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TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators Worldwide [April 2023]

Just imagine the best LinkedIn influencer in the world. Well, we've found the TOP 200! And here's everything you need to know about these tremendous content creators 🌟

April 26, 2023

Who are the best LinkedIn creators worldwide?

It’s been six months since the release of the very first TOP 200 LinkedIn creators list, and it’s fascinating to see how this landscape has evolved since then. Content creation on LinkedIn is booming and we’re seeing a ton of new voices come out. From entrepreneurs to students, and social activists, everyone’s got something to say.

Long story short, LinkedIn is getting a lot richer and that’s amazing 🌟 So, how could we possibly ignore updating this LinkedIn creators ranking? You’re right, we couldn't just let it slide. Therefore, without further ado, here's everything you need to know about this TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators 👇

How to spot the best LinkedIn influencers?

No one slips pas out radar, we have all the top LinkedIn content creators in our database. That’s right, we analyze all the key metrics of more than 10K LinkedIn profiles to discover the real gems. You may be asking yourself - what exactly do these essential metrics entail? Basically, we can break this down into four main things :

  • Audience building : the creators who can build strong community over time are the ones who make a real mark and become genuine thought leaders in their field. On average, creators in the TOP 200 have over 600K followers.

  • Consistent growth : If a creator can keep drawing in new audiences and growing their fanbase, it's a testament to how dynamic their content is and how well they keep up with the latest news and trends in their field.

  • Strong presence : In general, content creators who make it into the TOP 200 post around 4 times per week, which helps keep their profile engaging and appealing.

  • Valuable content : Of course, It's not just about posting every day... The best creators are the ones who really put in the effort to produce valuable content that truly connects with their audience. And get this: there's actually a creator in the TOP 200 who gets over 30K engagements per post!

Besides all these criteria, we're quite tough on creators who use pods - they get hit with some serious penalties. On the flip side, we really appreciate creators who expand their content creation, knowledge and creativity into podcasts or useful newsletters. And that’s pretty much it! If you're interested in delving deeper, we've put together a comprehensive article all about the LinkedIn Influence Score, which is the rating system we use to rank our creators.

So now that you're up to speed on how everything works, let's get right into analyzing this incredible TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators list! Oh, and just a heads up - this list only features English-speaking LinkedIn users, but we’ll get into that later…

TOP 10 LinkedIn influencers worldwide 🌎

By now, you're likely more familiar with the TOP 10 LinkedIn Creators than the back of your own hand. Every single one of them has a massive following, they're active on the platform, and their engagement rates are through the roof. And get this - they all have a flawless LinkedIn Influence Score of 100 out of 100 (and they're the only ones 🤯).

1. Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman is a ninja in the world of AI, machine learning and robotics. He's a research scientist at MIT, developing cutting-edge deep learning models for autonomous vehicles. Plus, his "Artificial Intelligence" podcast is a must-listen for tech enthusiasts, where he interviews top experts in the field.

2. Ruben Hassid

Ruben made a sudden entry into the top 10, but it seems he's here to stay for a while. He's a powerhouse on the platform with an insatiable curiosity and impressive expertise in AI topics. Ruben is a true visionary who uses cutting-edge technology to drive businesses forward, and his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship is downright contagious.

3. Justin Welsh

It’s not the first time that Justin Welsh makes it to the top-notch LinkedIn creators and  it comes as no surprise. He has made a name for himself as a top sales leader, entrepreneur, and startup advisor. With his infectious energy and wealth of experience, Justin's LinkedIn content is nothing short of inspiring.

4. Ben Meer

Who said LinkedIn is only for business-related topics? Ben Meer is here to prove them wrong with his inspiring content on personal and professional growth. He consistently provides valuable insights and effective strategies to boost well-being and self-improvement.

5. Pete Huang

Pete Huang is making a blazing entry into the top 10 after being ranked 101st in October. With his passion for artificial intelligence and machine learning, he generously shares his expertise on these subjects, captivating almost 30K new followers in just one month.

6. Linda Le

The most expected moment has arrived, Let's talk about the first woman on the TOP 200! Can you believe that she amassed over 60K followers in just one month? It's truly remarkable, but it's no surprise given her expertise in career coaching and her willingness to share valuable tips and tricks.

7. Eddie Donmez

How do you feel about finance? If you find it complicated, Eddie Donmez makes it simple! He shares all his financial market expertise with anyone who's interested in investing or keeping up with market trends. And to top it off, he posts daily without fail!

8. Jerry Lee

LinkedIn can never have too many career coaches, so here’s another nugget. Its youthful and lively tone offers a wealth of professional development advice to guide its audience towards making meaningful choices that align with their goals.

9. Linas Beliūnas

Another expert in finance, but this time from another nationality... Linas Beliūnas is the only Lithuanian in the ranking and he has incredible stats.

10. Adam Karpiak

Unsurprisingly, he is still in the TOP 10. Adam balances good presence with super engagement, which makes him a top-noch creator.

Who else is making an impact on LinkedIn?

There are sooooo many stunning LinkedIn creators out there, we could talk about them for hours! But let's cut to the chase: Who's been crushing it besides the TOP 10? There are a bunch of other LinkedIn creators who have also left their mark.

Lara Acosta - LinkedIn rising star 🚀

Lara's meteoric rise on LinkedIn is remarkable! From 196th spot to 12th, she's one of the most influential women on the platform. Her invaluable insights on personal branding and audience building through multiple daily posts make her a prolific creator.

James Watt - LinkedIn climate activist 🌱

What if we told you that LinkedIn is the perfect spot for climate activists? That’s right, and James Watt is leading the way. With almost 400k followers and a powerful engagement rate, he's a master at creating compelling content on LinkedIn to sustain this honorable cause.

Rishi Sunak - LinkedIn buzz master 🤩

Wait whaaat? There are politicians on the list, and they're absolutely crushing it!The UK Prime Minister seems to have nailed the art of balancing regular posting and high engagement on LinkedIn. He's simply buzzing!

The latest updates on content creation on LinkedIn

It's been 6 months, and LinkedIn trends have evolved significantly, with the emergence of fresh creators, diverse formats, and particularly, new topics that are gaining traction. Let’s check it out 🤠

The emerge of new topics on LinkedIn

💡 AI & Machine learning is THE hot topic:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all the rage on LinkedIn right now! t's not surprising that these topics are gaining popularity, given the significant strides we're seeing in the development of AI tools. This is a game-changer for businesses across all sectors, and it's only natural that more content creators are up-skilling to provide valuable insights on the topic. There are currently 14 creators on the TOP 200 specializing in AI and ML. And 3 of them are in the TOP 10!

🌈 A growing focus on Inclusion and Social Impact:

Inclusion and social impact are increasingly important on LinkedIn, with issues like disability rights, women's rights, and racial inequality in focus.The rising of these topics reflects a growing awareness of the need for social change and a more inclusive society. And of course, there is an incredible LinkedIn creator in this niche that made it to the TOP 50, her name is Ellie Middleton. Scoring an impressive 87.9/100, she plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about neurodiversity.

📲 Personal branding and LinkedIn growth are on the rise:

As LinkedIn becomes more diverse and welcoming to new creators, many are leveraging the platform to enhance their personal brand. This has led to an increase in the popularity of LinkedIn growth specialists who offer valuable insights and techniques. Among the TOP 200, there are 7 creators with a focus on personal branding, and 3 of them have made LinkedIn growth their primary area of expertise.

CEOs and tech leaders are crushing it on LinkedIn

No, you're not imagining things. We have included prominent Tech Leaders in the TOP 200, alongside content creators on LinkedIn. In today's world, tech bigwigs are taking to LinkedIn to share their valuable insights on industry trends, technological advancements and inspiring ideas. It's awesome to see people like Bill Gates as a huge LinkedIn creator, with an enormous following of over 36 million fans.

Actually, top 2 creators with the largest followings are both CEOs of Big Tech companies? Bill Gates takes the top spot, but coming in at a close second is Satya Nadella, whose LinkedIn profile is experiencing massive growth. It's exciting to see how these tech titans are using LinkedIn to connect with their audience and share their ideas!

How to reach the TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators?

Before we dive into the details, et's take one last glance at the conditions for making it onto the TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators :

🗣️ English-speaking content creators

No matter where you come from, what matters most is being able to communicate your ideas effectively to a global audience and share topics that can resonate with people from all over the world. In the TOP 200 list, you'll find creators hailing from 27 different countries, spanning five continents, but they all share one common trait: they exclusively publish their content in English.

🤓 Exceptional statistics

All creators on the TOP 200 have a LinkedIn Influence Score of at least 73/100. As we mentioned earlier, this score takes into account various factors such as audience size, engagement rate, growth rate, and activity level. Therefore, to earn a spot in the list, you need to stand out from the competition and excel in these criteria.

🌟 Authenticity and talent

It's clear that the creators in the TOP 200 haven't achieved their success by chance. To make it onto this exclusive list, one must possess exceptional skills in content creation, which demands authenticity, creativity, and a strong sense of community building. The creators who excel in these areas are the ones who can truly captivate their audience and make their accounts stand out.

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