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TOP 5 social media influencers - Spain 🇪🇸

The Spanish social media experts you should follow on Instagram 🙌👨💻🇪🇸

Tons of creators share their best practices on Instagram when it comes to social media.

Among them, we've come up with 5 gems, whose content really impressed us📲

Viva España! These influencers are from the caliente country of Spain. They all are experts in social media. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter have no secrets for them. With their tips and hacks there is no doubt that your social media accounts are going to bloom with amazing content. Having nice looking social media is an important asset for your digital strategy. Firstly because it will increase your visibility and secondly because it will reinforce your brand image.

Follow all 5 of them, and your success on social media is pretty much guaranteed! 😎

Enjoy reading! 👀

1. Marianela Sandovares



🥇This tiktoker, instagrammer, podcaster and youtuber, Marianela is never running out of ideas! Thanks to what she has learned during her career as a community manager, she will reveal to you all the secrets of social networks to become an incredible entrepreneur. Congratulations to our champion who is at the top of our ranking 🏆

2. Dani Goico



🥈Dani regularly posts news about social media industry on her feed. She's figured out how to become a rising Instagram star: the growth of her account is impressive. 🌟 With her many highlighted stories, you'll never get bored! Congrats to her for achieving the silver medal.

3. Paty Troitiño



A little crush for this account: we love it! Tips galore, advice to motivate women to become entrepreneurs, that's what was missing from the IG landscape! Not to mention the attention this influencer pays to her harmonious feed, the account breaks all records: growth and a high commitment rate! 📈

4. Isa Xanela



Isaxanela helps you to understand Instagram through her very neat and original posts! If you're just here to boost your follower base, turn back, because this influencer advocates sharing passions with your community and the quality of your content. 🎨 Through his Xanelagram method, you will learn everything there is to know about this social network.

5. Violeta Lujan



This girly account will brighten up your days. Violeta is passionate about social media, and she loves to talk about it! Advice, tips, and even personal development, she's close to her community and you can feel it. Impossible to make a face when you scroll her insta 🥰

What will you implement in your digital strategy? Remember that social media is always evolving. From trends to new features, there is news everyday. For instance, a trend on TikTok usually doesn’t last more than a month. So don’t forget to keep yourself updated.

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