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TOP 10 Singaporean Photographers on Instagram

These Singaporean photographers are rising stars on Instagram ! Check out these 10 profiles that have an impressive Favikon Score 😮📸

March 30, 2021
Roxane Aguilar

1) @derrickw0ng

Engagement rate : 10,24% 

Followers earned last month : 332

🥇 With Derrick, experience Singapore's wildlife like you've never seen it before! His impressive shots feature wild birds seen up close. An Instagram account that is worth the detour! Kudos to him for his excellent Favikon rating of 4.9/5

2) @arianteo 

Engagement rate : 10,19% 

Followers earned last month : 5,7K

🥈 Arian is without a doubt a talented photographer. His art gallery worthy photos show amazing scenes straight out of his imagination. A bright future lies ahead for this young photographer. We've got a small crush on this very promising account

3) @kaneswaran_photography

Engagement rate :  7,62% 

Followers earned last month : 123

🥉 Shots of Singapore that will make your head spin! The country, that's home to beautiful landscapes, is being highlighted by Kaneswaran perfectly and will give each of you the desire to take a ticket to Asia

4) @bpchua_photography

Engagement rate : 6,75% 

Followers earned last month : 251

5) @jayaprakash_bojan 

Engagement rate : 4,33%  

Followers earned last month : 1K

6) @makoeats

Engagement rate : 2,72% 

Followers earned last month : 342

7) @thequirkyfoodie

Engagement rate : 7,07% 

Followers earned last month : 57

8) @shirlyhamra

Engagement rate : 5,59% 

Followers earned last month : 140

9) @bennytgh 

Engagement rate : 5,10% 

Followers earned last month : 1,9K


Engagement rate : 10,65% 

Followers earned last month : 59

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