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The Different Categories of Influencers

December 6, 2024
Justine Castany

The Different Categories of Influencers

We need to stop choosing an influencer just based on their number of followers!

Even though that's how we can classify them into 6 categories:

💥 MEGA → 1M +

💫 TOP → 500K to 1M

🌟 MACRO → 100K to 500K

⭐️ MIDDLE → 50K to 100K

MICRO → 5K to 50K

⚡️NANO → 1K to 5K

Understanding the role and variety of influencers makes a difference. Each type of influencer meets specific goals.

💥 MEGA Influencers → +1M followers

We're talking about celebrities.

They are particularly suited for:

  • Representing a brand at exclusive and high-profile events
  • Embodying the image of a brand in a high-budget advertising campaign

💫 TOP Influencers → 500K to 1M followers

They are often rising personalities.

They are particularly suited for:

  • Launching a new product or service
  • Building brand awareness
  • Leading awareness campaigns

🌟 MACRO Influencers → 100K to 500K followers

They are often content creators who have made social media their profession.

They are particularly suited for:

  • Brands that already have some recognition but want to grow
  • Brands that want to benefit from their large yet specific audience

⭐️ MIDDLE Influencers → 50K to 100K followers

They are often emerging on social media.

They are particularly suited for:

  • Brands looking to reach specific market segments
  • Brands with a medium/small budget

MICRO Influencers → 5K to 50K followers

They are often experts or enthusiasts in a specific field.

They are particularly suited for:

  • Small brands with a very specific niche
  • Brands with a small budget
  • Local marketing campaigns

⚡️NANO Influencers → 1K to 5K followers

They often create content in their spare time, without much planning.

They are particularly suited for:

  • Gifting (products offered) for product testing
  • Highly targeted local campaigns

The choice of the ideal influencer type depends on several key factors. And it's important not to forget that the alignment between the influencer's values and those of your brand is crucial!

To find the ideal influencer, you need to know what you're looking for.

Each category of influencers is particularly suited for a different marketing campaign.

And each content creator is influential in one or more specific niches, which must match the audience you want to reach!

A well-chosen nano influencer can generate many more clients than a top influencer chosen solely for their large audience.

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