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TOP 10 LinkedIn Influencers in the Netherlands

The TOP LinkedIn influencers in the Netherlands are finally revealed! Who are the 10 creators shaping the Dutch professional landscape? Don't miss the opportunity to be inspired and learn more about B2B influencer campaign strategies.

February 21, 2024

TOP 10 LinkedIn in the Netherlands

LinkedIn, the quintessential professional social media, is brimming with talent and professionals who stand out for their expertise and influence. Favikon unveils its TOP 200 list of standout influencers on LinkedIn in 14 new countries. And the Netherlands is part of it, with diverse and inspiring personalities who have made their mark on this creator platform.

Here's an overview of the Top 10 from the TOP 200 LinkedIn in the Netherlands:

1. Richard Van der Blom:

Leading the pack is Richard Van der Blom, Enabling Digital Sales with LinkedIn. His expertise in this field makes him a reference for those looking to maximize their online sales.

Favikon Score: 95.5/100

2. Wouter Van Noort:

Journalist for the NRC, Wouter Van Noort ranks second. His work in journalism has earned him significant recognition, and his active presence on LinkedIn makes him a major player in the Dutch professional sphere.

Favikon Score: 92.9/100

3. Jousef Murad:

In third place, Jousef Murad stands out as the Founder of APEX, Fngineer, YouTuber, and Podcaster. His versatility and technical expertise make him a sought-after personality on LinkedIn.

Favikon Score: 85.8/100

4. Ben Tiggelaar:

In fourth position, Ben Tiggelaar is a Writer, Speaker, and Behavioral Scientist. His work in the field of human behavior and leadership has earned him a prominent place among influential professionals in the Netherlands.

Favikon Score: 83.6/100

5. Danielle Braun:

Anthropologist, Speaker, Boardroom Guide, and Columnist, Danielle Braun occupies the fifth position. Her expertise in the field of organizational anthropology and corporate culture makes her an indispensable figure on LinkedIn.

Favikon Score: 82.4/100

6. Rutger Bregman:

Historian and Author, Rutger Bregman ranks sixth. His work in the field of history and his writings on contemporary social issues have earned him international recognition, bolstered by his active presence on LinkedIn.

Favikon Score: 82.2/100

7. Ray Klaassens:

Founder of Triangular Group Academy, Ray Klaassens takes seventh place. His expertise in the field of training and professional development makes him a leading figure on LinkedIn in the Netherlands.

Favikon Score: 82/100

8. Jesse Geul:

In eighth position, Jesse Geul is a Recruitment Trainer and part of the "LinkedIn Top Voices." Her expertise in recruitment and active presence on the platform make her a reference for professionals in the sector.

Favikon Score: 76.6/100

9. Dilan Yesilgoz:

Minister of Justice and Security and leader of the VVD party, Dilan Yesilgoz also ranks eighth. Her political commitment and influence in the public sphere make her a personality to follow on LinkedIn.

Favikon Score: 74.6/100

10. Gergely Orosz:

In tenth place, Gergely Orosz is a Software Engineer and Manager. His technical expertise and experience in software development make him an influential personality on LinkedIn.

Favikon Score: 74.3/100

This TOP list of LinkedIn influencers in the Netherlands offers a fascinating glimpse into the individuals shaping the creators landscape in this dynamic country. Their expertise, influence, and commitment make them indispensable figures to follow for those looking to do B2B influencers campaign or learn more about the industry.