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Kolsquare Alternatives | Influencer Marketing Platforms

Alternative Influencer Marketing Platforms to Kolsquare.

July 11, 2024
Sarthak Ahuja

Influencer collaborations have become a pivotal strategy for brands aiming to connect with their target audiences in a more genuine and impactful way. Kolsquare, a leading influencer marketing platform, has played a significant role in this transformation. Founded with the mission to streamline the process of identifying, connecting, and managing influencer partnerships, Kolsquare has established itself as a go-to resource for brands and agencies. Its comprehensive suite of tools and robust analytics capabilities have garnered a loyal user base, yet its premium pricing has prompted many businesses to explore more cost-effective alternatives.

As the demand for influencer marketing grows, so does the number of platforms available to facilitate these collaborations. Each platform offers a unique set of features tailored to different marketing needs, from comprehensive analytics to extensive influencer databases. In this blog post, we focus on two noteworthy alternatives to Kolsquare: Favikon and Modash. We will compare these platforms, highlighting their key features, pricing structures, and overall value, to help you make an informed decision about which tool best suits your influencer marketing strategy.

Below is a detailed comparison chart:

Kolsquare Alternatives

Overview of Platform Features and Comparisons

Free Plan Limits:

  • Modash: Allows 20 profiles.
  • Favikon: Allows 3 profiles per search with unlimited searches.
  • Kolsquare: No free plan, but a free demo is available.

Social Media Coverage:

  • Modash: Supports Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.
  • Favikon: Supports Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter.
  • Kolsquare: Supports Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch.

Audience Demographics:

  • All three platforms (Modash, Favikon, and Kolsquare) provide audience demographic insights.

Data Export:

  • Modash: Does not support data export.
  • Favikon: Supports data export.
  • Kolsquare: Limited support (available in enterprise plan).

Chrome Extension:

  • Modash: Does not offer a Chrome extension.
  • Favikon: Offers a Chrome extension.
  • Kolsquare: Offers a Chrome extension.

Metric History:

  • All three platforms provide access to metric history.

B2B Niches:

  • Modash: Does not specialize in B2B niches.
  • Favikon: Supports B2B niches.
  • Kolsquare: Does not specialize in B2B niches.

CRM & Tracking:

  • Modash: Provides CRM and tracking capabilities.
  • Favikon: Provides CRM and tracking capabilities.
  • Kolsquare: Provides CRM and tracking capabilities.

Shopify Integration:

  • Modash: Does not offer Shopify integration.
  • Favikon: Does not offer Shopify integration.
  • Kolsquare: Offers Shopify integration.


This blog highlights the key features and differences among Modash, Favikon, and Kolsquare, offering a concise comparison to assist in selecting the most suitable influencer marketing platform based on specific needs and budget.

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Sarthak Ahuja is a marketing enthusiast currently contributing to digital marketing strategies at Favikon. An alumnus of ESCP Paris with over 2 years of professional experience, he has held multiple marketing roles across industries. Sarthak's work has been published in journals and websites. He loves to read and write about topics concerning sustainability, business, and marketing. You can find him on LinkedIn and Instagram.