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5 Tips for success in your influencer marketing campaign

5 tips that will ensure the success of your influencer marketing campaign ✨💪

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1. Define your objectives and your target 🎯

Before anything else, it's imperative to define what you want to achieve from your campaign, and therefore what you want from the influencers you’d be approaching. Your campaign strategy will be much easier once you have a clear idea of the audience you will be targeting.

Depending on the objectives of your target, the approach of your campaign will be different! As much in the content as in the choice of the influencers you intend to collaborate with.

  • Need a visibility boost? Run a contest!
  • Need to generate sales? Offer a promo code to an influencer with a commission for each sale he generates (so you can follow the ROI of your partnership).
  • Need to change your image? Create an event/video with an influencer that matches your values and the image you want to project.
2. Approach your influencers correctly 🗣

66% of influencers refuse partnerships, so take the time to write a relevant email!

Personalize your approach; Work on a precise offer; Be clear and concise.

Find more information on how to contact an influencer with the following article: How to contact influencers? 

3. Choose quality over quantity 💎

Work with quality influencers i.e. influencers with an engaged community and qualitative content. Spending 100's and 1000's on a mega influencer that will barely bring you any sales is a common trap and is worthless!

But then how can you be sure to find the best influencers?

In short, take the time to choose the nugget that will make your campaign a success. You will avoid wasting money on partnerships with influencers that will not have the desired effect on your sales.

Choosing quality over quantity also applies to the number of influencers you want to engage with and promote your brand. It's better to work with a few influencers whose audience is highly engaged and whose interests align with your brand, than with 10 or 20 influencers who have little affinity with your brand.

4. Track and evaluate your campaign 📊

Once your campaign is up and running, carefully monitor every requirement of your contract: whether the post was posted at the scheduled times, whether the influencer mentioned your brand and the partnership correctly, that they featured your product/service as you requested, etc. Be careful because any failure to mention a partnership could be detrimental to you. 

Check all the details. Influencers are professionals in their field, so you can expect a professional result at all levels (in the exchange, and the execution of the partnership).

At the end of your campaign, it will be important to evaluate the influencer's performance. Why not try again with them!

5. Establish a long-term relationship of trust 🤝

Once the campaign is over, don't forget to thank the influencer for their collaboration and keep them informed of the impact they had. 🙏

Some are quick to forget, but building long-term business relationships is the most crucial part of creating profitable influencer marketing campaigns.

For that, communicate with them regularly (once a month for example) and inform them about your news, invite them to your events... In short, give them a privileged status within your brand.

Thus, you will then have a more special link with the influencer and therefore, a head start on your competitors! 😎 


Now that you have all the cards in hand, good luck with your campaign!!!