement, it can also help your brand gain visibility. When collaborating with an influencer, like nano influencer, your brand appears on one or a few posts, and an important number of users see each post. This number depends on the influencer’s following, of course. So it is quite optimal to work with content creators as you’ll reach hundreds to thousands of individuals. And the most valuable part is reaching a niche audience, thus your target market.

It can be challenging to reach your target consumer with traditional marketing strategies. In contrast, with influencer marketing, you can plan which influencer feed you appear on, which audience will see your collaboration and which influencer represents your brand. To wrap it all in a shell, influencer marketing allows your brand to reach a broad audience and, more importantly, the right audience.

Build authentic and trustworthy relationships

Working with an influencer goes beyond the collab! Partnering with a content creator is about building a strong and authentic relationship with them. Firstly, by creating this ease and trust between your brand and the influencer, the collab will make more sense and appear more natural. It seems unnatural if the partnership is over-prepared without adapting it to the influencer’s image’s uniqueness. Moreover, the influencer will probably not want to work with your brand again. The worst thing is if your influencer marketing campaign goes wrong.

However, if the collab is adapted to the content creator and fits your brand values and image, it is a win-win. If you build a solid relationship, the collab will be authentic, and the influencer will put extra effort as they enjoy the experience of working with your brand. Here is an example of an authentic collab: 

amaliestar Instagram
Post collab- Amalie and NA-KD

NA-KD went the extra mile with their influencers by planning reunions, dinners, and even a trip to Greece! This allowed their influencers to meet, know more about each other, enjoy their time, and they will never forget how this experience happened thanks to NA-KD. This partnership also included unique co-creations with each influencer, resulting in an incredible campaign that made a lot of noise, and NA-KD sales are going through the roof!

Influencer marketing’s impact on your SEO

Influencer marketing adds value to your content

Influencer marketing helps your brand create unique content as influencers have their own image, style, and feed. Thus collaborating with a content creator allows your brand to diversify its content. And as seen previously, influencers can also help to engage your content. By partnering with influencers with a high engagement rate, your brand content will also gain more engagement. These interactions and new website visits are significant assets for your SEO strategy. Since users are curious to see your products or services, they first check the brand account and then look at the brand website. These visits increase your website traffic, which is taken into account by the Google algorithm, which can then push your website, which is a key factor in gaining visibility.

Moreover, a tiny tip can be an excellent asset for your SEO strategy: planning influencer campaigns with bloggers! Bloggers are a specific type of influencer that enjoys creating content on social media and like to share their experiences and journeys on their website or blog. 

For instance, travel influencers are famous bloggers. They will share their travel experiences on their YouTube channel, then share amazing pictures on their Instagram, maybe some videos on TikTok, and so on. But beyond their presence on social networks, they most often have a blog in which they share all the specific information about their trips, such as locations, hotels, and transport, with external links. 

Yvonnepferrer Instagram

In this case, partnering with a blogger can allow you to plan a small article with these influencers and share your keywords and key ideas. Having another blog talk about your product and share a link to your website is well perceived by the Google algorithm.

That’s it for the benefits of influencer marketing! If you are curious and want to know more about influencer marketing strategies, best practices, tips, and tricks, go check out our blog! We post new articles every week to share advice about influence with you. 

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