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When do you expect Live Shopping to take off in Europe?

The aim is to think strategically about the content to be delivered on social networks. Her motto is "Social Media is entertainment" ! ✨

March 29, 2021
Roxane Aguilar
Introduce yourself in a few words and your career path in the influencer industry?

I am Amélie Ebongué, I am 27 years old. I was born in Paris and I was lucky enough to have explored social media as a Social Media Manager at a very early age, for an agency (Auditoire, Uzik) helping consumer brands, I worked with media brands (Forbes, HYPEBEAST) for their respective arrivals on the French market. I also worked as an advertiser (AccorHotels) for the ibis brand and the past year on my own with the creation of my business, attends30seconds.

What made you want to create attend30seconds?

attends30seconds was born out of the desire to think about social media in terms of strategic thinking through consulting while keeping a sharp eye on the best in entertainment. On one hand, we have to consult and on the other, we need to have foresight with the trends of the sector that I take pleasure in deciphering on the site. One motto: Social Media Is Entertainment

Can you describe your job and what does it consist of?

I am a Social Media Strategist. My job is to think strategically about the content to be delivered on social networks. Whether it's about a brand, an association, or a personality, the main thing is the purpose of my subject and the place it occupies. Every day, I observe, analyze the use and evolution of the social platforms on which we broadcast content. I accompany brands to be relevant in their words and I guide them to the best social networks adapted to their brand discourse to best reach their audience. Since 2019, I teach the use and the strategy on social networks in major schools such as Digital College (College de Paris), Sup de Pub (INSEEC U.), and finally at the Faculty of Aix-Marseille. In parallel, I am a professional speaker and I intervene in events on the use of social networks and their evolution through the prism of entertainment.

As Live Shopping is already well established in China, when do you expect it to take off in Europe?

China is a pioneer in live shopping, which it even renames shop entertainment. Today it has a colossal arsenal with more than 900 platforms including Taobao which is owned by the giant Tencent. In France, we are gradually getting there, examples such as L'Oreal which is demonstrating its Steampod alongside Flora Coquerel in partnership with Grazia. Another example, with a teleshopping dimension, is Carrefour, which took part in the exercise at the beginning of December to market the company's toys in the run-up to the holiday season.

According to you, what will be the platforms of choice for Live Shopping?

In France, I would say that Instagram has every interest in looking into the matter. Illustrious cases like the life of the influencer @MAYADORABLE to announce her collaboration with DCM Jennyfer were well thought. Presented live on the brand's account 15min before its marketing on the website, we feel that some brands are ready to play the game. In Sweden, Monki reinforces the co-creation with content creators but this time, in a community way by offering live sales sessions on registration via its website. In China, there are multiple solutions with Taobao or AliExpress in particular, which are very advanced, since they already combine live streaming and live shopping. The website Last summer, in the middle of the pandemic, AliExpress organized a live streaming marathon. On the program: 20 French influencers - aged 20 to 30 and experts in their respective fields - were selected via AliExpress. Connect to realize a total of 100 lives (5 per influencer) in 10 days to present 20 partner brands. That's it!

How do you see the future of the influencer market?

An acceleration of the uses observed during the health crisis with this desire to have more transparency. The pandemic allowed multiple content creators to speak out on subjects they had never mentioned before. A desire to carry a message that makes more sense. As for brands, they will continue to invest more budgets on influencer campaigns and favor co-creation to really, finally integrate content creators at the heart of their devices. The winning brands will be those that understand that influencer marketing is a real lever for acquisition and loyalty by placing it at the heart of their content strategy.

In your opinion, will TikTok become the new platform of choice for partnerships and partnerships and overtake Instagram?

It's well on its way anyway!

Your favorite social network? Why?

LinkedIn without any hesitation. It's the professional network par excellence and allows great things to happen. Create value, enrich your expertise, amplify your network and federate a community around your activity and your professional passion. How about that?

An influencer whose work and/or management of his/her partnerships you admire partnerships

An English woman with incredible charisma who has evolved a lot since then, Nicole Krystal Crentsil. A breath of fresh air in my Instagram feed and LinkedIn too for that matter. Charisma, authenticity, and relevance, just the way I like it!

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