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How much should an influencer be paid for an Instagram campaign?

All you need to know about influencer's remuneration ! 💰

How much should your influencers be paid? This is a question that you should think about before proposing a partnership because if the influencer does not like the financial compensation, your collaboration will be refused without a discussion! 🤭

First of all, know that when you open an audit, Favikon will always give you an estimation of the price of your partnerships. These estimates are made using data from several market studies, so you can rely on them seamlessly! 😇

Let's start by seeing what criteria influences the remuneration of an influencer?

1. Level of influence

When talking about level of influence, several factors are taken into account. There is of course the reach of the influencer (the number of subscribers), but more importantly: the engagement rate, i.e. the commitment of subscribers to a publication (number of likes, comments...).

One might think that influencers with the largest community will get better engagement rates, but this is generally not the case.

The level of influence is the factor that will have the greatest impact on the remuneration of a partnership because it provides a guarantee of visibility.

2. The social network used

Depending on the chosen platform, a partnership will be more or less effective, and not consequently more or less expensive! And this is normal because each platform has its own type of audience and resources (story, filters, swipe up ...).

3. The type of content and its complexity of execution

The type of content and the time of realization dedicated to it will affect the price. Indeed, a video that requires creative ideas, editing and budget will cost more than a simple story. In other words, the more effort you put in, the more you'll get your hands on it!

4. Area of influence

I imagine that you want to work with an influencer who specializes in your brand's sector. However, the remuneration will not be the same depending on the content creator's theme. In other words, if you choose to start an influencer campaign to introduce your brand’s new anti-aging serum, prepare yourself mentally! Your bank account might get a little overheated. 

Indeed, the costs in the beauty industry will be much higher than that of the gaming industry (as long as your influencer's community is high! AND YES, the different criteria are interdependent with each other)).

5. Proximity between the influencer and the brand

Just imagine. Your favorite brand offers you a partnership. It's totally wup to you, but personally I’d say "yes" right away, if it were only to test the product/service or participate in the project in question. 

Thus, the appeal of the content creator to the brand is a determining factor regarding the remuneration of the partnership. If the influencer already likes the product, the better he or she has been using it for some time, the more likely he or she is to talk about it for a small compensation. 

6. Geographical area

It is obvious that the currency, the inflation rate, the monetization of certain benefits, will be different from one country to another. Influencer marketing is no exception to the rule: the market price will not be the same from one country to another. If you ask a Vietnamese influencer to create a story for your brand, it will certainly have a lower cost than the story produced by a French influencer.

Let's get to the heart of the matter! How much do I have to pay for a partnership on Instagram? 💸 🤔

🚨 Of course this table is indicative, there is no rule concerning the rates because it depends on many criteria ! 🚨

One last important thing to know: Micro-Influencers without a legal status cannot be paid in money. You will then have to find alternatives such as :

  • gifts
  • invitations to events 
  • an affiliate program (where they will receive a commission)
  • share it on your social network

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