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TOP 10 Fashion French Male Influencers

French style is highly regarded in the world, but men’s fashion doesn’t always get much credit! These influencers show that men can be stylish and sophisticated.

October 27, 2021

France, the country of gastronomy, wine and Coco Chanel! Is there really a better place to learn about fashion than in Paris? 🇫🇷 The capital of fashion has seen its share of fashion icons and influencers, and although we often talk about women's fashion, today men are in the spotlight. Between lifestyle and fashion content, these influencers surely have their own unique style.

Here are the top profile fashion influencers in France, that you must follow in 2022 :


Favikon Score: 5/5

Mixing streetwear and more traditional pieces, Rusty has found the perfect way to combine both styles. His pictures show that his inspirations are really diverse. He also seems to be greatly influenced by the American style as he can often be seen wearing basketball jerseys or letter jackets 🏀



Favikon Score: 4.8/5

This influencer will make you forget the grey sky of Paris. Not only are his outfits outstanding but his Instagram account is also a real pleasure for the eyes. Momo dares to wear what you wouldn’t and that is why his followers love him. From pastel pink to vivid orange, there isn’t a colour that Momo hasn’t worn. His wardrobe is a complete rainbow! If you’re a fan of art, architecture and fashion, Momo is the one you should follow! 🦄



Favikon Score: 4.8/5

Lio is the proof that more isn’t always better. His pieces are simplistic yet his outfits are the definition of chic.Whether he is in Paris or abroad, his style is always on point. For more fashion advice, take a look at his Youtube Channel and TikTok 🎬

Kevin Sierra


Favikon Score: 4.6/5

Dark and mysterious, it is easy to get lost in his blue eyes. Always sophisticated, Kevin Sierra has collaborated with big brands like Hugo Boss or Paco Rabanne. At only 24 years old, he already has a very defined and distinctive style. As a photographer, creative director and content creator, Kevin proves that having a busy life isn't incompatible with being chic 🖤

Johan Papz


Favikon Score: 4.4/5 (tiktok)

Johan combines lifestyle and fashion content, but  his humoristic videos on TikTok and Youtube really make him unique. Whether he is cooking or talking about astrology, his looks are always fashionable. And if you like dogs, you should definitely follow his instagram as he just adopted an adorable puppy 🦮


on arrive dsl @lenasituations

♬ original sound - JohanPapz

Khal Ali


Favikon Score: 4.4/5

Always on trend, Khal Ali is a real fashion icon. As a huge fan of music, (he defines himself as a “music addict”), he is greatly inspired by pop culture. He recently posted pictures of him wearing makeup, proving that makeup has no gender and that just like fashion, it is about having fun and wearing what makes you feel good 💄



Favikon Score: 4.3/5

As a  BTS fan, this influencer has been greatly inspired by K-pop idols, and Korean style. His looks are daring and versatile. He loves to associate bags, jewelries and cute nail art with his outfits. But his hair is his best fashion accessory, as he loves dying them with incredible colors like red, green or grey ✨



Favikon Score: 4.3/5

This influencer seems to come from another galaxy. Victor’s style is unique and hard to define. E-boy, futuristic and Matrix are some of the words used to describe his looks. Yes, his favorite color is black, yet his outfits are never the same. A few month ago, he dyes his hair red, making him stand out even more! 😎



Favikon Score: 4.3/5

With 800k followers on TikTok, Sai has charmed his fans with his style and sense of humor. He is a fan of jackets and comfy sweats and necklaces! His followers can get many outfit ideas but also drawing ideas! He often gets drawings and portraits from his followers 🍹

Ludovic Oudard


Favikon Score: 4.2/5

As a model and content creator, Ludovic has an eye for fashion. If you love fashion and travel, you should definitely follow him. His posts are full of good vibes. Beside his fashion projects, he began an incredible mission, as he has decided to renovate an old barn. Ludovic has definitely more than one string to his bow 🌎

Fashion has taken a huge role in the influence world. Nowadays, influencers are the one who create the trends. Brands don’t hesitate to collaborate with influencers, to create capsule collections, online content, or simply to ask them to model for their clothes. Even luxury brands are now inviting influencers to fashion shows.

One thing is certain, the fashion industry is evolving with influencer marketing and co-creation and live shopping are the key elements of this field.