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TOP 8 Los Angeles Male Influencers

Looking for male influencers in Los Angeles? We got you covered! Here are 8 amazing content creators living in LA

October 17, 2022

Best Male Influencers in Los Angeles 

Get ready to discover 8 profiles of influencers located in LA. From fashion icons, to professional dancers, and models, these content creators are amazing! We share with you their profiles, with a few insights on their content, and their Favikon audit. So without further due, let’s find out who these LA influencers are!

Guy Cory - @guycory

Let’s start this TOP with Guy Cory! We love this creator for his original looks, with fashionable ensembles, extravagant haircuts, and his casual, yet creative feed. Now, let’s take a look at his audit! Guy Cory has an amazing Favikon Score of 4.2/5, with an excellent engagement rate of +10% and a great comment/like ratio. What can I say? He has the style and stats for a perfect collab!  

Eddie Preciado - @eddiepreciado

Moving on to our next influencer, which, if you didn’t notice, is both an Instagram and a TikTok creator! Eddie enjoys working on different formats as he adapts his content according to the platform. He shares a few looks and lifestyle content with his 212k Instagram followers, while also creating humorous TikTok videos for his 1.5M followers. He also has a great engagement rate on both platforms, what a pro!  

Jordan Gdovic - @jordangdovic

Meet Jordan Gdovic! This content creator has his own style and isn’t afraid to show it. We love his looks and his consistent feed. With an engagement rate of +20%, excellent audience quality, and a great saturation rate, Jordan reaches a Favikon Score of 3.7/5! If you’re looking for an influencer to partner with for a fashion campaign, you just found your guy!

Jeff Yamazaki - @jeffyamazaki

Keeping up with fashion creators, here comes Jeff Yamazaki! This guy is a pro of video formats. He regularly posts reels in which he shares his fashion tips, with various types of content such as Get Ready With Me reels, essentials, outfit ideas, and many others. He is also great at harmonizing video formats with simple picture posts. Let’s not forget he also has an excellent 4/5 Favikon Score with excellent account growth and account activity!

Lil Huh - @lilhuhofficial

Get ready for some next-level content! This influencer shares posts on Instagram and TikTok. On the video platform, he enjoys sharing moments of his everyday life with his 3.6M followers. From cute moments with his son to morning routines, and birthday surprises. He can create different types of videos as well as Instagram content, which makes his profile a great match for any brand looking for an influencer with flexible and adaptable content.

Trevor Takemoto - @trevortakemoto

Is anyone up for a dance lesson? Meet Trevor Takemoto, the dancer of our TOP! As you’ve probably guessed, this influencer’s content revolves around dancing. Trevor loves to share different choreographies with many friends and dance colleagues! His feed is very consistent with a majority of reels posting his new dance movies. A perfect creator for brands that want reels as their main campaign format!

Casey Dandridge - @iamcaseydandridge

Did anyone ask for professional content? Because this is what Casey is sharing on his Instagram account! Clean, concise, and simplistic content is the vibe this influencer is working on. A perfect fit for fashion brands, as well as beauty brands, luxury labels, and more! And with a +11% engagement rate, let’s say working with this content creator is a win!

Josh Leyva - @thejoshleyva_

Let’s finish this TOP with our favorite TikTok and Instagram influencer, Josh Leyva! This content creator has been in the game for many years, and you can tell.  With 622k followers on Instagram, 642k on TikTok, and an excellent Buzz ratio, Josh is rocking it! He shares humorous content on his TikTok account while balancing his image with a lifestyle Instagram feed.