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20 Instagram Influencers You Should Be Following

Instagram is the perfect place to find inspiration, tips on every possible topic, and content creators who are up to date on all the latest trends. In this huge platform, it's sometimes hard to know which influencer to follow not to miss anything.

March 14, 2022
Margot Daugieras

Bigger Instagram influencers and better performance

On Instagram, there are many beauty influencers, travel influencers, or even gaming influencers. Yet, some stand out from the crowd thanks to their innovative and original content, which surprises and entertains their community.

There are two types of influencers that are most looked after by brands on Instagram: 

  1. The Instagram influencers with a very large community, as they have the most followers on the platform.
  2. The Instagram influencers with the best performance in terms of engagement, virality and advertisement.

The most popular Instagram influencers

The grand majority of influencers with the highest following worldwide are celebrities. And most of the time, they are also the most expensive influencers in the world!

1. @critiano ⚽️

In addition to being the number one in soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo is the influencer with the most followers in the world on Instagram. His community of soccer fans is huge and has allowed him to be the number 1 on Instagram for several years already! With more than 412 million followers, professional soccer gains on average 10 million new followers per month. A phenomenal record!

You can find photos of his matches, training, advertisements for brands, and family moments on his Instagram account.

2. @kyliejenner ✨

The beautiful and sexy Kylie Jenner comes in second place with over 318 million followers on Instagram. For a few years, Kylie Jenner has been the influencer of influencers. She has built a strong image, exuded a unique personality, and, most importantly, put the spotlight on her work. As the girl boss, Kylie Jenner shares her career progress, favorite brands, professional photoshoots, and family life.

Through her many brands, Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Skin, Kylie Swin, and Kylie Baby, she has gathered a large community that buys her products and follows the evolution and news of each brand.

3. @leomessi 🏃

Here we go again with 100% sports, soccer, and family content. Leo Messi follows Cristiano Ronaldo closely with 311 million subscribers. 

Soccer is a sport that brings people together, and big soccer stars like Leo Messi efficiently manage to gather strong communities on Instagram. The latter took this opportunity to share his commitment to the planet and asked his community to do so as well. What a great way to use influence on social networks.

4. @therock 💪

Both terrifying and seductive, The Rock is one of the most famous personalities in the world and his Instagram account proves it. We can't really say that he is a content creator, but he shares the topics that interest him, which is appealing to his fans. 

5. @selenagomez 🤩

The most sincere and authentic of all: Selena Gomez. On Instagram since the beginning of the platform, her community has seen her evolve, go through hard times and rebuild. She's a real warrior, and internet users love that about her! Far from the perfect American with a perfect body, life, and job, she shows her daily life in a simple and adorable way.

6. @arianagrande 🌼

Ariana Grande is a musical artist and inspirational woman known for her understated, inspiring, and sweet Instagram feed. The beautiful singer's posts are often related to her musical inspirations and creations.  

7. @kimkardashian 💄

The first Kardashian in the ranking (but not the last), Kim Kardashian is obviously one of the most popular Instagram influencers in the world. Before Instagram even existed, Kim Kardashian was already one of the first influencers to represent the biggest brands worldwide. Queen of the Kardashian empire, she shares her life as a model, businesswoman, and mom.

8. @beyonce 👑

The queen: Beyonce. An extraordinary singer and a remarkable woman. Beyonce is a role model for many people in the world. The brand that will manage to plan a campaign by co-creating with her will be the luckiest... Oh wait, it's already the case of Adidas!

9. @khloekardashian 👡

Like her sister Kim, she is stylish, sporty, and passionate. Khloé Kardashian is an Instagram star. Her Instagram account has over 225 million followers with an account growth of over 2%.

10. @justinbieber 🍾

One more artist in the TOP influencer, Justin Bieber, shares his life as a singer with his wife. A dynamic Instagram account on which you'll never get bored!

Instagram influencers trending in 2022

Celebrities are often very popular on social media, but they didn't build a community directly on Instagram. Thus their engagement is often lower than real content creators whose community was born on Instagram. Here are some trending content creators in 2022.

1. @hudabeauty 💄

Previously a pro makeup artist, then a blogger, and finally a businesswoman, Huda Kattan is the founder of the excellent beauty brand Huda Beauty. She has made this Instagram account the entire presentation of her brand and her world. It is a source of inspiration for many beauty influencers.

2. @lelepons 🌈

Sparkling, surprising, and beautiful, Lele Pons knows how to captivate her community. Between humor and beauty, her content is offbeat and fun. Nobody knows what to expect when she announces a new post, and it's her strength!

3. @nusr_et 🥩

He would make a vegetarian love meat! Nusret is the famous Salt Bae, the king of cooking. Known in 2020 for his particular gesture to salt meat, he became viral on social networks. All influencers now are to go to his restaurant to film him and taste his famous meat dish!

4. @addisonraee ✨

A content creator at heart, Addison always has unique collaborations, which has earned her many appearances in the top influencer campaigns of the week. She is a master of social media and publishes various types of content.

5. @lenamahfouf 👗

Elected the most powerful fashion influencer in the world in late 2021, the French influencer Lena Situations (aka "The Instagram lady"), reaches 3 million followers on Instagram. A mega-influencer with a smaller community than other influencers in the ranking but ten times more engagement! At the beginning of 2022, she is THE influencer to follow to avoid missing anything of the fashion week.

Instagram influencers who think outside the box

We discovered the celebrities and then the masters of content creation. What's missing to make sure you follow all the right people on Instagram? Ah yes, the most original content creators! They'll help you keep up with emerging trends and inspire you to create content that's out of your comfort zone!

The most creative Instagram influencers

And no, creativity is not only accepted on TikTok! There are plenty of Instagram accounts bursting with creativity who'll surprise you.

1. @emmachamberlain 🎬

The Youtuber is always one step ahead of everyone else. Her timeless Instagram account doesn't follow any guidelines, and that's what feels good. Spontaneous content but always amusing and aesthetic.

2. @coco_pinkprincess  🐥

We are talking about an amazing 11-year-old girl! Coco is the most stylish kid on all of Instagram. Her looks have made her a Japanese fashion icon. Brands are fighting to collaborate with this young designer with a bright future.

3. @nyane 😍

When we say creative content creator, you say makeup artist! Here is the account of Nyane, a talented makeup artist who shares her colorful and crazy makeup. She creates a universe around each makeup, and that's what brands like on Instagram!

4. @matieresfecales 👽

A very particular Instagram account that fascinates more than 700K users! Fecal Matter is the account of Steven Raj Bhaskaran and Hannah Rose Dalton, a couple who decided to represent two alien characters in a world that comes out of their imagination. Their power? They don't follow any rules but create their own on Instagram. 

5. @iamgalla 😎

One of the most well-known men's fashion accounts on Instagram, iamgalla was created by Adam Gallagher. It's an inspiring account that mixes old and contemporary styles. Several brands such as Cartier and Hugo Boss have launched partnerships with him!

The content creators on Instagram are very diverse and different from each other, which is the strength of this social network, where every person can find hundreds of influencers that inspire them. It is often said that the most creative content creators never follow trends, they only create them. 

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