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TOP 13 Feminist Instagram Influencers

These influencers are using their Instagram accounts to empower all women worldwide! 🙋 💪

April 7, 2021

Why work with feminist influencers on Instagram?

The power of feminism on Instagram

Influencers are content creators who enjoy sharing their passion with their communities. Fashion, sports, gaming… categories can vary, yet influencers can create, share or inform on any topic they like. And for some, this passion is a mix of creation and activism. And that is where we find feminist influencers! They can share both their love for fashion and their determination to defend women’s rights simultaneously. In other words, you can find all kinds of feminist influencers on Instagram: some will be dedicated and inform their audience of the latest news, some will make a statement through their art, others empower other users through fitness, etc. They all have a point in common: inspiring other users, which, when you think about it, is the same as other influencers!

Work with feminist influencers for a stronger brand image! 

If you want to work with a feminist influencer to clean your brand's image, this article isn't for you… But if you are looking to work with feminist influencers on Instagram to align your brand's values with these content creators' then you are at the right place! Feminist influencers are looking to inspire, inform, share and create for their audience, just like other influencers, but movements differ from categories as they carry solid ideas and values. Working with a feminist influencer is a great way to gain engagement and visibility, just as much as it is the perfect strategy to strengthen your brand image. Is your brand eco-friendly? Then working with an influencer that defends sustainability is the way to go. Is fighting for equality between men and women one of your leading brand's values? Then planning a collab with feminist influencers on Instagram is a great idea!

1. Amarylis


Engagement rate : 15,72%

🥇 This all-illustration account advocates self-acceptance and "girl empowerment". Neat drawings accompanied by quotes that are simple but very effective. It is a daily boost that their community strongly encourages (their engagement rate is excellent!). An impressive 72% account growth and a Favikon rating of 5/5, it deserves a gold medal, bravo!

2. Caitlin Blunnie


Engagement rate : 11,65%

🥈 Caitlin is an artist who uses a  pen to deliver powerful and engaging messages. In her illustrations, she brings up many issues that women face in their lives to raise awareness. This is an account worth checking out. Kudos to her for the 2nd position on the podium 👏

3. India Ysabel


Engagement rate : 50,28%

🥉 This feminist activist dedicates her account to the different commitments she defends. India is close to her community, and she returns the favor with a 50% engagement rate, which is really impressive. She's an inspiring woman who's goal is to uplift all the women whom she visits via their Instagram feed. A must follow!

4. Marie


Engagement rate : 22,52%

5. Cassie

Engagement rate : 15,43%

6. Iris Lydia


Engagement rate : 25%

7. Wagatwe Wanjuki


Engagement rate : 37,25%

8. Hannah | Self Love


Engagement rate : 3,94%

9. Karishma


Engagement rate : 15%

10. Lish


Engagement rate : 20,93%

11. The Anxious Girl


Engagement rate : 4,52%

12. Eugenia Laura Raffaella


Engagement rate : 10,24%

13. Charlotte


Engagement rate : 23,71%

Boost your brand with Feminist influencers on Instagram

Feminist influencers on Instagram have a great engagement

A great asset of working with a feminist influencer on Instagram is the width of their community, their strong engagement, and their image's importance. Because these content creators are activists, they will inform as much as possible about feminism by, most of the time, creating informative content as well as communicating with their audience. By answering their users' questions and comments, diversifying their content, and being very active, feminist influencers often have a tremendous Favikon Score with a fantastic engagement rate, content diversity score, comment/like ratio, etc. Thus, working with a feminist influencer on Instagram will most likely benefit your brand as they have great KPIs (as you can see in our TOP!).

Working long term with feminist influencers on Instagram

These influencers are very committed to their account and community, thus, they will most likely show the same dedication and attentiveness to your partnership. Moreover, as their image and the message they convey are essential, feminist influencers will take a closer look at your brand. In other words, they are invested, thus will look into your brand values and adapt your collab to their organic content. This is excellent news for your brand, as you could plan a partnership and create a strong relationship with a feminist influencer. And eventually, establish a long-term partnership with them to build a strong influencer x brand image! 

 What did you think of this TOP 13 feminist influencers on Instagram? Stay tunned for future TOPs!