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Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts

Discover the list of Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts in 2024.

April 26, 2024
Justine Castany

Presenting the top digital security influencers of 2024, vital guides for today's online safety challenges. In this list, we spotlight creators who excel in mentoring cybersecurity enthusiasts. From creators in penetration testing to consultants in incident response, these influencers help clients navigate the digital world securely. Discover the best of them shaping cybersecurity coaching in 2024, covering vital security topics like hacking tests, network security, and incident response.

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Explore the Top 2024 Cybersecurity Experts:

10. Mike Miller

In tenth position, Mike Miller. He is a vCISO, Senior Security Consultant, and Penetration Tester with over 25 years of experience in Cyber Security. He is passionate about mentoring individuals at the beginning of their Cyber careers. Mike enjoys scuba diving, boating, flying planes, and is addicted to sweet tea, Vans shoes, ice cream, and Jeepin'. He released a book called 'Break in Cyber Playbook' sharing insights from his journey. He is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube sharing positive vibes and offering guidance to aspiring professionals.

Favikon Authority Score : 239

9. Brian Krebs

Penultimate on the list is, Brian Krebs. He is an investigative reporter with a focus on computer security and cybercrime. He maintains a daily blog,, where he reports on a broad range of Internet security topics. His stories mainly focus on computer crime and the cybercrime underground. Recently, he reported on a phishing attack that compromised the self-hosted remote desktop software application, ConnectWise. Additionally, he covered the US Treasury Department's sanctions on seven men in connection with the malware platform Trickbot, which included a 34-year-old Russian national known as Vitaly "Bentley" Kovalev. Throughout the years, Krebs has written numerous stories on cybersecurity and has played a critical role in exposing security breaches and hacking incidents.

Favikon Authority Score : 240

8. ABI

In eighth position, ABI. He is a tech enthusiast and content creator, sharing daily writings and curated findings around programming and tech. With a focus on cybersecurity, ABI highlights the importance of protecting personal devices and offers tips and tricks to stay secure. Additionally, ABI provides recommendations for online resources, including YouTube channels and websites, to aid in learning and productivity. As a passionate advocate for video conferencing software, ABI shares lesser-known hacks to enhance the virtual meeting experience. Follow ABI for informative and engaging content on all things tech.

Favikon Authority Score : 246

7. Ben Sadeghipour

Coming in at seventh place is Ben Sadeghipour, Ben Sadeghipour is an ethical and white hat hacker who provides educational content on web application hacking and bug bounties through his videos and courses. He has hacked into companies like Apple, Airbnb, Lyft, Valve, and Rockstar Games. He organizes NahamCon2022, a conference for bug bounty hunters, and is a speaker and content creator. Ben shares his expertise in technology through courses and live streams on Twitch. He is also active on social media and promotes his bug bounty course on his website. In addition, Ben is an ambassador for a picking project and events.

Favikon Authority Score : 251

6. Joseph Steinberg

At sixth place, Joseph Steinberg. He is an independent thinker, columnist, and author, specializing in cybersecurity, privacy, and artificial intelligence (AI). He is an expert witness, advisor, and author of the book "Cybersecurity For Dummies." He is a member of Newsweek's Expert Forum as a cybersecurity, privacy, and AI expert. Steinberg is also an advisor to several companies on cybersecurity, privacy, and AI, and he is active on social media. He has been issued five patents for social media security from the United States Patent Office. Steinberg is based in New York City.

Favikon Authority Score : 280

5. Fabian Faessler

Taking the fifth spot is Fabian Faessler, the creator of LiveOverflow. He is an IT security content creator known for making videos about various IT security topics and participating in hacking competitions. They share their knowledge and experiences in a neutral and informative manner, discussing cybercrime, hacking, and security research. Their content includes tutorials, explanations, and live streams, providing valuable insights for beginners, developers, and bug hunters. Through their work, LiveOverflow aims to educate and raise awareness about online security.

Favikon Authority Score : 290

4. Ryan M. Montgomery

Coming in at Fourth place is Ryan M. Montgomery, he is a serial entrepreneur and child safety advocate. Known for his expertise in penetration testing and cybersecurity, he uses his platform to raise awareness about online dangers and provide tips for staying safe. With a focus on protecting children from explicit content and cyberbullying, Ryan shares valuable information and insights through his social media presence and YouTube channel. He also collaborates with organizations and individuals to expose predators and promote online safety. Ryan's dedication to making the internet a safer place has earned him recognition and support from his followers and the cybersecurity community.

Favikon Authority Score : 405

3. Robert Herjavec

Holding the third position is Robert Herjavec, a dynamic entrepreneur and leading figure on ABC’s Shark Tank, is the CEO of Cyderes, a global cybersecurity firm. With a background in launching technology companies, he merged Herjavec Group with Fishtech Group to create Cyderes, excelling in cybersecurity operations and services. Robert shares motivational business advice through various media platforms and showcases his entrepreneurial spirit. He engages in speaking events and collaborations, demonstrating his commitment to personal and professional growth.

Favikon Authority Score : 437

2. Abhishek Sagar

In second place, Abhishek Sagar, also known as Technical Sagar, is a self-taught white hat hacker and YouTuber. He is the CEO of Sagar Web Solutions and shares technical knowledge in his mother tongue, Hindi, through his YouTube channel. With a passion for internet and ethical hacking, Abhishek has been learning and teaching for over 13 years. He is also a singer, actor, mimicry artist, host, and vlogger. Through his content and expertise, Abhishek aims to help people and contribute to the community. He is well-known for his ethical hacking courses and technology updates.

Favikon Authority Score : 456

1. John Hammond

Leading the pack is John Hammond. He is a hacker, researcher, and educator who provides free cybersecurity education without the fluff. He stages phishing attacks and credential harvesting sites to retrieve passwords and 2FA codes. In addition, he manipulates resources in other locations to execute arbitrary code or leak secrets. John also explores network traffic from botnet attacks and Wireshark for packet analysis. He has spoken at events such as the World Affairs Conference and NahamCon2022 CTF, and provided workshops on JavaScript desktop applications and CI/CD hacking.

Favikon Authority Score : 504

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