Best Food Influencers For Your Influencer Campaign!

From Christmas cookies and Halloween donuts to ThanksGiving dishes and summer recipes, these food creators have a special recipe for any time of the year!

December 12, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Influencer marketing and food influencers

Every content creator has a level of expertise in a specific field. They share their tips, best practices, and experience with their audience. Thus, it is interesting for brands to collaborate with content creators for many reasons, especially for the holidays! And today we are checking a specific community: food creators!

What is a food influencer?

Food creators are influencers whose content always revolves around food and every practice that comes with it. In other words, they share their cooking and baking skills with their community. You can find food creators of any nationality! Thus some creators are experts in cooking their country’s specialties, others enjoy trying other nationalities’ dishes, and so on. There are various niches in the food community. You can find very specific creators such as “cookie artists” “Italian cuisine” “Christmas baking” and more. This variety of content is a huge asset for any brand looking to partner with a food creator, as you’ll always find a creator with the right expertise and perfect niche audience.

Another important point about food influencers is the reach and engagement they generate. They are a community with particularly great engagement. This is due to the added value they bring to the viewers. They are not just creating content but sharing recipes, tips, best practices… In short, they provide cooking knowledge within their content. Thus, most viewers will:

💌 Share the recipe with their friends or family

🔒 Save it for later so they don’t lose the recipe or tip

💬 Comment on what they think about the dish and even ask the creator a few questions if they have any doubts

This engagement is very important for a brand because viewers will most probably also react, interact, share and save the content that is in collaboration with your brand.

Food influencers for your influencer campaign

As you might have guessed, it is quite beneficial for a brand specialized in the food/cooking industry to partner with a food creator for several reasons. So let’s go over the benefits of creating an influencer campaign with a food creator for the holidays!

🎯 A niche audience. The creator’s community follows them because they are interested in their content. Thus partnering with a creator allows a brand to access this niche audience that matches its target market. In this case, if your brand is in the food/cooking industry, by partnering with a food creator you are reaching an audience that enjoys cooking. And this community will see your product and might be interested in purchasing it to follow the creator’s tips.

🚀 Visibility and Engagement. Most creators engage with their audience, which creates proximity and trust between them and their audience. Partnering with a creator allows your brand to be more authentic. Moreover, it also boosts your engagement and visibility. As we said previously, the food community interacts a lot with food creators, thus your partnership will get a great number of views, comments, and shares!

🥇 Brand authority. When working with a creator, you are joining your brand image with theirs (For that reason it is important to check if your values match perfectly). Thus appearing on a specialized food creator account will bring more brand authority! It allows your brand to appear as a reference in this domain, expertise, or market.

16 food influencers on social media

@thesqueakymixer - The Squeaky Mixer

If you are looking for serious Christmas backing skills, we have found the perfect creator for you! Meet Maddison, she is truly talented when it comes to bakery and content creation. She knows how to combine special recipes with special occasions. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas… You’ll find easy-to-make recipes for each time of the year. You should check her Christmas creations this year, they will make your mouth water! And to top it all with a nice touch, we can follow each step she goes through when backing her delicious cakes 🤤

@sophiabakessometimes - sophia :)

Can you smell it? It smells like something delicious is about to come out of the oven! Sophia knows how to warm your hearts in this year's season. Cinnamon Roll, brownies, cupcakes, carrot cake… Any of her heartwarming bakeries will bring your back to your childhood. This creator is also amazing at creating content for her TikTok community! With an amazing 4/5 Favikon Score, 525k followers, and an excellent +14% engagement rate, partnering with her for your Christmas campaign is a win! 🌟

@bradtheboxer - Just brad

How about something salty? Brad is an incredible chef and content creator with over 2 million followers on TikTok! His specialty? Sharing his favorite healthy recipes with a big smile, some music, and a lot of fun! Any brand looking to collaborate with this creator is about to reach massive visibility. Regarding his Favikon audit, Brad has an excellent buzz ratio and an amazing content quality score 💪

@sophiebakas - Sophie

Cuteness overload! Christmas, Linzer, gingerbread, and grinch cookies, pain d’épices, Halloween donuts, pumpkin-shaped bread, cinnamon tea… And the list goes on! If you haven’t guessed yet, Sophie is a baking goddess! She shares her passion with her community by posting five recipes every month on her TikTok account. And to make baking easy for everyone, she shared every baking recipe on her Whisk account! In other words, working with this influencer is all about the quality of content ✨

@_yu.jung - Yujung 유정

Did someone say creative Christmas baking content? Yujung is amazing at creating and sharing original recipes! From heart-shaped matcha milk bread and lavender haze cake to Rudolph donuts and mini pumpkin pies for thanksgiving, this creator is doing some amazing content! And to top it all off, she has an extraordinary Favikon Score of 4.7/5 with an outstanding Buzz Ratio, an excellent community ratio of +25%, and an amazing engagement rate of +13%! 🔥

@harrisonwebb97 - Harrison Webb

@redpandacakeuk - Red Panda Cake

@djaamila - djamila 🍯

@menbo.xia - menbo.xia

@jasminbisou - Jasminbisou

@sweet_essence_ - Michelle Lu

@crazylilbakes - victoria :)

@ericaschwed - Erica Schwed

@martimmgil - Martim

@threepupperteers - ThreePupperteers

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