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TOP 11 NYC Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Who hasn’t dreamt of New-York? It’s an incredible city and you can always take beautiful pictures there. This is why many influencer marketing campaigns are taking place there.

November 7, 2022

Time Square, the trendy borough of Brooklyn or even Central Park, there are so many good spots to shoot content in New York. The results are usually breathtaking. This is why we decided to focus on the best influencer marketing collabs done in NYC. These influencers surely took advantage of the environment surrounding them. 

Most successful influencer marketing collabs in NYC 

Lena Situations x Cos

Lena Mahfouf is a French influencer with 3.9M followers but she recently went to NYC for the fashion week. It was the perfect occasion for her to create partnerships in a different environment. She collaborated with the clothing line Cos. She wore a full blue outfit in the streets of New York.

Clara Berry x Carolina Herrera

Clara Berry is also French but she doesn’t live in France anymore. A few months ago, she shared a gorgeous picture of her standing next to one of the iconic yellow cabs, wearing a red dress and holding a bottle of perfume from Carolina Herrera. Clara has more than 1.1M followers and an excellent engagement rate of 4.16%. 

Blair Eadie x J.McLaughlin

Blair Eadie is a fashion influencer who loves colorful outfits. She currently has 1.9M followers and a very good engagement rate of 1.73%. About a year ago, she shared this collab with the clothing line J.McLaughlin. She wore a fall outfit with blue and brown colors. 

Dudewithsign x Dunkin x GrubHub

It is most likely that you have ever come across a picture of Dudewithsign (who is actually called Seth). Seth has a total of 8M followers and an excellent engagement rate of 3.97%. A few days ago, he shared a collab with Dunkin Donuts and GrubHub, a food delivery app. He offered to give some iced coffee to some of his followers who were commenting which borough of New-York they lived in. 


Lily Chee x Marc Jacob

Lily Chee is an influencer with 1.7M followers, and an excellent engagement rate of 4.72%. Almost a year ago, she shared this beautiful collab in collaboration with Marc Jacob Fragrance. Lily is posing in Central Park with a bottle of perfume. She added a filter to her pictures, which makes them look like a dream. 


Emrata x Vera Wang

Emily Ratajkowski will make anything iconic. About a year ago, she shared her collab with Vera Wang promoting their sunglasses. Emily has more than 29.6M followers on Instagram, and an excellent engagement rate of 2.72%. 

Taylor Hill x Reformation

Taylor Hill is a model and influencer. She has more than 20.8M followers and an excellent account growth of 1.60%. Last August, she shared an adorable collab with her dog Tate for the clothing brand Reformation. She’s casually sitting on a couch while wearing one of their new pair of shoes.

Jessica Wang x Gucci

Jessica Wang was born in China but she now lives in NYC. She is a fashion influencer with 1.7M followers on Instagram and 5.2M on TikTok. She has a good Favikon score of 3.7. A few days ago, she shared her collab with the high-end brand Gucci. She is in a beautiful loft in Manhattan wearing a beautiful pink dress and a black Gucci bag. 

Natalie Lim Suarez x ALP N Rock

Natalie Lim Suarez is a model and influencer with 909.1k followers on Instagram. A few weeks ago, she collaborated with ALP N Rock, a luxury clothing brand. She shared pictures of herself walking next to the Hudson River. 

Courtney x Happy Socks

Courtney also known as colormecourtney is an influencer with 726.5k followers. She self-proclaimed herself the “Color queen”. Her Instagram feed is synonymous with colors and good vibes. Back in December she collaborated with Happy Socks. The brand perfectly matches her image. Courtney has a good engagement rate of 2.38%. 

Alex Grisworld x Blue Moon 

Alex Grisworld is a lifestyle influencer. His content is funny and he always shares positive vibes. About a year ago, he collaborated with Blue Moon, a company that sells beers. For this partnership, he shared a picture of him in Central Park,  smiling, having fun with a ball and holding a beer in his other hand. Alex has an excellent engagement rate of 37.25%