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TOP 10 influencer couples

These influencers couples share their passions on Instagram! Discover their account to prepare Valentine's Day 💐❤️

January 28, 2021
Roxane Aguilar

As you know, Valentine's Day is coming up!

Isn’t love the most beautiful thing in the world? There's no doubt that these influencers will agree! Just imagine travelling the world with your soulmate, or matching your outfit with your lovers. Yeah we’re not gonna lie, we’re a bit jealous. Their perfect pictures and their amazing lifestyle explain why they are so popular. 

So for the occasion, we have put up a list of the top 10 best couple micro-influencer accounts. They have the same passions and share them with their community, here is our Favikon selection 🥰

1. Kylie & Scott 🇺🇸


🥇Amazing pictures tips on how to take some, this married couple accumulates artworks on their feed 🎨 Kylie & Scott are passionate about traveling and do not fail to share their experiences on this account dedicated to admirers of beautiful landscapes. Regular posts and high commitment from their community, it's no wonder this account is growing so fast! A well-deserved first place 🏆

2. Karolina & Piotr 🇵🇱

11.5 K followers

🥈This Polish couple living in Malta have itchy feet. Hard to imagine them during a lockdown. A wonderful feed and a quality blog that will give you lots of tips for your travels (when covid's over🥴), they even won the "Travel Bloggers Championship 2020"! Their place on the podium is not to be debated, congratulations 🥳

3. Josef & Hannah 🇬🇧


🥉 This young British couple knows how to handle the art of clothing to perfection! We loved their feed, their post, everything! It makes you want to do the same with your lover... Or to find a lover to do the same 🤡 A good engagement rate and regular content, there is nothing to say about this account, it is at the cutting edge of fashion. We hope that their bronze medal will suit their wardrobe 😌

4. Jamie & Camille 🇦🇺


Sumptuous is the first word that comes to mind when discovering this Insta account 😳 These adventurers live their "vanlife" while travelling all around the globe 🚐 💏 We won’t lie about this, we are definitely jealous. But we thank Jamie and Camille for offering us such beautiful landscapes on our feed 🤩

5. Rachelle & Arnaud 🇫🇷


Rachelle and Arnaud live the perfect love during their travels abroad. With exotic countries, Mostly in exotic countries, this couple seems addicted to sunny destinations! They are currently visiting Guadeloupe 👀 🇬🇵 So don't miss their latest posts to fill up on vitamin C 🌞

6. Lucie & Ales 🇨🇿


Currently in Mexico, Lucie and Ales sold everything they had to live their dream: travel around the world. They sure don’t seem to have second thoughts about it, quite the contrary! Originally from Malta, this couple is not afraid of being homesick: you will find them climbing mountains as well as jumping in oceans 🏝🏔

7. Dario & Sara 🇪🇸


In the country of flamenco and salsa we find next our two dancers Dario and Sara 💃 Sharing a passion as lovers is "life goal" as they say... These Spaniards will make your head spin with choreographies for lovers and hip movements worthy of Shakira herself. The Favikon team has a little crush on this account which fully deserves its place in the ranking, congrats to them 👏

8. Yann & Aurélie 🇫🇷


This couple definitely loves to travel! Yann and Aurélie left the country of love to get on board for a backpacker adventure. "landscape hunters" as they call themselves, this duo of explorers is not short of ideas for their photos and presents us with pictures that are always softer and more beautiful than the others. A nice account for finding inspirations for traveling together! 🥰 ✈️

9. Chris & Reanna 🇬🇧


As the name of this account indicates, this charming British couple lives from their memories... We basically fell in love with their photos taken in December under the lit up Christmas tree 😍 These nano-influencers still have a long way to go, but are on the right track! We fully believe in them 🙌

10. Christien & Dj 🇺🇸


And it’s two lovers of culinary arts which complete this Top10 : Christien and Dj 😋 It is a love triangle that they form with the food, difficult not to envy them. An appetizing and neat feed, congratulations to these lovebirds 🥐🍱

One thing to remember from this: we’re always stronger together. Moreover, depending on what you sell or who your target is, your customers might find influencer couples more relatable. Just like other influencers, there are influencer couples for pretty much everything (travel, fashion, fitness…). So there’s no doubt that you will find the right couple for your brand.

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