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The pandemic has considerably increased the number of partnerships with micro-influencers! But why have they become so popular? 🤯

September 13, 2021
Margot Daugieras

The pandemic has considerably increased the number of partnerships with micro-influencers! But why have they become so popular? 🤯

Micro-influencers have between 10k and 50k followers on Instagram and are experts in their field. For a few years, influencers have become more professional on various platforms and are increasingly trying to make more partnerships.

Micro-influencers’ editorial line is often very strong. They built it while being nano-influencers and are getting better at it every day. They are the ones who get a good engagement rate since they often communicate with their community. Even though their community isn’t the largest one yet, most have an engagement rate up to 7 times higher than mega-influencers.

Micro-influencers are trendy 😎

The influence industry is changing enormously and very quickly. Previously we saw a craze for mega-influencers, then for nano-influencers, and today it's micro-influencers’ turn. But for how long?

Collaborations are becoming more and more important for Internet users. Today, an influencer who makes a partnership must have a link with the brand. It is for this reason that brands and influencers widely favor long-term collaborations.

Overall, a long-term partnership allows:

  • To build a relationship with an influencer, thus a stronger feeling of belonging to the brand so they can later on make themselves available and promote a product/service during a period of rush.
  • Share their commitment to their community. Most people do not make a purchase after seeing a product placement but rather after several repetitions since the influencer looks more natural and sincere when presenting it. You are thus very present on their feed.
  • Sustainable sales and constant ROI increase
  • Micro-influencers will still work hard to grow and try to become mega influencers. Building a strong bond with them can only be an asset for your brand!

Micro-influencers are also very talented, and don't hesitate to look for new formats. If nano-influencers are sometimes too shy and macro-influencers slightly bored, micro-influencers are the most dynamic with an incomparable variety of content!

The opportunity for you to set up a partnership with creative content, and why not Reals!

How to find the right micro-influencers? 🔍

Micro-influencers are very numerous. On Favikon, more than 2 million profiles are sorted into this tier, which is why you have to know how to select those that best fit your brand.

  • Take the time to identify hashtags in your industry and those used by influencers that seem relevant to you. This will allow you to find all profiles that evolve around the suitable theme on Favikon. Micro-influencers are passionate and often are part of a specific sector; which is a huge asset!
  • Location can also be very interesting; micro-influencers often have a strong impact on audiences that are near them (cities nearby), so entering the location on the platform is very important.
  • Great tip: search for a profile with a minimum Favikon score of 2. This will allow you to eliminate all inactive profiles among micro-influencers and fake accounts.

After doing your research, don't forget to take a good look at the influencer saturation rate on their audit. Indeed, micro-influencers are in great demand; some only make partnerships and get lost among many products. It would be a shame if your product was drowned in overflowing collabs! Choose profiles with a saturation rate below 40%.

How much is the budget for the remuneration? 🤑

Yes, we must go through remunerations! Like nano-influencers, micro-influencers make it possible to achieve remarkable goals, but it’s not free. There are several reasons why they should be offered remunerations:

  • Micro-influencers are starting to get to know the world of influence and know that everything worth time and hard work deserves a salary
  • They are influencers with projects that need to be financed in order to grow their account
  • They are in high demand so if you do not offer remuneration, the mail above yours might win the collab’
  • Paying an influencer also means that you can ask to verify more content like their post, description, etc.

However, some profiles may accept to be remunerated with free products or trials. It depends partly on the value of your products and how much the influencer likes your brand. If you know in advance that they are very interested in your brand, it may be worth offering products as gifts!

For the influencer, compensation is also a way to formalize the partnership and, for the brand, a safety net if any unfortunate problem arises (no more response from the influencer, rapid deletion of the publication, mistakes in the post, etc.)

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