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🇮🇹 TOP 10 Italian cuisine influencers 🇮🇹

Ranking of the best Italian Foodie influencers 🇮🇹 😋

🇮🇹 TOP 10 Italian Food influencers 🇮🇹

This week is taking place the International Day of Italian Cuisine 🍝 On this occasion, the Favikon team has put together a Top 10 of the Italian cooking accounts 🇮🇹

Pasta, pizza, tiramisu, risotto… Italy is known for its delicious cuisine. Are you still dreaming about that spaghetti alla carbonara you ate in Roma during your 2017 summer vacations? We perfectly understand if you do. Well, you might not need to fly to Italy anymore because these influencers will teach you all about Italian dishes. Their pictures will make you want to rush to your kitchen to cook one of these savoury dishes. 

These Instagram influencers may be your next ambassadors! In any case, we have no doubt about their ability to sublimate your products. Buon appetito! 🍕

1. Denise Pastry



🥇On top of our ranking, meet Denise! A former construction engineer and a mother of a little Beatrice 🏗 👶, this pastry chef shares her creations on her neat aesthetic account. Gorgeous pictures that go along well with the recipe in the caption, we dare you not to drool! On top of that, Denise has a very committed community (the number of likes breaks all records !) with an impressive 20% engagement rate! Congrats to her ! 🧁

2. Manu Cook and Rock



🥈A dad, a musician and a cook, this multi-facetted influencer shares his passions with his community. 📲Manuel is very active, has a quality audience, and is a rising star of Instagram 🕺He takes the opportunity to show us his best recipes, Italian or not. Pizza fans, do not hesitate any longer, this account was made for you ! 🍕

3. Cucinina



🥉This Instagram account broke all records when it came to new followers in January 📈! With posts every day, you will never miss a good idea for a new recipe! Traditional Italian dishes the way we like them, this micro-influencer has a big potential and will soon become a must-follow! Well done and good luck for the future 🍝

4. Recipstop



A couple sharing their passion for cooking: this is Recipstop 💑. He's the one cooking and she's the one eating, that's a nice change for once👨🍳! From gourmet recipes to fine dishes, this is what this married couple offer us with their highlighted stories so that we can reproduce at home the recipes that we want! At your tables, get set, eat!

5. Io e Brigante Pastry



Followed by her faithful doggie 🐶 Michela offers us her pastry creations, and it must be said that it makes wants us to take a bite ! Between two cakes, we can always see her little dog Brighi in a funny outfit! In short, if you like dogs and desserts, go for it! 🥧🧁

6. Cucina con Gio



On a more gastronomic note this time, we find in 6th position a candidate of Masterchef Italy, whose name is Giovanni Venditti👨🍳. What does he publish? Careful and refined plates, we would go as far as to use the term "gastronomic masterpieces". This account is popular and has a very committed community: the likes are all over the place! 👍🍝

7. Lyduizza



It's literally impossible not to get hungry scrolling Lyduizza's feed 🤤! Wavering between sweet and salty, this Roman food blogger reveals her cooking secrets... Her account is full of humor with her original captions and facecam stories! A nice touch of humor in her legends and facecam stories, here is what characterizes her account. A well-deserved Favikon grade 💯🇮🇹

8. Rossana Pegurri



With nearly 12K followers, this mother of 4 feeds her Instagram account with a master’s hand! Her photos, worthy of a professional photographer, will make you drool over her desserts 📸🍰 Her motto "The only way to learn how to cook is to start cooking", a sentence to reflect on for all those who dare not take the plunge ☝️!

9. Gabry in cucina



Cooking is her passion: she likes it simple and traditional! Impossible to be out of inspiration when in comes to cooking, Gabrielle suggests so many recipes, she’s a real recipe book by herself: the Mama we would all dream to have 🤗🇮🇹

10. Rosario Rapisarda



Runny cheese and appetizing sauces, this foodporn account will amaze you! This unconventional chef tastes dishes directly in front of you, every one of them is more delicious and fattening than the previous one. 🍝🧀#foodporn

Did you get inspired? What will you cook first? It might be hard to choose with all those appetizing dishes. Amateurs, food lovers, professional chefs… these influencers are proof that you don’t need to be an expert to cook tasty food!

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