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TOP 12 Beauty Influencers In Brazil

Salty hair, golden skin, tan lines… smells a lot like Rio! 🌞 🇧🇷 Check-out our TOP 12 beauty influencers from Brazil!

May 25, 2022

Bet you can't name a brighter place than Brazil… Its landscapes are divine, the sun blesses every single corner and makeup palettes are as colorful as this beautiful country!  Beyond caipirinhas and samba, Brazil is the land of charm, beauty and self-care. Don’t mess with Brazilian beauty bloggers, they are the real queens of beauty influence.

What is a beauty influencer?

Content creators passionate about cosmetics

They are tireless, passionate and above all inspiring. Have you ever heard "Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life?” This is the motto of any beauty influencer.

Beauty influencers post a lot, there is no day off for them. Beyond their passion for cosmetics, they are extremely creative and have the audacity to test many content formats.. Whether photo carousels, IGTV tutorials or small videos for their Reels page, they won't let you down.

There are 3 main post trends on beauty influence:

  • Crah-test: basically, the influencer testes a product in front of the cameras and gives some feedback on it.
  • Tutorial: in general it's a video in which the influencer shows an entire make-up or skin-care routine, step by step.
  • Giveaway: in collab with a brand, the influencer raffles off some products in exchange of likes, comments and shares from his audience.

Brazilian beauty influencers on Instagram

In Brazil, beauty is not a matter of vanity and even less luxury. It’s all about pride and self-confidence. Beauty influencers are strong women with a passion they want to share. They spread lots of self-love and help other girls embrace their appearance. In some way, they have this magical power of making anyone reach the best version of themselves thanks to self-care. 

Natural beauty is highly admired in Brazil. Many influencers address subjects such as self-acceptance and diversity. One of the hottest topics is curly hair care, so that all women embrace it as it should be. However, Brazil is also the land of festivities, such as Carnival or Reveillon and make-up art is at the heart of these celebrations. And of course, glitter is never too much!

Top 12 Brazilian beauty influencers on Instagram



4.2/5  Favikon score

She may not have the perfect Favikon score of 5/5, but her audience is outstanding. This makeup artist impresses her 20 million followers daily with the best makeup tips and tricks 💡 Whether it's a wedding, a date or just a few drinks with your buddies, Mari has makeup tutorials for all situations. Over the years she embraced this big passion for make-up and she now runs her own brand of beauty products. 



5/5 Favikon score

Another make-up enthusiast and business woman, Fernanda is rocking beauty influence in Brazil. With almost 1 million followers on Instagram, she gives daily advice on make-up, hair and even skin-care products. Best part: she’s the CEO of Petrizi Makeup, a beauty brand which works with eco-friendly and vegan products only 🌱 If you’re still not convinced, have a look at her TikTok account, where she perfectly combines humor, beauty and glamor. 



5/5 Favikon score

No, it’s not a dream, Aline is real and she has more than 500 posts exclusively about beauty products! Her 5/5 Favikon score is not unworthy, she is the true beauty pro. She gives you the recommendation that best suits your physical characteristics, personal needs, and budget. Honestly, you couldn't be in better hands! 🌞



5/5 Favikon score

Make-up artists are taking the lead today… But Mayara is the shiniest of them all! If you’re looking for glitter, sparkles and more glitter, this is the right place for you ✨ With more than 400 make-up tutorials, you’ll never get enough of her creative content. 



5/5 Favikon score


You think we'd forgotten the redheads? Here comes Polly, our girl on fire. She loves make-up, nail art, skin-care and specially hair styling. Her aesthetic is sublime and her tips are priceless 🔥



5/5 Favikon score

Straight from Salvador, Evelyn is shinier than Bahia’s golden sand. She’s the pro of hairstyles and curls. Shampoos, softeners, creams, jellies, diffusers... There is nothing she doesn’t know! And she’s happy to reveal all her beauty secrets 💇



4.5/5 Favikon score

She’s better than a fresh ginger ale on a hot summer day! You think the rainbow is colorful? You haven't seen Priscila's palette, she’s the real carnival queen! 🌈 Bonus: she nails it at TikTok! If you're looking for beauty, humor and good vibes, Pri's feed won't let you down.



4.4/5 Favikon score

Believe it or not, there’s another makeup artist on our Top12! Isabela is truly passionate about skin care and make-up. She knows the best beauty tricks and she explains it all, step by step ✅



4/5 Favikon score

Kéren is here to break all the beauty patterns. She’s clearer than a glass and she’s not afraid to talk about real problems that all girls went through. Her content is mostly about skin-care and make-up, but she also talks about self-acceptance and natural beauty 🧖



3.9/5 Favikon score

Is she a doctor? Is she an influencer? This girl can do both! 🧑⚕️Marcelle is a dermatologist specialized in beauty products. She gives advice on skin-care products and shows her daily routine as a cosmetics expert. 



3.8/5 Favikon score

Creams, serums, moisturizers, face masks and more creams… That’s what Kamila loves the most! She’s passionate about skin-care and you can find all her favorite products and routines on her feed! 💪


3.8/5 followers

18.6K Favikon score

Beauty blogger from head to toe, Cibelly has tips for all tastes. There isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't try out a new product and her advice is pure gold 📹

How to find beauty influencers?

Your brand is probably ready for a partnership, but have you found the right one? Finding strong brand ambassadors is not only a matter of budget, you have to choose the influencers that best suit your brand. How? Let’s have a look at some options… 

Instagram has a quite good explore section where you can find a bunch of influencers. If you want to start a research based on key hashtags, you can simply use the search bar. Easy peasy! However, Instagram doesn’t include the possibility of using filters in your research. You won’t be able to choose the specific characteristics of the influencer you are looking for such as age, location or language. Of course, there’s always the possibility of checking each profile manually, but it is a time-consuming process… 

Otherwise, you can always use Favikon! Its features allow you to look for influencers using various filters such as gender, age, location, language and much more. You can even use keywords that will automatically direct you to the relevant profiles. If you type, for example, “makeup”, “beauty” or “skin care”, you increase your chances of finding suitable profiles for your brand’s campaign. Moreover, Favikon gives you a detailed audit of each influencer, which makes it much easier for you to choose the right one. When analyzing the engagement rate, growth rate, buzz ration and other indicators, it will give you an overall idea of an influencer’s value.