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TOP 10 Book Influencers on TikTok

Who are the stars of BookTok? If you are looking to plan a collab with a literature enthusiast we found the best TikTok book influencers for you!

November 15, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Best Book Influencers on BookTok 

Adridiaries - @adridiaries

Let’s start with the queen of books! This content creator loves to share her favorite novels and recommendations with her audience. She often posts a list of books sorted by genre or story type. This influencer is a newbie on TikTok and yet she already reached more than 20k followers! Better keep an eye on her for future collabs as she also reaches a perfect Favikon Score of 5/5 😉

Book Talkers - @booktalkers

The reading fire duo! This TikTok account has two book addicts to run it, and let’s say they are doing an amazing job! These content creators have brought some fun ideas to the booktok community from challenges to reader memes and other fun games. These two creative minds reach a total Favikon Score of 4.9/5! 🔥

Sarah - @sara.booktok

Looking for an intriguing account? We just found your perfect match! Meet Sarah, a content creator who knows exactly how to raise her viewers’ curiosity. She has created many mini-series to share her favorite stories, characters, authors, quotes…  This influencer has an excellent engagement rate of +24% as she loves to interact with her community and creates videos some of her followers ask for 👏

Kenzie - @kenziereadstomuch

This influencer knows exactly which book to recommend to you! Kenzie often answers her followers’ requests by sharing different books that match their demands. She also shares different recommendations based on your mood, the story’s plot twist, and the characters. Finally, she also reads popular TikTok books to share her honest opinion on her account. An excellent approach to building an authentic account! 👑

Malaika - @lettersfrommalaika

This nano influencer has an A+ Buzz Ratio score! With almost 60K followers, Malika has already done her first collar on TikTok with Pickled Stamps. Their partnership reached 6.2M views and 593k likes, an excellent example of a nano influencer campaign that targets the perfect niche audience! With a 4.2/5 Favikon Score, this influencer is the perfect fit for a brand looking for an affordable collab addressed to the booktok community 🤩

Amy Jordan - @amyjordanj

We’re getting to a micro-influencer TikTok account! With more than 378k followers, Amy has an excellent Buzz ratio, a growth rate, and a Favikon Score of 4/5. This influencer creates very consistent content with her aesthetic feed. Amy shares her favorite books and authors, and she also shares mini lifestyle vlogs. This is an excellent profile for a brand that wants a professional and aesthetically pleasing collar as Amy always shared short but detailed reviews of each book she recommends ✨

Taylor - @tayrosen

Keeping up with micro-influencers, meet Taylor! He is a passionate BookTok creator and also a movie enthusiast. He will share the literature and cinematic classics as well as his top favorites. Did you know Taylor also creates humorous content? By working on different video formats, the diversity of content creates added value, which is an important plus for his community! 😎

Kenya - @kenyaohf

Any French readers in the room? Kenya is a French tiktok influencer and book addict! She often shares book hauls, unboxing, and reviews with her audience as her library is getting more and more impressive. Kenya has an excellent A+ activity rate as she posts regularly and consistently, which is a must for any brand looking to partner with a TikTok content creator! 🏆

Bookofemily - @bookofemily

Looking for book hauls and vlogs? This is the perfect TikTok content creator for you! Emily has shared various book hauls, reviews, and honest opinions on her favorite novels. She reaches an amazing engagement rate of +14% as she often interacts with her audience! 🙌

Readwithjeni - @readwithjeni

To end our TikTok Book Influencers TOP, this influencer will keep you updated on her reading journey! Each month Jeni shares her book list challenge as well as a weekly update. A great approach to keep your followers intrigued! This nano influencer reaches 26k followers but could work on her activity to post more consistently and boost her buzz ratio 💪

Portable_magic - @portable_magic

Surprise! I know we said TOP 10 but we had to include this little BookTok gem, as we just loved this influencer's tiktok account! This content creator shares her favorite quotes and then reveals at the end of her tiktok the name of the book. A creative and intriguing approach to reach a great engagement rate with her audience. Don’t miss this profile for a book collab! 🫶

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