Tips For Your Mother's Day Social Media Posts

Mother's Day is the time to celebrate mothers and tell them we love them but it's also the right time to promote your products. Here are our tips to create the perfect mix between commercial and inspirational content 👇

April 29, 2022
Camille Valentin

Unless you lived under a rock, you probably know that Mother’s Day is coming soon! And if you follow us you have no excuse, as we have already shared multiple articles to help you with your Mother’s Day marketing strategy. This week we will focus on the type of content to post to celebrate this special day. So be ready to take some notes as we will share the do’s and don’ts of Mother’s Day social media content. 

What post on social media for Mother’s Day?


Creating content for Mother’s Day can be a bit challenging, especially as a brand because you are not sure how to position yourself. It can indeed be tricky as you might be tempted to do “too much” and trust us it won’t necessarily be perceived as a good thing by your customers and followers. Sometimes being more subtle in your communication strategy is what works.


Celebrate moms and their talents 


Mother’s Day is the right time to spread a positive message on your social media. Your followers will appreciate it and it will give your brand a good image. As you know Mother’s Day is here to celebrate mothers and thank them for everything they do for us. So, create content that focuses on empowering them. 

Last year, Samsung created an awesome campaign on TikTok called #MakesMomEpic. They basically created a challenge encouraging TikTok users to make a video showing their mom in their daily life and then revealing them in an epic way. The campaign was a real success as the hashtag currently has 24.9B views. 


There are several ways to celebrate moms through your account. But remember that your content will be more impactful if you talk from a personal perspective. For instance, if you usually appear on your brand’s account, why not share with your followers what makes your relationship with your mom unique. Or else, if you don’t want to appear on your brand’s account you can work with influencers, celebrities, or even your customers and ask them to share why their mom is so awesome. Then always try to connect these messages to your brand’s values. 

Between commercial and inspirational publishing 

As a brand, it can be hard to create inspirational content because people don’t see it as genuine as if an influencer does it for example. This is why it can be great to collaborate with an influencer to create content for Mother’s Day. 

For instance the perfume retail store, Douglas Nederland worked with Pauline Wing. The influencer created a heartwarming post where she thanks her mother and explains how grateful she is to have her in her life. The post was both shared on the brand’s and the influencer’s accounts. In addition to this post, the brand posted different Mother’s Day gift ideas. Therefore the brand is alternating between inspirational and more commercial content. It is an effective strategy because Instagram users don’t want to only see commercial content or ads. 


While creating your content, keep in mind that many people often use social media as a way to entertain themselves. Therefore your content should appeal to them either by the visual or the message in itself. 

As a brand it is important to not create only commercial content for Mother’s Day because after all, it is a day to celebrate mothers, it isn’t always a necessity to buy gifts. If you only do commercial content people will assume you are only trying to sell them your products and that you are trying to take advantage of this special day. This is why it is good to incorporate inspirational content or a positive message into your post. People like a brand because of the values they are representing. So it is important to create content that reflects what your brand stands for. 

Who to target for Mother’s Day?

Keep in mind that even if you are trying to sell your products to mothers, you are actually targeting their children, a younger audience on social media. Therefore your contents need to appeal to them. To do that, you can work with influencers. If you have already worked with influencers or if you work with creators in the long term, don’t hesitate to reach out to them for a special collab. But you can also choose to work with new influencers that might be a more suitable choice to promote Mother’s Day gifts. Don’t worry, finding the right influencers for your brand is not that hard. 

To be more efficient and save you some time, you can use Favikon to find the perfect influencers. Finding an influencer that corresponds to your needs and brand image is super easy as you can filter your research by influencer tier, location, etc. But you can also filter them with keywords and mentions. Since you are trying to promote Mother’s Day gifts, try researching influencers that are family-oriented or who have already created content with their mother. 

Once you have identified which influencers best match your brand image, all that is left to do is contact them and explain to them what type of collaboration you would like to do.  


Your target on social networks is not mothers

Although it’s called Mother’s Day, you are certainly not targeting mothers with your content and more especially if you are trying to sell your products. Your content should appeal to a younger audience. There is no doubt that they know their mother pretty well, however, if you want to share gift ideas, you should explain why your products would make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Perhaps you sell products that they’ve never thought could be a great gift or could appeal to their mother. So try to find arguments and reasons why you chose this particular selection of products for Mother’s Day. 

Since you are not targeting mothers, you should adapt your content consequently. If your objective is to spread a positive message, try doing content on the relationship between a mother and her children. Obviously, make it from the daughter or son’s point of view. 

For example, the jewelry brand Pandora made several posts last year to talk about this special relationship. In their posts, you could read “She's your number one fan, so show your mom how grateful you are for her infinite support” or “ More than words. Your mum's always there when you need a heart-to-heart, so show her she’s your everything”

They also created a challenge #PandoraMemoryChallenge encouraging users to recreate their favorite memory with their mom. 

We hope these tips inspire you to create awesome content for Mother’s Day. The most important thing to remember is that your content shouldn’t appeal to mothers but to someone who is looking for gift ideas for their mother. It is tempting to create inspirational content for Mother’s Day but as a brand, it can quickly appear clumsy. So the best option is often to work with influencers for this type of content. You can also involve your followers by launching a challenge. This will generate UGC and also create a sense of community within your followers. Finally, you should make sure that your posts aren’t too commercial. Of course, you are trying to sell your products but after all Mother’s Day is about celebrating and thanking mothers for everything they do. So you need to find the right mix between emotional and commercial posts. 


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