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The Evolving Landscape of B2B Content Creation in 2023

Get ready to meet the crème de la crème of B2B influencers worldwide! We've done the legwork and compiled the TOP 200 list just for you. Brace yourself for an extraordinary lineup of talented content creators who are about to blow your mind 🌟

June 14, 2023
Carolina Guimarães

The Evolution of B2B Content Creation

Believe it or not, we were absolutely serious when we promised that the updates for the TOP 200 LinkedIn would become significantly more frequent. With each passing month, numerous new players emerge on LinkedIn, bringing immense value to their industry and establishing themselves as genuine thought leaders. For this reason, extending our ranking updates every 6 months is no longer viable; we must now perform them much more frequently to ensure we don't miss a single thing.

Even though many people still link content creation to lifestyle or everyday topics, it's absolutely crucial to acknowledge the remarkable traction that B2B content creators are gaining. Underestimating their potential would be a grave mistake. The world of B2B marketing is buzzing with opportunities just waiting to be tapped into. And the astonishing part? It applies to every single sector out there. It's absolutely mind-boggling!

So now, without any more delay, let's dive right into the global landscape of B2B content creation!

Unlock the Opportunities of B2B Content Marketing

B2B content marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy that enables businesses to foster meaningful relationships, establish thought leadership, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive world of B2B interactions.

Within this context, experts from diverse fields are enthusiastically diving into content creation, driven by their desire to share expertise and exert substantial influence over their respective industries. Among them, some aim to generate buzz around their business, while others simply wish to share their personal experiences. There are also those who strive to raise awareness about social causes. The tremendous variety of profiles fuels the vibrant tapestry of B2B content creation, adding boundless richness and exhilarating possibilities.

And undoubtedly, companies are seizing abundant opportunities through B2B influencers. Their unwavering influence is undeniable, and collaborating with them can truly be a transformative game-changer, as we'll explore in greater detail.

The Best B2B Influencers Across the Globe

Ready to discover the power players of social networks in 2023 when it comes to B2B topics? Look no further! We've got you covered with a special emphasis on LinkedIn and Twitter to kick things off.

TOP LinkedIn B2B Influencers

LinkedIn reigns as the ultimate B2B social media, even as we witness an upsurge of diverse themes across various sectors. It serves as the prime hub, attracting a myriad of content creators who delve into topics spanning the entrepreneurial realm, including Marketing, Finance, Careers and much more!

It's important to understand that content creators on LinkedIn have distinct target audiences and tailor their content to specific niches within their field. This focused approach results in highly valuable content that resonates with their audience, leading to a continuous surge in engagement levels worldwide. As we examine the current TOP 200 content creators, they achieve an impressive average of 3.1K engagements per post, which is truly remarkable!

And you know what's really fascinating? Despite many LinkedIn content creators focusing on business-oriented topics, it's amazing to witness the wide array of emerging themes. Take a look at the current top 200 profiles, and you'll find 8 dedicated to "Inclusion & Social Impact," 1 focused on "Fashion," and 4 highlighting "Sports," just to name a few. This diversity within the rankings is a testament to the platform's ability to cater to a multitude of industries and passions.

But here's the real deal: all these content creators are legit opinion leaders in their fields and they are crushing it on LinkedIn. They come from a whopping 24 different countries, and post like clockwork, every single workday, delivering top-notch content that's pure gold. And get this, 58% of them take it up a notch, going beyond just regular posts and diving into newsletters or even podcasts. In short, they are real nuggets. Let’s have a look at some of them 👀

1/ Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh is a true rockstar in the business world. As a sales and marketing genius, he's a pro at driving growth and forging strong relationships. You may recognize him from his remarkable achievements at LinkedIn. But that's not all — Justin  shares his invaluable tips and insights through his insightful newsletter. He's a mentor and supporter of aspiring entrepreneurs, fueling their dreams and guiding their journey. With his strategic mindset, industry know-how, and insatiable thirst for knowledge, Justin is the ultimate go-to person for achieving business success.

2/ Jasmin Alić

If personal branding is your passion, then Jasmin is the content creator you absolutely must follow. He's a pro when it comes to copywriting and holds nothing back in sharing the secrets to boost your social media game, especially on LinkedIn! Plus, he's got his own killer podcast where he dives deep into these topics. To put it simple, there's no one more skilled with the written word than him, and his entrepreneurial spirit shines through as he helps businesses elevate to new heights.

3/ Dan Go

Whoever claimed that being an entrepreneur is solely about building a business? Physical and mental well-being are vital aspects, which is why Dan chose to become a sports coach for budding entrepreneurs. He dishes out top-notch advice on optimizing your time, boosting energy, and nurturing both body and mind. It's all about personal growth, and that's where Dan's LinkedIn superpower truly shines!

TOP Twitter B2B Influencers

Twitter takes the crown for being a diverse social network, mainly because it's been around forever and every famous face you can think of is on it. Singers, football players, politicians—you name it, they're all there. And most of them are actually quite active, constantly sharing updates that keep us hooked.

When we examine the top 200 influential personalities on Twitter worldwide, it's evident that athletes, especially football players, hold a significant stronghold, comprising 17% of the entire ranking. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Twitter serves as a hotbed for political discourse, hence the inclusion of 19 politicians in this illustrious lineup, many of whom are prominent global leaders. And speaking of politics, one of the fastest growing personalities in terms of follower count is Tucker Carlson, a charismatic presenter and political analyst. Not to mention megastars like Taylor Swift, who commands an astounding engagement of around 500K per post. She's an absolute powerhouse in the Twitterverse, captivating her massive fan base with every single update.

And of course, Twitter remains an excellent platform for conducting business, attracting a plethora of B2B content creators. It's where CEOs and tech leaders thrive, voicing their thoughts not only about their companies but also the industries they dominate. But it's not just them —  Twitter is a hub where entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds create content of immense value. So, let's dive into the world of these mega-entrepreneurs who are making waves!

Elon Musk

No surprises here: Elon Musk reigns as the ultimate powerhouse on Twitter, holding the top spot with an impressive audience of 142 million followers. With each tweet, he offers a glimpse into his innovative mind and the groundbreaking ventures he's involved in. Whether he's sharing updates about SpaceX's latest achievements, teasing new Tesla developments, or simply engaging in thought-provoking conversations, Elon Musk's tweets have become an influential force in shaping the narrative of technology, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

Mario Nawfal

Mario Nawfal is a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the business world. Known for his strategic mindset and relentless drive, he has built a reputation for identifying unique opportunities and transforming them into successful ventures. With more than 400K followers on Twitter, Mario leverages the platform to offer valuable business advice, share industry trends, and provide glimpses into his entrepreneurial journey.

Marques Brownlee

You're probably familiar with his YouTube channel, but did you know that Marques boasts over 6 million followers on Twitter? He's a powerhouse on the platform, consistently active and sharing his expertise. With an average of twenty tweets per week, Marques dives deep into the world of technology, offering in-depth and insightful reviews of the latest gadgets and consumer electronics. As a true high-tech expert, he's always in the know when it comes to tech industry trends. If you're looking for the latest buzz and a wealth of tech knowledge, Marques is the go-to source on Twitter.

The Rising Trends in B2B Content Creation

No doubt about it, the ever-evolving world of social networks keeps us on our toes month after month. And guess what? B2B content is right in the thick of it! Industries are transforming at lightning speed, and B2B influencers are at the forefront, fearlessly addressing all these exciting developments. So let's take a look at the hype themes of the moment as well as the top influencers who are nailing the conversation.

The Social Media Craze for IT & Tech Content 💡

As we've witnessed the gradual emergence of this theme over the past few months, it has now reached its pinnacle among B2B influencers. LinkedIn has become a hub for exceptional creators who unveil the secrets of Chat-GPT and AI, providing invaluable insights. On Twitter, dynamic debates on the advancements in new technologies fuel the conversation, while YouTube presents a treasure trove of content creators showcasing mesmerizing gadgets that spark our imagination. This all-encompassing theme delves into a multitude of thought-provoking questions, encompassing ethics, society, economy, and more. The result? A tapestry of diverse and enriching content creation.

Right now, the IT & Tech category is rocking the charts as the second most popular among the top 200 LinkedIn influencers worldwide, giving a tough competition to Business & Startups. We've got a whopping 39 expert creators in this field, covering a wide range of subjects such as Machine Learning, Product Design, and Data Science, among others. One notable standout in the field is Viktoria Seeman, a Computer Engineering pro. In a span of just one month, she has published over 25 insightful posts on LinkedIn, sharing valuable content. She's definitely a rising star on the rise!

The Rising Tide of Content Marketing & Copywriting 📲

As we've witnessed before with Jasmin Alic, LinkedIn is an absolute goldmine when it comes to personal branding and copywriting. These two subjects are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together so well. And let me tell you, there's a whole bunch of mind-blowing content creators in this realm. Take Saheli Chatterjee, for instance, hailing all the way from India. This dynamo never fails to amaze us with her incredible content, dishing out the juiciest content marketing tips around. On top of that, she has a killer newsletter for all the curious souls out there!

Fintech & Crypto spearheading Social Conversations 💻

When it comes to discussions about technology, Fintech is certainly not left behind. The prevalence of content creators has increased, enabling them to simplify complex concepts and make them easily understandable for everyone. These creators delve into various aspects of Crypto and the advancements in financial markets brought about by new technologies, providing comprehensive insights to the general public.

Taking the 4th spot on the esteemed TOP 200 LinkedIn list is Linas Beliūnas, a recognized authority in the field of Fintech. Boasting an impressive following of nearly 400k people, he shows remarkable engagement on the platform, having shared a staggering 43 posts in the past month. Such prolific activity is truly awe-inspiring!

And guess what? You can find these kinds of profiles on Twitter too, and let me tell you, Matt Wallace is a total rockstar. He's ranked 37th worldwide in terms of influence, and he's all about that Crypto content, dishing it out daily like there's no tomorrow. No breaks, no exceptions.

And voilà! Now you have a fantastic grasp of the exhilarating global panorama of B2B content creation! Get ready to dive into the awe-inspiring world of the best creators and keep your senses heightened for the thrilling emerging opportunities in B2B content marketing!

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