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TOP 200 Female LinkedIn Creators

Women are making waves as leaders in various industries, and many are sharing their expertise on LinkedIn. Excitingly, the TOP 200 Female LinkedIn Creators list is finally here. Are you ready to explore it?

May 4, 2023

The impact of women on LinkedIn

It's been a whole week since the release of the TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators, but that wasn't enough. We've been seeing more and more women taking a stand and speaking up on LinkedIn, establishing themselves as major players in different fields. Their work and content are simply amazing, and we just had to give them the spotlight they deserve. And what better way to do that than with a brand new list solely dedicated to the best female content creators on LinkedIn? That's right, we're stoked to announce the TOP 200 Women LinkedIn Creators!

A list solely dedicated to female creators

After the release of the TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators, we were struck by an alarming statistic: among all the content creators on the list, only 1/3 are women. This list is strictly based on pure data from all the profiles in our database, which includes nearly 10K content creators on LinkedIn worldwide. And when we say "data”, we’re talking about metrics like audience growth, engagement rate, posting frequency, and so on.

As we went through the process, a question kept popping up: why do we see more men's profiles standing out? Does it imply that men are better at creating content on LinkedIn? We don't buy that idea. And ever since, we've been on a quest to uncover the answers.

Why do we see fewer women on LinkedIn than men?

At first glance, LinkedIn data shows that there are only 42.8% registered women on the platform compared to 57.2% men. The gap is even wider when we focus on active content creators - the ones we're really interested in. In fact, we've noticed that our database of active content creators shows a clear majority of males. So overall, we can confirm that there are less women creating content on LinkedIn compared to men. And that's really unfortunate.

There is absolutely no doubt that there are countless talented and brilliant women out there, who would have plenty interesting insights to share on LinkedIn. Some refrain from doing it due to imposter syndrome, others are deterred due to the fear of facing sexist comments… After chatting with several female content creators, it's clear that there are many obstacles holding women back and it's disheartening.

The purpose of this TOP 200 Female LinkedIn Creators is to highlight all of these incredible women, in the hope that it inspires more female to jumpstart their LinkedIn content creation journey 💜

Is LinkedIn a tougher platform for women to excel on?

The short answer: not really. LinkedIn can be daunting for women at first, but once they take the plunge, they often surprise themselves with how quickly they get into the groove. In fact, many female creators who produce valuable and engaging content often find that they can quickly build a strong and supportive audience. And that’s exactly what Lara says in her testimonial about her journey as a LinkedIn female creator.

Who are the most influential women on LinkedIn?

Within every industry, there are tons of female leaders who are well-versed in their field and engage in discussions about current industry topics. They share valuable insights and understanding on a multitude of subjects, bringing immense value to their LinkedIn presence and garnering engaged audiences around their profiles.

An increase of Female Leadership on LinkedIn

It's a great time to be a woman on LinkedIn! More and more women are stepping up and showcasing their expertise by creating awesome content that's engaging, informative, and inspiring. And while it can be intimidating to put yourself out there, once these women take the plunge, they absolutely crush it.

It's no secret that women face unique challenges in the business world, and LinkedIn is no exception. But these women are breaking down barriers and making waves by sharing their stories, insights, and experiences with the world. It's an exciting time to be part of this movement, and we can't wait to see more women getting started on LinkedIn, letting their creativity run wild.

Some of the Best Female LinkedIn Creators Worldwide

When it comes to marketing, female creators are killing it!

As Marketing already ranks among the most female-dominated fields in the TOP 200 Worldwide, it's no surprise to find a considerable number of female marketing experts among the most influential women on LinkedIn. In fact, marketing content creators make up almost 22% of the TOP 200 female creators worldwide, covering a wide range of diverse topics, including personal branding, social media, and growth marketing. Let’s check out some of these gems 🧚‍♀️

Amelia Sordell - Personal branding & Audience Building

Amelia is an absolute rockstar when it comes to personal branding ! As one of the top marketing experts on the platform, she's always providing an abundance of tips and tricks on how to build an audience and develop a personal brand. With an impressive 18 posts per month, she provides invaluable insights on making your profile more attractive. To use her words, she does not brand businesses, she brand people.

Annie-Mai Hodge - Social Media

Annie-Mai is the go-to expert for building brand accounts on social media platforms. Her strategies on promoting businesses and making them appealing to digital communities are top-notch. With an incredible growth rate of over 3K followers per month, her profile is buzzing. In fact, her expertise in social media and understanding of LinkedIn's codes have made her stand out from the crowd.

Who said that only men can be tech experts?

That’s right, the tech and computer engineering industry is not exclusively dominated by men. In reality, there are numerous brilliant women who excel in this field, and we are fortunate to see many of them express their expertise on LinkedIn. So without any delay, here are some amazing profiles that are worth checking out.

Khushboo Verma - Computer Engineering

If you want to grasp all the concepts of software engineering, Khushboo Verma's LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to start. She has a talent for breaking down complex topics into simple and easy-to-understand language, which makes her profile an inspiring and accessible resource for anyone looking to learn more about the field.

Karen X. Cheng - Computer Engineering

Karen is a true trailblazer in the world of artificial intelligence content creation on LinkedIn.  AI & Machine Learning is definitely a hot topic on LinkedIn and Karen has been producing cutting-edge content that has attracted a dedicated and passionate community. With her audience growing each day, she has established herself as a leading voice in this exciting field.

Women are increasingly dominating finance discussions.

The world of finance and Web 3 is gaining huge popularity on LinkedIn, and it's thrilling to explore the thought leadership of influential women in this space. So let’s find out some of the top-notch profiles.

Hua Li - Fintech & Crypto

Without a doubt, Hua Li is a fintech expert who shares plenty of valuable insights with her LinkedIn community. Her engaging content around this curious subject has caused quite a stir on the platform.

Wei Li - Financial Markets

Hua Li's remarkable growth of almost 10K subscribers per month is no accident, as she is an authority in the financial market topics and plays a significant role in shaping opinions in this area on LinkedIn.