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How to stand out on LinkedIn in 2024?

In 2024, LinkedIn has really evolved into a lively social scene. Discover the secrets to LinkedIn success in 2024 : creating captivating posts, building genuine connections, and staying true to yourself...

February 15, 2024

How to stand out on LinkedIn in 2024?

Who would have thought that LinkedIn, a simple professional platform, would evolve so much in such a short time? Today, it's hard to deny that LinkedIn increasingly resembles a full-fledged social network, if it isn't already one entirely.

Gone are the days when simply dropping your resume with the mention "Looking for a job" would suffice. Nowadays, it takes something extra to make an impact on LinkedIn, requiring not only skills but also time investment.

1. Be Engaged:

The key is engagement. You need to know how to craft posts that catch the eye from the get-go, visuals that grab attention, build and maintain your network with likes and comments under their posts (after actually reading them, of course), and, most importantly, show creativity and authenticity. View profiles : Dr. Christian Poensgen and Susan David.

2. Be Authentic:

Yes, authenticity is crucial. It's about having the courage to address topics you've never dared to before, sharing not only your successes but especially your failures and the secrets only you hold. LinkedIn isn't just a site to find a job anymore; it's a space where everyone can make themselves known and learn from others, regardless of whether you're an intern, an employee, a CEO, or a merchant. We want to know who we're hiring as much as who's hiring us. View profile : Maud Alavès.

You know what they say? You know you've grown up once you start stalking on LinkedIn.

3. Be Creative:

Authenticity is important because it fuels creativity. So, it doesn't matter if you post infrequently, if you're not followed by thousands of followers, if your posts don't go viral, or if you still haven't received that famous TOP voice! You don’t have to be a TOP Voice to be successful on LinkedIn. View profile : Jorge Inda

Don't fall into the trap of chasing followers, likes, or the magical method to "write the post that will go viral"… Post or don't post, but share what you want; maintain your network, but with people who inspire you.

Even if you don't have a huge following, you can still make waves with your posts. Nowadays, applying for an internship isn't just about sending in your CV. It's about showing your true personality and identity through a heartfelt, funny, or unique approach.

In 2024, that's how LinkedIn works, by being yourself and not falling into the trap of being liked by everyone or being the best, because there's no network where an individual is universally liked 100%.

In the end, to succeed on LinkedIn in 2024, you must be more engaged than ever because LinkedIn is no longer just a job search tool but a real social network to get noticed. It's therefore essential to stay true to yourself and your commitments to foster quality interactions over quantity. As a result, everyone will be able to find their place and take advantage of the opportunities offered by LinkedIn. And to discover what drives you through this network, you can explore over 600 creator niches and topics on the AI-powered Creator Discovery page.