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TOP 20 Influencers for a Jewelry Brand

The TOP influencers will surprise you with their unique content. The best content creators for a jewelry campaign! Find out who they are.

January 27, 2022

Are you looking for amazing content creators to boost your jewelry brand? Or perhaps for your Valentine's Day influencer marketing strategy? Visibility, brand image, ROI... There is a perfect influencer for every objective. You just have to find your match! That is why we have prepared a TOP 20 influencers who would be perfect for a jewelry campaign. Micro, mega, Moroccan, German, vintage, vogue, chic, luxurious, and more! Discover all kinds of influencers we have listed for your brand!

1. @lilhuddy

Favikon Score: 5/5


If you don’t know this influencer, you are missing something! 12M followers on Instagram, 32.5M on TikTok and 2.22M on YouTube, meet Lil Huddy! This American singer and influencer have a great style with a mix of grudge, rock, classic, vogue… Which makes it his! A social media icon collaborating with this influencer would bring tremendous visibility to the brand but get ready to swipe the card! With such an important community, experience, publicity, and media around him, Chase is one busy guy, and looking at his audit, it seems more than fair! Excellent audience quality, engagement rate, and account growth!

2. @valerialipovetsky

Favikon Score: 5/5


Give it up for the number one influencer of our TOP 20! Valeria is an exceptional fashion icon and wonder mom! This influencer balances her fashion expertise and tips with her family fun content. An authentic account with excellent content quality and variety! What better way to promote your jewelry for Valentine's Day than to work with this talented mega influencer! Oh, and let's not forget that Valeria has quite some experience as a model and has already partnered with many brands. So expect great collabs with her!

3. nic.kaufmann

Favikon Score: 5/5


Here comes a citizen of the world! Nicolas loves fashion and doesn't hesitate to share his favorite looks, so vogue! He has been spotted by unique brands such as Dior's French luxury fashion house! This influencer attended fashion shows and photo shoots… Let's say he is quite an experienced content creator 🤩 Finally, even with a pretty booked schedule, Nicolas will always find time to have fun, create more content and make new acquaintances! No wonder he has 1M followers, his account is all about amazing quality content and good vibes.

P.S.: He is an amateur of pearl necklaces! 

4. @vincentnadal

Favikon Score: 5/5 


Did someone say, French gentleman? If we had to describe Vincent’s account in a few words… A handsome surfer would work! This influencer is also known for his TikToks and his content with his girlfriend and sister. Thus, in other words, his content varies quite a bit. From beach vibes to Parisian life and adventurous journeys, you’ll never get bored with Vincent! But let’s have a look at his account: great audience quality, excellent account growth, and engagement rate! You can’t go wrong with this influencer ✨


Favikon Score 5/5


What can we say? This influencer is doing nothing more than a fantastic job as a content creator! He knows how to balance partnerships and his organic content while adding a touch of originality to vary his feed from time to time. His Instagram audit? He aces his hashtag quality score, has an excellent engagement rate of +17%, and has a good audience quality score with only 8% suspicious followers. Finally, his following ratio is outstanding, with 742 subscriptions for every account followed. Planning Valentine’s Day campaign with Bene would be a dream come true!

6. @_gemmalouisemiles

Favikon Score: 5/5 


If you were looking for a cozy, beige, warm tone, elegant fashion account, we just found your perfect match! Gemma is a fantastic content creator that takes great care of her feed. With perfect unity and consistency, her account is perfectly organized. She alternates from outfit inspo and close-up shots to decoration and lifestyle content. Thus planning a Valentine’s day campaign with this influencer will be a piece of cake. The theme fits perfectly with her organic content! Psst, she also has an excellent comment : like ratio, account activity and saturation rate. Yup, Gemma already has some experience with product placement!

7. @jacob_rtt

Favikon Score: 5/5 


Another 5/5 Favikon Score! What a wonderful feed Jacob shared with his audience. Instagrammer, TikToker… This content creator does a great job diversifying his content while following trends. This gentleman is also known for sharing mixed content with his other influencer companions and always adding humor to his posts. Great style, great smile, Jacob will steal your heart in a flash! The perfect influencer to boost your sales for the season of love. 

8. @lexibrookerivera

Favikon Score: 4.9/5


This influencer could take just about any challenge! Lexi is a talented influencer that loves to vary her content. She could plan all kinds of collaborations: cars, fashion, travels, even cowboy vibes! 🤠 In other words, Lexi will do nothing else than a fantastic job when it comes to partnerships. She also loves to work with other content creators, so don’t exclude the idea of a multi-influencers campaign! (just like American Eagle and Prada did!). Finally, when looking at her Favikon audit, Lexi has an excellent hashtag quality score of A+, a great audience quality with 81.3% of verified users. Great job, Lexi!

9. @markie

Favikon Score: 4.8/5 


We have a traveler! What makes Mark’s account special is his traveling experience and the simplistic look that gives him character. A jewelry campaign would look great on his feed with his nonchalant vibes! That is if your brand is looking for a skater look. What about his account audit? Excellent engagement rate of 15.82%, just like his following ratio of 636 followers per account followed by Mark! What can we say? This young influencer knows how to shine on social media!

10. @melissaallbb

Favikon Score: 4.5/5 


Melissa said it herself; her account focuses on lifestyle posts, fashion content, and travel journeys! Expect new locations, experiences, and vlogs from her! Oh, and let’s not forget she reaches an excellent saturation rate of 32%, a great hashtag quality, and an excellent following ratio. Collaborating with this influencer implies reaching a new niche audience, showcasing jewelry on a fashionable feed, and appearing in other locations of the world!

11. @oliviacharlotteburton

Favikon Score: 4.5/5


Femme fatale! Olivia’s content will get you mesmerized with splendid looks, closeups, and a simplistic and chic feed. The content creator shares her favorite outfits, jewelry, accessories, etc. What a perfect account for an elegant Jewelry campaign! Olivia will get your sales through the roof with excellent content diversity, account growth, engagement rate, and an invested community.

12. @nadinebreaty

Favikon Score: 4.3/5 


A cute influencer with a feed full of colors! This influencer is also on TikTok with 7.8M followers and YouTube with 500k followers. With her own aesthetic, collaborating with influencers will lack anything but originality. She reaches a good engagement rate (+8.8%) and an excellent following ratio regarding her audit!

13. @lamyaealahyane

Favikon Score: 4.1


What a fashion lover! Lamyae’s feed looks simply marvelous. This influencer has a very glamour style and shares her best ensemble with her community. With a great account activity, a fantastic content diversity score of 3/4, and a positive engagement rate, collaborating with this influencer for a jewelry campaign is a win-win!

14. @naileadevora

Favikon Score: 4/5


If you were to mix soft girl, baddie, cottage core, and street style aesthetics, you'd find Nai's Instagram account! You can't go wrong with this influencer with her beautiful vintage looks. Nai loves to try new outfits and styles and always shares her fittings with her audience. This mega influencer has a fantastic ad efficiency percentage and remarkable account growth. Don't wait any longer! Nai would do splendid work for a Valentine's Day campaign. 

15. nastya_yanb

Favikon Score: 4/5 


Our favorite Russian influencer! Nastya is a model and content creator. Lifestyle, fashion, decoration, she loves to diversify her content while keeping a consistent feed. With a 4/5 Favikon Score, she reaches only 12.8% of suspicious users in her audience. This influencer is rocking it with an excellent 3/4 content diversity score and an amazing following ratio! Oh, she is also a TikToker. She reached 730k followers on the video platform, so check out her account!

16. @shawnysander

Favikon Score: 4/5 


How about a black and white aesthetic? Shawny is both a musician and an influencer, and let’s say she has a vibe! She has an artistic nostalgia-like feed. But that’s not it! Her simplistic content also revolves around fashion and chic. Shawny reaches an excellent following:like ratio, followed by a great saturation rate. If your brand is all about Shawny’s aesthetic, then she is your perfect match for a brand new campaign!

17. @jimseuh

Favikon Score: 3.8


He has a great content diversity score, a promising comment: like ratio, a good audience quality, and has experience in brand partnerships. We are talking about Jimseuh, of course! This influencer has many hobbies: a personal trainer, a model, and a content creator… From sportswear to smoking, this influencer does it all! Jimseuh is all about looking classy, so don’t hesitate to plan a collab for Valentine's Day with him.

18. @anastasiavkorol

Favikon Score: 3.7/5


New York, New York! Anastasia is a brilliant influencer. Her content revolves around luxury, vogue sex, and the city vibes! Her feed? Perfect for a luxurious, chic, and simplistic campaign. And you will not believe us when we say her account growth has reached +50% with an amazing account activity of almost 25 posts shared the last month. What do you say? Ready to discover the New York life with Anastasia? 

19. @hannnahhtaylor

Favikon Score: 3.4/5 


If glamour were to be a person, it would be Hannah! This influencer creates unique content on Instagram, TikTok (2.9M followers), and YouTube (51k followers)! Passionate about fashion, she shares her most iconic outfits, lifestyle vlogs, and journeys with her community. Hannah knows how to vary her content with a dark-toned feed to create a perfect uniformity. In other words, this influencer is meticulous with her account. Thus, a collaboration would look very professional. Finally, Hannah has an excellent account growth of +28% and an excellent engagement rate of +11.35% when it comes to her audit.

20. @emmamacdonald

Favikon Score: 3.3/5


Emma is your perfect go-to influencer for Valentine’s Day campaign! City photoshoot? Beachy paradise vibes? She can do both! Emma already knows how a collab works since she has already done a few partnerships, so expect great work from her. Few figures: she has a great saturation rate of 32% (your brand will stand out on her feed) and a great content diversity score of 3/4.

What did you think of our TOP 20? These influencers are all about creativity, consistency, and simply sharing their style and passion! There is no nationality for talented content creators from mega influencer to micro and Russia to the U.S. With excellent content and loyal communities, they are the best partners you could wish for when fixing new objectives, like boosting your e-commerce sales in special events like a Valentine's Day.

A good influencer marketing strategy combined with original social media content for Valentine's Day is the best way to boost sales.So stay tuned for future TOPs, and if you are ready to jump in the influencer marketing world, go check out our Blog for tips and best practices!