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5 Reasons You Should Work on Your Influencer Marketing Strategy in the Summer

Did you know summer is one of the best time to work on your influencer campaign strategies? We give you all the tips to succeed!

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It's summer, the weather is nice and we all dream of one thing: HOLIDAYS! ☀️🌴 But here we are, at our office, waiting for time to pass by and our clients to return from vacation. Yet now is not the time to procrastinate; summer is a boulevard of opportunities in the influencer market, and here is why 🤓

1-Less competition 🏆

Have you always dreamed of working with an influencer, yet they are inaccessible? Most brands are off in the summer. Thus influencers might have space for a new sponsorship! Use this period to your advantage! 😎

2- Prepare the back-to-school campaign 🎓

Are you planning to launch a campaign? Then you better be on top of your game and start preparing it right away! Now is the time to contact your favorite influencers and negotiate. It is a process that can take several weeks! ⏳

3- Influencers are in a good mood 😁

The weather is nice, and influencers are more laid back than ever. They will be much more receptive to new offers than usual. But use the "Matcher Favikon" beforehand to be sure that they are the right fit! ❤️

4- More time to discover Favikon 🦄

Our platform has evolved a lot! With plenty of new features, it's the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the platform and optimize its use for the back-to-school date! 👀

5- Like a boss! 😎

"Are you a fan of this influencer? You know he has 60% bots on Favikon and 0.2 / 5?" Guaranteed reactions! 😱