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TOP 10 biggest influencers in Brazil

They are real stars in their country, here are the biggest Instagram accounts in Brazil 🇧🇷

1. Neymar JR



Engagement rate : 1,37%

Followers earned last month : +1M

🥇 With no surprises, Neymar is on top of this ranking. Beside an average Favikon score of 2,6/5, this footballer has a huge community and doesn't hesitate to do partnerships with brands. It is to believe that his salary is not enough to make ends meet.

2. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira



Engagement rate : 1,37%

Followers earned last month : + 484,4K

🥈 At the second place of this ranking on the biggest Brazilian accounts, we find the famous footballer, the with the golden ball, Ronaldinho! An account that varies between sponsored posts and photos which are a little more personal. Majority of his followers are his loyal fans, and it's clearly evident. The curve of his subscribers is constantly growing 📈 An excellent note for an excellent player, congratulations to him 🏆

3. Whindersson Nunes



Engagement rate : 3,45%

Followers earned last month : + 586,5K

🥉 Comedian, singer and influencer, Whindersson wears many such hats beautifully. Known on YouTube since 2013, he has over 42M subscribers! An ascent to fame that now makes him one of the most influential personalities in Brazil 👀 We salute him for his 5/5 rating, which is not very obvious to get given you have such a big account!

4. Bruna Marquezine



Engagement rate : 2,32%

Followers earned last month : + 49,7K

In fourth place we have the young and beautiful actress Bruna Marquezine. Between shoots, Bruna lives her best life in the sun, but also commits to causes close to her heart which she highlights in her front page stories. A well-managed and harmonious account, you are dealing with a top-quality influencer! 💎

5. Gusttavo Lima



Engagement rate : 1,72%

Followers earned last month : + 640K

6. Larissa Manoela



Engagement rate : 0,71%

Followers earned last month : + 284K

7. Marilia Mendonça



Engagement rate : 2,59%

Followers earned last month : + 204K

8. Ivete Sangalo



Engagement rate : 0,55%

Followers lost last month : - 9,7K

9. Wesley Safadão



Engagement rate : 0,42%

Followers earned last month : + 292K

10. Dani Alves



Engagement rate : 0,86%

Followers earned last month : + 102K

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