Influencer trends for the Back-to-school '21

Virtual influencers, influencer x brand co-creations, live shopping... You guessed it! Here are the influencer trends of 2021!

September 27, 2021
Margot Daugieras

Influencer marketing is evolving very quickly, and that's why we've decided to list you the trends for fall 2021. 🤓

The influencer co-creation with macro and mega influencers 🎨

Your products x your ambassadors

This is a trend that has spread widely in 2021 to several types of brands. Initially launched by fashion and cosmetics brands much earlier, this trend of creating a collection in collaboration with an influencer has proven its worth.

Among the most famous collaborations for this type of partnership

Pam x Na-kd: a collection made entirely from recycled materials for the young sportswoman ♻️

Charli x Dunkin: Amelio's bubbly Charli and her obsession with Dunkin drinks 🧋

McFly & Carlito x Jennifer: Back to college with humor and good vibes, thanks to two friends from the Elysée 🎒

The real success of a good co-creation lies in choosing the right influencer. Indeed, a co-creation must be fully in line with the values ​​of both the brand and the influencer.

Choosing an influencer too far from your values ​​can be risky because the collection will either not match your image or the influencer’s. Either way, it's a failure.

A partnership that will enrich your social media content 📲

A co-creation also makes it possible to put its users at the heart of the creation since they have the opportunity of following the creation process from research to sale. This is an opportunity for you and the influencer to show the backstage and the working hours behind a product.

In general, co-creation is done with macro or mega influencers to maximize the chances of selling out! It's also a way to partner with an untouchable first-rate influencer by offering them this very stimulating and creative format (not everyone is lucky enough to create their own product!)

All in all, co-creation is a win-win partnership!

Long-term and multi-platform collaboration with an influencer 🤝

Partnerships with influencers no longer hold any secrets for users, but doubts about the sincerity of some influencers happen to arise.

To avoid the reputation of a brand that’s unappreciated by influencers, but pays well, here is a precious tip: establish long-term collaborations with your influencers. When influenced by a brand several times a year, it shows that the firm is present and available; thus, the relationship is going well. All in all, you are gaining credibility.

This is particularly effective for very large brands like Amazon who need to improve their brand image. This is the strategy they chose for Prime Video with many partnerships on TikTok and contracts signed for 6 months, 1 year and sometimes even longer!

Prime Video x Sara 🎙

A collaboration that works is a collaboration that can be present on multiple platforms of the influencer.

In addition to a long-term partnership, being able to request content on Instagram, and TikTok can be a real added value. Fashion brands are implementing it, especially with trendy look videos on TikTok followed by references posted via Instagram stories.

Isiaarcang x Caudalie 🧖 Here is the example of a beauty brand that has partnered with Isïa over several days with a TikTok product, several publications, and Instagram stories were created during the journey around the brand, its history and the origin of his creations

Live shopping 🎥

From television to phones, live shopping is reinventing itself, thanks to influencers.

Ok, product placement publications are cool, promo codes are always fun, but what could be better than trying on the brand's clothes live?

What is it, and why does it work? 🔍

Live shopping is a real-time review where the host will showcase a product, try it out, and share their thoughts while viewers watch and react. Thus, the public can comment and ask questions to the organizer, who can also respond publicly. The trend facilitates communication with customers by promoting the product while customers share their doubts to receive advice regarding its use.

Who, where, and why? 💬

The choice of host has a huge impact on the success of a live performance, so influencers are the perfect personalities to be a part of it. They are already familiar with the platforms and their users; therefore, they know how to communicate with the public. In addition, the most popular live shopping takes place on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and Twitch. Thus, companies can choose the platform and the personality that will animate lives according to their brand strategy.

The clothing brand Lindex regularly does Lives Shopping on its Instagram account with influencers to present its new collections. Last week it was Elsa and Sofia who introduced the new line 👗

Virtual influencers 👀

We talk about it every day, and never get tired of it: virtual influencers are a real challenge for brands!

More and more virtual influencers are appearing on social media. Whether it's influencers as animated characters like Janky and Guggimon created by Fortnite, or influencers in the form of humans like the famous Lil Miquela (3M subscribers on IG), they are invading our platforms.

How is that interesting for a brand? 💰

A brand's virtual influencer is timeless; it doesn't change and can be used for years, unlike real influencers who end up aging, having children, and potentially breaking away from the brand. Creating a virtual influencer can be profitable and guarantee stability. Each message delivered is monitored, the dynamics and character can be totally in tune with the brand and change if the brand changes its objectives and strategy. However, it should be noted that an authentic influencer can easily create content with a selfie or video, while each virtual influencer content costs much more.

In addition, according to statistics made on the Favikon tool, it seems that virtual influencers have, on average 3 times more engagement than a traditional influencer.

So, is their content more interesting than a classic account, or are they a temporary trend?

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