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TOP 10 Wellness Influencers on Favikon

The are all about motivation, self-care, self-love, healthy life... Check out our TOP 10 wellness influencers on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube!

March 30, 2022

Wellness influencers can help you build your brand 🧐

Why work with wellness influencers? First of all, these content creators have a tremendous asset to their account: their positive image. Contrary to working with influencers that created controversial content or appeared in a scandal, most wellness influencers have a good reputation. Their message is all about positivity, healthy life, self-love, etc. If your objective is to work on your brand image (especially if you want to link your brand to self-love and a healthy image), collaborating with a wellness influencer will attach their image to your brand.

Moreover, they have strong communities, thus a good engagement in general. If a brand’s objective is to gain engagement from their influencer campaign, there is a high chance their collab will have good outcomes as followers trust the wellness influencers they follow. For instance, if a wellness influencer often promotes self-care, if they showcase any product related to this idea (tea, body cream, hair treatment, yoga program etc.), their followers will most likely be interested in this advertisement.

Finally, wellness influencers have their own style and approach to wellness, thus like to vary their content. Just like a workout coach must vary their exercises and a teacher their lessons, wellness influencers have many topics to talk about. This is a great asset for your brand as it will be easier to present your new ideas or projects to an influencer that can adapt their content quickly.

What is a wellness influencer? 🌞

There are so many kinds of wellness influencers, from fitness coaches, meditation lovers, self-care accounts, and many other content creators. That is why we created TOP10 wellness influencers on all three social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. They are positive, creative, and professional. They can multitask by focusing on their passion and sharing it with their community. Working with these influencers can benefit several brands that fit the wellness criteria. So without further due, breathe in, breathe out and let’s dive into our TOP 10 wellness influencers and discover these incredible content creators.



5/5 Favikon Score

Well-being starts with the mind, and this YouTuber is here to help her users achieve a positive mindset. With a perfect 5/5 Favikon Score, 16.7k followers, an engagement of over 9%, she reaches a growth rate of 19%, thus an excellent buzz ratio. Her feed is complete, varies from one topic to another, and keeps great consistency. This content creator is great at advising on getting strong mentally, cutting toxic people from your life, and opening up to be at your best!

Issa Rico


4.9/5 Favikon Score

Good vibes and self love, that is what Issa shares with her community in her YouTube account! 🌞 Bringing beauty standards back where they belong by normalizing body parts that are not seen as “beautiful”, and breaking unhealthy body and life expectations by sharing soothing routines and tips with her followers. No wonder this content creator has both 79.6k followers and a 4.9 Favikon Score! (P.S.: her buzz ratio is going through the roof!)



4.4/5 Favikon Score

We present to you the YouTube account @TalkingWithSash. An account about health facts, such as nutrition, staying hydrated, tips for hair, and many others. With 1.2k followers on Youtube, this micro-influencer has a Favikon Score of 4.4/5, an engagement rate of +21%, and an excellent comment/view ratio. Go check out her YouTube account for health tips!



4.3/5 Favikon Score

Did you know that there are many ways to bring up wellness, mental health, and self-love, one of them being humor. 🌈 And that’s exactly what kc did! This young influencer loves to mock unrealistic beauty standards and laughs about imperfections, and let us say she is killing it! She reached 83.7k followers on TikTok, followed by a 4.3 Favikon Score. Kc has a great buzz ratio and excellent engagement rate of over 28%, but she could work on her discussion ratio 😁



4.2/5 Favikon Score

If positivism could be transformed into a single Instagram account, it would be Steph’s @selfcarespotlight. Her feed is full of optimism, self-care notes, loving messages, mental health check-ins, etc. She loves to take care of her community and invites her users to be kind to themselves. Her account has 405.3K followers and a tremendous Favikon Score of 4.2/5! This wellness influencer has an astounding engagement rate, account growth, and following ratio.

Awakening With Russell


3.8/5 Favikon Score

Motivation and meditation this is what this account is all about! This YouTuber shares various tips on how to meditate, like breathing, spiritualism, yoga tricks, etc. He also likes to share his insight on a few topics such as religion, diets, movies, etc. He has a 3.8/5 Favikon Score and +339k followers on YouTube. He has a great growth rate of +8% regarding his core metrics but could work on his Buzz ratio.

Living by Heart


3.7/5 Favikon Score

With a 3.7/5 Favikon Score and 2.5k followers on YouTube, this content creator could be your wellness coach! No more anxiety, negative nought, and unhealthy resolutions. Living

By Heart will share all her tips, healthy habits, self care hacks and more, you should definitely check out her YouTube account! She reaches an excellent comment/view ratio and account freshness.



3.5/5 Favikon Score

Let’s move! This YouTuber is a fan of sports, healthy diets, workout routines, and self-love. She will always share her healthy habits, exercises, and adventures with a smile! Now let’s look at her account metrics: 1.7k followers, a Favikon score of 3.5/5, and an engagement rate of almost 15%. This content creator could work on her account freshness and vary her content and find an original approach while sharing her passions.



3.1/5 Favikon Score

Here comes the account with excellent content diversity! ✨ Wellness, mental health, psychology, meditation… He does it all! This content creator loves to vary his content. He shares his best tips with his community while always adding a motivational and caring message. 3.1/5 Favikon Score and +94k followers on TikTok, Kodiak has a great engagement and community ratio and a nice buzz ratio. Still, it could be more active and create more calls to action to better his discussion ratio.


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♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show



3.1/5 Favikon Score

We present to you wonder woman! Kendra is a Navi Veteran, Health Coach, Pediatric student, personal trainer, and influencer! She enjoys sharing her journey with her 10.5k followers on Instagram. At first sight, it could look like this influencer only shares a few pictures of her daily life. However, if you take a closer look at her content, you’ll find motivational and self-care messages in all of her post descriptions.

Wellness influencers are important in 2022 💪

Wellness influencers are becoming more and more important in 2020 as beauty standards are rising simultaneously with the number of users present on social media. Due to COVID 🦠, the world has gone through various lockdowns, creating a vast entertainment demand from individuals. Thus, many people started being more present on social media during the pandemic, as social networks allowed them to feel connected to other individuals and communicate with them.

However, this rising presence on social media also comes with disadvantages and unhealthy habits. As influencers tend to share the best part of their life (traveling, fashion, happy moments, wealth, friends, family, etc.), it has also raised unrealistic life expectations. More and more users started to feel down from watching people having a perfect bodies, life, and circle of acquaintances. We’ve been through this stage where you are not having your best day, yet your feed is full of beautiful people living their best life in Bali, in bikinis sipping margaritas with their besties. This behavior can lead to anxiety, sadness, and a feeling of

And that is when wellness influencers come in! They send love, caring messages, healthy tips, routines, and habits for users to feel better in their bodies and lives. These content creators allow us to have a more realistic view of social media, stop comparing our lives to unrealistic ones, and simply have a more positive mindset! 🤩 And in addition to that, they also help their communities stay in good shape and healthily by sharing healthy tips like drinking water every day, stretching once in a while, going out with friends to socialize, using kind words for self-love, meditation for anxiety, and so on.

We hope you enjoyed our TOP 10 wellness influencers, and check out our blog for upcoming articles and TOPs. 🔥