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TOP 10 French Female Influencers

France also has awesome influencers! These girls are la crème de la crème of Instagram. You will want to follow them for sure. Have a look!

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France is the country of fashion, croissants, and strikes… but besides all these clichés France also has awesome influencers. Today we are focusing on the French woman influencers. From fashion to food, these girls all have their specialties. Don’t hesitate to read our article on French TikTokers to discover even more French influencers.

The Top French Female Influencers

Oulimata Gallet - 24K followers

Oulimata is a French influencer and model with more than 24k followers. She has a perfect Favikon score of 5. On her Instagram, she shares editorial pictures, and pictures at fashion shows and different events. Her followers seem to love what she shares as she has an excellent engagement rate of 6.02%.

Slideforfood - 59.4k followers

If you love to eat or cook, you need to follow Victoria! She mostly shares Reels in which she shows vegetarian recipes. Her food always looks super appetizing. She has a perfect Favikon score of 5 and an excellent engagement rate of 4.10%.  

Pinku_kiwi - 101K followers

Kiwi is a content creator who describes herself as a “kawaii girl”. She is a huge fan of Asian cultures. She loves to share videos of her trying Japanese food or crazy gadgets. She has an excellent Favikon score of 5 and an engagement rate of 3.90%.

Iris Mittenaere - 3M followers

After being elected Miss France 2016 and Miss Universe 2016, Iris is now focusing on her modeling and influencer career. If you look at her Instagram, you can see she’s living her best life! She has an almost perfect Favikon score of 4.9, and an excellent engagement rate of 3.06%.

Audrey Afonso - 122K followers

Audrey is a French lifestyle influencer. Her feed is full of perfect and aesthetic pictures. She shares pictures of her outfits, her travels or what she eats. She has an excellent Favikon score of 4.7, an engagement rate of 6.08%, and an account growth of 5.60%. She’s on top of the game!

Anas.krm - 116K followers

Anastasiya is a content creator with 116K followers on Instagram. She has a great Favikon score of 4.6 and an impressive engagement rate of 56.34%. She mainly shares humourous Reels and sometimes cute selfies!

Alexia Duchêne - 95.2K followers

Alexia Duchêne is a chef who became quite popular after her participation in Top Chef 2019. She now has 95.2K followers on Instagram and an excellent Favikon score of 4.6. Alexia is passionate about her job and she loves to share recipes with her community.

Lena situations - 3.9M followers

Lena is one of the biggest influencers in France at the moment. She is loved and supported by millions of people who love her positive and genuine content. Lena is particularly passionate about fashion and you surely will spot her in the front rows of every fashion show. She has an excellent Favikon score of 4.5!

Juju Fitcats - 3.1M followers

Justine is a fitness influencer with an excellent Favikon score of 4.5. Her Instagram is full of good vibes. She loves to share her workout routine or nutritional facts with her community. She inspires her followers as she is always positive and motivated.

Alix Grousset - 107K followers

Alix Grousset is a content creator with an excellent Favikon score of 4.5. Her content is quite diverse: storytimes, crash tests, recipes, or selfies… You will definitely find something that you like!

Who's your favorite French influencers? We hope you discovered new interesting profiles. If you are a fan of fashion, you should definitely check our TOP French male fashion influencers.