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Top 10 LinkedIn Influencers in Finland

Here is the Top 10 list of the most prominent influencers in Finland! Find out who has the biggest influence on the country's creators landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to get inspired and explore advanced B2B influencer campaign strategies.

March 15, 2024

LinkedIn, known as the go-to platform for B2B influencers, is brimming with talent and expertise. We've recently announced the TOP 200 list of standout influencers on LinkedIn from 14 new countries.

Finland particularly shines on this list, showcasing a diverse lineup of inspiring creators who have made their mark on LinkedIn.

Let's delve into Finland's Top 10 from the TOP 200 LinkedIn influencers

1. Sointu Borg

Leading the pack is Sointu Borg. She is an author and public speaker known for their bestselling book and podcast. They have gained popularity for their engaging speaking style and empowering messages. Sointu is also praised for their resilience and determination in pursuing their goals. They have a strong presence on social media, where they share updates on their projects and inspire their followers. Sointu's work has been recognized and appreciated by their audience, and they continue to make a positive impact through their writings and speeches.

2. Ilkka Paananen

In second place, Ilkka Paananen. He is the CEO and co-founder of Supercell, a mobile game development company known for creating popular games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Under Paananen's leadership, Supercell has become one of the leading players in the mobile gaming industry, with a focus on creating innovative and engaging games that resonate with players worldwide. With his entrepreneurial spirit and strategic vision, Paananen has successfully positioned Supercell as a global leader in the gaming market.

3. Karri Saarinen

Holding the third position is Karri Saarinen. He is a Finnish entrepreneur and designer, best known for co-founding Linear, a project management software company. Previously, he worked as a Principal Designer at GitHub, where he designed their design system, and as a founding designer at Airbnb. Karri has also been a Y Combinator alumnus. In addition to his work at Linear, he is an advocate for software quality and responsible tech. Karri has been vocal on social media platforms such as Twitter, where he shares his insights and thoughts on technology and startups.

4. Henri Alen

Henri Alen takes the fourth spot. He is a renowned restaurateur, cookbook author, and MasterChef judge. He is the co-owner of several successful restaurants, including Finnjävel, Muru, Pastis, Sue-Ellen, Fiasco?, and Villa Lilla. Henri is also the founder of PregoBooking, a popular online platform for restaurant reservations, and Muru-baby foods. With his expertise in the culinary industry, Henri has written a cookbook and serves as a judge on the hit TV show MasterChef. His contributions to the food world have made him a respected figure in the industry.

5. Philippe Delorme

At fifth place is Philippe Delorme. He is the President and CEO of a leading innovative, sustainable, and global company that focuses on improving the flow of urban life. With a strong belief in sustainability and customer-centricity, Philippe leads multicultural teams with a passion for innovation. He emphasizes the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, as seen through his efforts to increase the representation of women in leadership roles. Philippe's leadership extends globally, as he visits various KONE offices and engages with teams and customers to drive success.

6. Simo Ahava

Taking the sixth spot is Simo Ahava. He is a well-known blogger, keynote speaker, and co-founder of Simmer and 8-bit-sheep. He accepts almost all connection requests but requests that people do not try to sell him anything or ask for free consultation. He recently wrote an article about Finland's library websites' collection of search data and personal data through Google Analytics to the U.S. company servers. Simo also wrote a blog discussing how to surface Measurement Protocol hits in Google Analytics 4 DebugView. He gives useful tips on how to use Google Analytics 4, such as a tip for building extremely useful funnels without using the clumsy Quantity-based metrics.

7. Noora Fagerström

Coming in at seventh place is Noora Fagerström. She is a Finnish Member of Parliament from the Kokoomus party. She is also an entrepreneur and startup investor. Noora has a background as the CEO of the smoothie bar chain Jungle Juice Bar, which she co-founded with her husband at the age of 24. She has employed thousands of young people and has served on the boards of multiple companies. In addition to her role as a Member of Parliament, Noora is also a member of the Espoo City Council and holds various positions within the council. She is passionate about sports and is a mother of three. Follow Noora for updates on her work in politics and entrepreneurship.

8. Reetta Rajala

In eighth position, Reetta Rajala. She is an entrepreneur, advisor, board worker, and speaker with a history of leading a change consultancy business. She is keen on supporting Finland's entrepreneurship and business growth. Reetta recently organized a business-focused sustainability event with a charitable twist. She is dedicated to challenging age discrimination and is currently recruiting team members for an upcoming project. Reetta's LinkedIn posts showcase her passion for driving change and promoting diversity.

9. Julia Sangervo

Penultimate on the list is Julia Sangervo. She is a psychologist, entrepreneur, and social influencer based in Tampere. She is known for her work in client guidance, training, and writing. Julia has also held positions as a deputy member of parliament and a regional councilor for welfare. Her research focuses on the psychology of climate change, specifically the impact of emotions such as climate anxiety and hope on decision-making and actions. Julia is praised for her ability to inspire hope, communicate complex ideas in a relatable manner, and provide practical solutions.

10. Mervi Airaksinen

Rounding off the top ten is Mervi Airaksinen. She is the Managing Director of Microsoft Finland. With a proven track record of driving fast growth, Mervi is a passionate and energetic leader. She has a strong background in technology and is well-networked around the globe. Mervi excels in shaping organizations through strategies, structures, and new business models in the digital era. She is also committed to investing in efficiency improvements and nurturing the well-being and empowerment of personnel. As a leader, Mervi enjoys good conversations, seeing people grow and develop, and executing on sales. She is a dedicated advocate for continuous improvement, embracing challenges, and finding new opportunities.

This Top list of influencers in Finland showcases the diversity and dynamism of creators who have made their mark on LinkedIn. Their expertise and influence shape the professional landscape in Finland but also serve for those looking to do B2B influencer marketing campaigns or learn more about the industry.