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Top US Linkedin Influencers

Discover the top 50 US LinkedIn influencers in our article, guiding users through valuable insights and inspiration.

May 7, 2024
Capucine Munuera

As someone new to navigating LinkedIn or at an intermediate level, you understand the importance of staying updated with the latest trends and insights to thrive in your field. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge shared by influencers on LinkedIn, particularly in the US, you're eager to connect with the top voices in various fields. However, with the platform's vast array of users, identifying the most influential figures can be daunting.

That's why we've curated a list of the top US LinkedIn influencers to guide you. From industry leaders to trendsetters across diverse domains, these influencers will inspire and inform you. So, read on our comprehensive guide to discover more about these influential individuals, their backgrounds, and the unique perspectives they offer.

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Explore the Top US Influencers on LinkedIn :

50. Eric Vyacheslav

Eric Vyacheslav, an AI/ML Engineer and Ex-Google professional, showcases interest in cutting-edge technologies through informative posts on AI advancements. He shares insights on AI models, repositories, and papers, engaging with a community of 170,000+ engineers and researchers. With a focus on AI-driven innovations, Eric presents comparisons between industry giants and highlights groundbreaking developments in the field.

LinkedIn Score : 91/100

Favikon Authority Score : 177

49. Nat Berman

Nat Berman. He is an entrepreneur who founded the I.S.E. Method to help businesses and individuals succeed. He began his career in digital media with the creation of one website, which today has grown into a portfolio of 25 sites that reach millions of visitors each month across various verticals. Berman's 3-step approach, Identify, Strategize, Execute, is a universal framework that can be used to obtain wealth, improve health, and relationships.

LinkedIn Score : 91/100

Favikon Authority Score : 211

48. Jess Ramos

Jess Ramos, a Sr. Data Analyst known for her Big Data Energy. With a MSBA, she helps others grow their tech careers. Active on social media with 150K on LinkedIn and 17K on TikTok. Providing a free SQL Course, Practice, & Resume templates. Her passion lies in empowering women in Analytics, combatting stereotypes, and sharing her love for Math and data. Fluent in Spanish, she volunteers as an ESL teacher and youth lacrosse coach. Skilled in SQL, Power BI, Python, and more.

LinkedIn Score : 91/100

Favikon Authority Score : 337

47. Ronnie H. Kinsey

Ronnie H. Kinsey, MBA, is an executive and leadership coach with diverse achievements and transformational expertise. With a background in healthcare and senior leadership roles in various industries, Ronnie has led successful transformation initiatives internationally. He is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, HIMSS, ICF, and NSA, and holds credentials as a BSN, RN, MBA, and certified professional coach. Ronnie is passionate about personal development and helping others thrive with enhanced resilience. With a focus on building relationships and continuous improvement, he brings empathy, strategic leadership, and a solution-focused approach to his coaching practice. Ronnie is also an outdoors enthusiast and enjoys recreational fitness in the Santa Cruz Mountains near his home.

LinkedIn Score : 92/100

Favikon Authority Score : 206

46. Mark Jung

Mark Jung. He is a skilled brand storyteller, B2B SaaS revenue leader, and the VP of Marketing at Nextiva. He specializes in building brands that act as a revenue accelerator and a moat, and has previously led marketing at Sales Impact Academy and Dooly. With a focus on community, partnerships, media, and distribution, Mark creates unforgettable brand experiences and authentic connections at scale. His expertise lies in creating a new strategic narrative that people want to rally behind, and then amplifying that voice through personal brands across the organization.

LinkedIn Score : 92/100

Favikon Authority Score : 208

45. Ethan Mollick

Ethan Mollick. He is a professor who specializes in the study of startups and innovation. He has conducted extensive research on the democratization of business education through games and how AI could boost productivity. Additionally, Mollick has examined the threat of AI-generated deepfakes and the potential of AI for scam attacks. His work also delves into how AI can improve academic writing and the trustworthiness of search engines. Mollick's research is highly respected and has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

LinkedIn Score : 93/100

Favikon Authority Score : 346

44. Noemi Kis

Noemi Kis. She is an entrepreneur and content creator, known for her daily content on LinkedIn and her Entrepreneur Mindset Newsletter. With a background in founding and scaling seven-figure businesses, Noemi shares her journey of learning and growth. She offers valuable insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs through her posts, which cover topics such as entrepreneurship quotes, success stories, and tips for achieving business goals. Noemi's mission is to help others develop an entrepreneurial mindset and achieve their dreams. Follow her for daily content and subscribe to her newsletter for more valuable insights.

LinkedIn Score : 93/100

Favikon Authority Score : 208

43. Dr. Miro Bada

Dr. Miro Bada, also known as Doctor Bad, is an ER Doctor with a mission to inspire human greatness. With over 30,000 patients treated, he emphasizes practical health and life advice. Since 2020, he has coached over 100 high performers to automate their habits and improve health. Follow him for actionable tips on high performance, beating burnout, and enhancing health.

LinkedIn Score : 94/100

Favikon Authority Score : 211

42. Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez. She is a finance educator and business investor, known for creating owners. She is the founder of Contrarian Thinking and Contrarian Community. With a background in Wall Street and private equity, she shares insights on making money and building businesses outside the traditional 9 to 5 model. Sanchez focuses on helping individuals achieve financial freedom through unconventional investments and small business ownership. She advocates for owning communities and corner stores, emphasizing experience over degrees and betting on oneself.

LinkedIn Score : 94/100

Favikon Authority Score : 903

41. Elena Verna

Elena Verna. She is a growth hobbyist who helps SaaS B2B companies scale their business by implementing the product-led growth model. She shares the latest growth frameworks, memes, and poems on various topics such as product-led sales, women in the workplace, and satire. Elena believes that product-led growth is not a substitute for sales-led growth and requires marketing and sales along with product ownership. She also emphasizes the importance of segmentation and personalization in B2B product-led sales demand gen. Elena shares her framework for creating content with consistent good reach and believes that the division between B2B and B2C will disappear in the next decade.

LinkedIn Score : 94/100

Favikon Authority Score : 284

40. Justin Mecham

Justin Mecham is a seasoned leader with 20 years of experience and 4 successful exits. He shares daily tips on LinkedIn to help individuals unlock their full potential, enhance productivity, and navigate leadership challenges. With a focus on self-discovery and growth, Justin provides personalized strategies to overcome obstacles and optimize one's full potential. His mission is to empower people to build and lead high-performing teams, enhance productivity and performance, and guide individuals towards effective leadership. By following Justin, individuals gain access to a comprehensive suite of services based on his actual experience, not just generic methods. Whether it's unleashing inner strength, learning life-changing habits, or implementing retention strategies, Justin offers practical and powerful lessons to help individuals succeed in their personal and professional lives.

LinkedIn Score : 94/100

Favikon Authority Score : 217

39. Chad Gono

In seventeenth position, Chad Gono. He is a CEO who advocates for a positive work environment and company culture. He encourages employers to avoid toxic employees and value those who align with their values. Chad often shares his love for craft beer on social media, alongside his business advice. He advocates for the importance of time off for employees and believes that investing in a great culture is the biggest driver of profitability.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 241

38. Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy is the President and CEO of Amazon. He is a big sports/music/film fan and experienced buffalo wings eater. He recently enjoyed being in an Entrepreneurship class and interacting with young entrepreneurs. Andy is excited about adding Mistral AI's FMs to Amazon Bedrock for GenAI models. He reflects on Amazon's commitment to fast deliveries and launches Rufus, a new generative AI-powered shopping assistant.

LinkedIn Score : 94/100

Favikon Authority Score : 355

37. Jalal Alzebda

Jalal Alzebda is a Software Architect with a specialization in C#, Angular, and Microsoft Azure. With a solid experience in Software Design, Software Development, and Team leading, Jalal has worked on huge projects in Microsoft Technologies and other Technologies for many companies. He has a long experience in Angular, HTML, Type Script, JavaScript, Sass, jQuery, Azure, .NET, Android, iOS, SQL Server, and Oracle. Jalal is interested in details and team spirit.

LinkedIn Score : 94/100

Favikon Authority Score : 209

36. Jim Fan

Jim Fan is an AI scientist and PhD holder working on building embodied general intelligence. He is best known for his work on MineDojo, which won the Best Paper award at NeurIPS, and his idea for an LLM keyboard that could improve input methods. He believes that efforts to collect large-scale robot control datasets, like the Bridge Data, are necessary to advance AI research. Fan has also discussed the potential capabilities of GPT-4 if it is a multimodal release, and has co-authored work on the Prismer model. He advocates for democratizing LLMs and developing a healthy open-source community.

LinkedIn Score : 94/100

Favikon Authority Score : 290

35. Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a renowned author, podcaster, and researcher known for her work in personal development. She is the host of The Mel Robbins Podcast and has been featured in Forbes' 50 Over 50 list. With multiple best-selling books, Mel aims to inspire and empower individuals to reach their full potential. Her content focuses on achieving ambitious goals, building confidence, and overcoming obstacles. Through her podcast and writings, Mel encourages listeners to take actionable steps towards personal growth and success.

LinkedIn Score : 95/100

Favikon Authority Score : 2 191

34. Matt Piazzi

Matt Piazzi is a former athlete with 10 years of experience in the sports industry and 10 years in the field of wellbeing. He has condensed his knowledge and expertise into daily content, aiming to build a more inclusive world by spreading wellbeing globally. Growing up in Moena, Italy, Matt developed a love for sports, wellbeing, and entrepreneurship. While his initial passion was in sports, he transitioned into the wellbeing industry, working as a freelance Personal Trainer and opening his own Wellbeing Studio. Matt's dedication to wellbeing led him to launch Moonly, a wellbeing solution for corporate teams in Italy. He is now joining Lunha on a global mission. On LinkedIn, Matt shares practical strategies and frameworks developed with psychologists and nutritionists, which he used in his Wellbeing Studio. His purpose is to promote wellbeing and create a more inclusive world. Connect with Matt if you share the same values and goals.

LinkedIn Score : 95/100

Favikon Authority Score : 205

33. Dan Koe

Dan Koe is a lifestyle and business advisor known for his focus on productivity, philosophy, and lifestyle design. He helps creators and influencers optimize their workflow, marketing, and content creation. With a personal brand of over 2.6 million followers, Dan aims to provide transparent and valuable insights on human potential and one-person businesses. Follow Dan for tips on working less, earning more, and building successful online businesses.

LinkedIn Score : 95/100

Favikon Authority Score : 208

32. Jalonni Weaver

Jalonni Weaver is a professional Talent Acquisition Analyst with experience in Aviation, Finance, Technology, and Human Resources. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and pursuing a Master's in Science in HR Management, Jalonni focuses on candidate experience, efficient processes, and high-quality talent retention. Outside work, Jalonni enjoys traveling, running a podcast, photography, trying new recipes, and being a dog mom. Jalonni aims to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

LinkedIn Score : 95/100

Favikon Authority Score : 205

31. Ryan Peterman

Ryan Peterman is a Staff Software Engineer at Instagram. He has been working at Instagram for 3 years and has been promoted from new grad (IC3) to staff engineer (IC6). Ryan is passionate about software engineering and career growth. He shares his knowledge through his newsletter,, to help others in the software engineering field. If you're a software engineer, you might be interested in subscribing. Ryan also provides valuable resources for learning system design, including study materials, recommended books, newsletters, and building your own Memcached server. He believes in the importance of taking on more ownership and responsibility as you grow in your career. Ryan's goal is to help others succeed and grow in their software engineering journey.

LinkedIn Score : 96/100

Favikon Authority Score : 314

30. Adam Selipsky

In twentieth position, Adam Selipsky. He is the CEO at Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing company that offers a wide range of services, including computing, storage, analytics, and more. In his role, Selipsky oversees the strategic direction of the company and ensures that AWS continues to innovate and meet the evolving needs of its customers. He is actively involved in the community, supporting initiatives such as Seattle Dances and humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. Selipsky is committed to advancing diversity and inclusion at AWS and is known for his dedication to customer service.

LinkedIn Score : 98/100

Favikon Authority Score : 267

29. Addy Osmani

Addy Osmani is an engineering lead at Google and an accomplished author, renowned for his expertise in software engineering and web development. He has authored several books, including "Learning JavaScript Design Patterns: The Second Edition," and "Engineering Management for the Rest of Us." Addy's experience in the field of software engineering is extensive, and he has worked on several projects for Google, including Google Chrome and Google Drive. In addition to his work, Addy is also a productivity and code expert who shares his knowledge with the community through his blog, social media, and speaking engagements.

LinkedIn Score : 96/100

Favikon Authority Score : 323

28. Ryan Reynolds

In twentieth position, Ryan Reynolds. He is a part-time actor and the owner of Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile, Maximum Effort, and Wrexham AFC. With a proven track record in acting for three decades, he has built a business empire. His skills include writing, re-writing, mixing cocktails, and backend engineering. Ryan is known for his humor and wit, often sharing updates on his ventures on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Score : 97/100

Favikon Authority Score : 5 264

27. Shaun Robinson

In twentieth position, Shaun Robinson. She is an Emmy-award winning television journalist, author, producer, actress, and philanthropist. She is dedicated to the empowerment of girls and young women around the world. As the host of the entertainment show Access Hollywood, she has covered the red carpet for prestigious award shows such as the Oscars, Emmy's, Golden Globes, and Grammy's. Shaun is also the host of the 90 Day Fiance Tell All Reunion shows, a TLC television series that airs in 168 countries and territories. She has her own production company, RobinHood Productions, and has appeared in various TV shows and movies. Shaun is the author of the book 'Exactly As I Am: Celebrated Women Share Candid Advice with Today's Girls on What it Takes to Believe in Yourself,' which aims to build self-esteem in teen girls. Additionally, she has launched the S.H.A.U.N. Foundation for Girls, a non-profit organization supporting girls' initiatives. Shaun sits on the Advisory Board of the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up adolescent girls campaign and served on the national board of Girls, Inc. She is a graduate of Spelman College in Atlanta and hails from Detroit, Michigan.

LinkedIn Score : 98/100

Favikon Authority Score : 276

26. Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng is a Co-Founder of Coursera and Stanford CS adjunct faculty. He was the former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain. Known for his expertise in AI, machine learning, deep learning, and MOOCs, Andrew offers short courses on various AI topics. He recently launched courses on serverless LLM apps with Amazon Bedrock and building applications with vector databases. Additionally, Andrew shares insights from attending events like WEF at Davos, focusing on AI implementation, regulation, and climate change. Follow for the latest in AI education and innovation.

LinkedIn Score : 97/100

Favikon Authority Score : 437

25. Stephanie Nuesi

In twentieth position, Stephanie Nuesi. She is a Finance professional at Google and CEO of Max Up, where she specializes in providing career coaching and job search strategies. She has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Fox13, abcnews, Univision and Telemundo for her work. Stephanie is also a keynote speaker and content creator who shares her personal and professional experiences to help others achieve their career goals. Her content has received more than 60m+ views on social media platforms, and she has conducted 600+ workshops and events at Fortune 500 Companies and schools worldwide. Being a first-gen and proud Latina, Stephanie is passionate about empowering others to achieve their full potential.

LinkedIn Score : 97/100

Favikon Authority Score : 249

24. Leila Hormozi

In twentieth position, Leila Hormozi. She is a CEO, entrepreneur, and investor, with a portfolio of companies crossing $200M per year in revenue, including brick and mortar service, licensing, education, SAAS, and e-commerce. She is widely considered a scaling and operations expert and is a guest contributor on Forbes and Entrepreneur, with a focus on human capital and customer success. She is now investing in founder-led service-based businesses to help them scale and multiply profits at, a Value Acceleration Capital Firm. Their mission is to transform founder-led service businesses above $1M+ EBITDA into a scalable or sellable enterprise.

LinkedIn Score : 97/100

Favikon Authority Score : 670

23. Simon Sinek

In twentieth position, Simon Sinek. He is an author and speaker known for his popular book, Atomic Habits, which provides practical advice on how to build good habits and break bad ones. He also has a free email newsletter called 3-2-1 Thursday, which includes three ideas from him, two quotes from others, and one question for readers to ponder. Clear stresses the importance of simplicity and taking action, encouraging readers to focus on the first step and act with urgency. His work has impacted millions of people looking to improve their lives through better habits.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 464

22. Jade Bonacolta

In twentieth position, Jade Bonacolta. She is a marketing leader at Google and a LinkedIn Growth Coach. Ranked as the #2 female creator worldwide, Jade focuses on productivity, lifestyle design, and minimalism. With 10+ years of experience, she offers coaching sessions to help others grow their personal brand. Known for her impactful content, Jade has grown her LinkedIn audience from 1k to 300k in just one year and has received recognition in Forbes. Her passion for personal growth and creating actionable content shines through in her work and coaching sessions.

LinkedIn Score : 97/100

Favikon Authority Score : 228

21. Shelley Zalis

In twentieth position, Shelley Zalis. She is the CEO of The Female Quotient, a company that works with organizations and leaders to create gender equality in the workplace and beyond. The Female Quotient's approach is inclusive and intersectional, working with people in every industry and around the world. Zalis is also a mentor to women around the world and co-founder of #SeeHer, a movement focusing on the accurate portrayal of women and girls in advertising and media. She hosts events and writes a Forbes column that provides virtual mentorship for women in middle management.

LinkedIn Score : 99/100

Favikon Authority Score : 381

20. Sam Szuchan

In eighteenth position, Sam Szuchan. He is a digital creator who focuses on exploring curiosity and productivity to build a fulfilling life. He is an aspiring YouTuber and the founder of Saga, a company that creates organic pipelines for B2B leaders. Sam's journey began with a desire for change in his adult life, leading him to the world of online business and content creation. Through his platforms, Sam shares insights on remote work, company culture, and the value of innovation in the modern era.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 191

19. Howie Chan

In twentieth position, Howie Chan. He is a healthy brand strategist and entrepreneur with a passion for helping leaders rally their organizations. With a background in stem cell science and engineering, Howie embarked on a career in sales territories, clinical trials, and marketing implantable devices. However, his true transformation came when he moved to San Francisco and began working as a brand strategist. In his 8.5 years in the field, Howie launched multiple brands and achieved impressive results, including driving a 3x ROI for a B2B medical device brand and helping a biotech company achieve a $120 million IPO. Howie is dedicated to helping people become more charismatic, magnetic, and influential through brand thinking. He has a mission to help 1 million people live legendary and shares his insights through his weekly newsletter, Legend Letters. Howie believes that experiences, both positive and negative, are gifts of life and should be embraced with gratitude.

LinkedIn Score : 99/100

Favikon Authority Score : 218

18. Lex Fridman

In twentieth position, Lex Fridman. He is a Russian-American AI researcher and professor at MIT. He is also a popular science communicator, and has built a large following on social media, where he shares insights and research on topics related to artificial intelligence and robotics.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 2 845

17. Alex Xu

In nineteenth position, Alex Xu. He is a software engineer and author, is the founder of ByteByteGo and the author of the bestselling book series 'System Design Interview.' His book is widely acclaimed and translated into 7 languages. He shares system design and book-writing tips on various platforms.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 486

16. James Clear

In twentieth position, James Clear. He is an author and speaker known for his popular book, Atomic Habits, which provides practical advice on how to build good habits and break bad ones. He also has a free email newsletter called 3-2-1 Thursday, which includes three ideas from him, two quotes from others, and one question for readers to ponder. Clear stresses the importance of simplicity and taking action, encouraging readers to focus on the first step and act with urgency. His work has impacted millions of people looking to improve their lives through better habits.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 464

15. Adam Grant

In fourteenth position, Adam Grant. He is an organizational psychologist at Wharton School and a #1 New York Times bestselling author. He hosts TED podcasts, Re:Thinking and WorkLife. Known for books like 'Think Again' and 'Hidden Potential', his work focuses on challenging norms and fostering success. Grant engages in discussions on career possibilities, the importance of failure, and the power of constructive criticism. He shares insights on open-mindedness, emotional control, and promoting ideas. With a focus on growth and development, he encourages listeners to embrace change and challenge their perspectives.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 1 443

14. Mita Mallick

In sixteenth position, Mita Mallick. She is an experienced brand strategist and storyteller who has led iconic brands such as Dove and Vaseline. Passionate about creating inclusive work environments and communities, she champions for diversity representation in campaigns, product creation, and innovation. Mita advocates for amplifying quiet voices and understanding dissenting viewpoints, emphasizing the importance of embracing quietness in leadership. She shares her experiences and discusses workplace challenges on her podcast, Brown Table Talk. Additionally, she advocates for mental health awareness and equality in the workplace.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 241

13. Sahil Bloom

In fifteenth position, Sahil Bloom. He is an inspirational writer and content creator who shares his curiosity and insights with millions of followers. He engages with his audience through various social media platforms and a bi-weekly newsletter, The Curiosity Chronicle. Sahil is also an entrepreneur, author, and managing partner of SRB Ventures. His forthcoming debut book, 'The 5 Types of Wealth,' aims to revolutionize readers' lives. With a background in economics, sociology, and public policy, Sahil brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to his work.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 894

12. Ben Meer

In eighth position, Ben Meer. He is a personal development writer and speaker, focuses on systems thinking for high performance living. With a background in a Cornell MBA and NASM Trainer, Ben shares insights on logical fallacies and critical thinking. He offers a free newsletter with a substantial following and digital courses for audience growth and online business success. Ben also provides 1-on-1 consulting for business and personal growth topics. Follow Ben Meer for valuable insights and join his extensive community.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 472

11. Will McTighe

In eleventh position, Will McTighe. He is a Stanford MBA and Ex-Goldman individual, offers practical tips for personal and professional growth. Providing free courses from top business schools, he emphasizes tailoring work routines for optimal performance. With a focus on unlocking potential, Will shares learning and mistakes from his company-building journey. Follow for insights on career development and startup success.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 222

10. Joe Pompliano

In ninth position, Joe Pompliano. He is a well-known entrepreneur and investor who has built a large audience at the intersection of sports and business. He spends most of his time identifying and supporting great founders through early-stage investment opportunities. He is also an expert in analyzing the business and money behind sports, and he creates daily videos on interesting topics related to sports, business, investing, crypto, and culture. Additionally, he hosts a podcast called The Joe Pomp Show, where he interviews influential people in the sports industry. You can follow him on various social media platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where he shares his insights on various sports topics.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 789

9. Alex Hormozi

In tenth position, Alex Hormozi. He is an entrepreneur and author known for investing in and scaling companies. He founded Gym Launch and Prestige Labs, helping numerous facilities transform their businesses. Through his software company ALAN and platform, he assists brick-and-mortar businesses in growth. Hormozi's social media presence includes sharing entrepreneurial insights and offering free courses and books to aspiring business owners.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 1 512

8. Reno Perry

In sixth position, Reno Perry, the co-founder & CEO of Wiseful, aids individuals in securing excellent job opportunities at leading companies. With a background in sales and executive advising, he strives to democratize access to top companies & jobs. Perry shares career insights and tips, emphasizing the importance of networking, interviewing, and utilizing LinkedIn effectively. Leveraging his own experiences as a first-generation college student, he connects talent with opportunities, specializing in various roles across engineering, product, design, sales/marketing, and leadership. Follow for weekly advice and job search strategies.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 231

7. Matt Gray

In twelfth position, Matt Gray. He is the founder of Founder OS, focusing on proven systems to grow a profitable audience through organic content. With a track record of building successful companies and communities, he now runs a portfolio of online businesses generating $12 million in revenue annually. Matt shares insights on building systems, training teams, and automating processes to achieve success. Follow him on social media for valuable content and join his newsletter for more tips.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 727

6. Melissa Grabiner

In thirteenth position, Melissa Grabiner. She is a passionate and award-winning global HR and talent acquisition leader. With eighteen years of experience, she has successfully built and managed strategic talent acquisition functions for large-scale organizations, overseeing hiring activity for over 25,000 employees. Melissa is skilled in full life cycle recruiting and has a proven history of designing and delivering comprehensive workforce programs to attract and retain top talent. She has received multiple HR awards for excellence in leadership, strategy execution, and business strategy. Melissa is also an advocate for job seekers, emphasizing the importance of compassion and empathy in the recruiting process.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 230

5. Andrew Bolis

In seventh position, Andrew Bolis. He is an AI & Marketing Consultant with a track record of $190M in Attributed Revenue. Former CMO specializing in leveraging AI tools to optimize marketing strategies and increase revenue. Offers assistance in generating leads, closing deals, and maximizing revenue while reducing costs. With 15 years of marketing leadership experience, Andrew has led global teams and managed expansions and acquisitions. Focus areas include Demand Generation, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and Sales Development across various industries.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 300

4. Elvi Caperonis

In fifth position, Elvi Caperonis. She is a Technical Program Manager at Amazon with 8+ years of experience in business intelligence, reporting, and data analysis. He leads cross-functional teams, manages complex projects, and implements agile methodologies. Additionally, Elvi is a passionate career coach and motivational speaker, focusing on helping tech professionals land their dream job. His posts on LinkedIn cover topics such as job application strategies, personal development, and workplace culture.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 243

3. Justin Wright

In third position, Justine Wright. He is a former CIO turned entrepreneur, focuses on inspiring individuals to unlock their potential and make a positive impact. With a background in corporate leadership, he emphasizes the importance of empathy and empowerment in building successful teams. Through his content, he shares research-backed tips on leadership, self-mastery, and DEIB initiatives. Justin's mission is to guide others towards growth and success through authenticity, respect, and continuous learning.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 241

2. Andrew Lokenauth

In second position, Andrew Lokenauth. He is an experienced finance professional with over 15 years of work in Wall Street, Tech, and Startups. He leverages his education and expertise to explain investing, stocks, crypto, and personal finance. With a degree in Accounting & Finance from Pace University, Andrew's insights have been quoted in Forbes, TIME, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and U.S. News. Follow him for updates on investing tips, advice, and market trends. Join his community on Discord, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook group, and Instagram for valuable content and discussions. Turn on notifications for regular updates!

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 528

1. Justin Welsh

In first position, Justin Welsh. He is a successful entrepreneur sharing insights on building a one-person business to $10M in revenue. With a substantial following on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, he provides valuable content and courses to help others achieve similar success. Known for his expertise in brand-building and audience growth, Justin focuses on the importance of community and collaboration in business. Through his self-guided courses, he empowers thousands of students to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

LinkedIn Score : 100/100

Favikon Authority Score : 495

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