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TOP 10 Indian dancers on Instagram

These 10 Indian influencers on Instagram share a common passion: Dancing 💃🕺🇮🇳

April 19, 2021
1. Ankit Sati


Engagement rate : 20.12 %

🥇 Dancer, actor, and musician, Ankit is a very versatile artist. Solo choreographies, duet choreographies and even in group routines, he's a huge hit on Instagram and YouTube! A well-deserved gold medal for his impressive Favikon stats. 👏

2. Akshita Goel


Engagement rate : 19.13%

🥈 In second place on the podium, is the youngest amongst our top 10, Akshita. This 14-year-old dancer has mastered her art! A Favikon Score of 5/5 for 70K subscribers, she has everything to become an exceptional influencer. Congratulations to her!

3. Mohit Solanki


Engagement rate : 56%

🥉The Favikon team had already put him under the spotlight on our nugget of the week, a few weeks ago. It is evident that Mohit deserves his place in this ranking. A neat profile, stunning choreography, and nothing else to say except, this is a must follow account!

4. Bhargav Rajput


Engagement rate : 100%

5. Nihar Dongre


Engagement rate : 38,95%

6. Shreema Upadhyaya


Engagement rate : 18,38%

7. Payal Shah


Engagement rate : 21,22%

8. Swapnil Patil


Engagement rate : 20,59%

9. Navya Agarwal


Engagement rate : 55,15%

10. Aishwarya Madhav


Engagement rate : 9,33%