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Top 200 X Worldwide English Speaking Creators

Discover the Top 200 X Worldwide English Speaking Creators. From Mr Beast's dominance to the innovative minds of Chris Bakke and Lex Fridman, find out the creators shaping the digital landscape.

Top 200 X Creators: A Glimpse into the Elite  🚀

After the much-anticipated revelation of the Top 200 X Worldwide English Speaking Influencers, the excitement continues with the unveiling of the Top 200 X Worldwide English Speaking Creators. This curated list offers insight into the elite talents shaping the landscape of worldwide English Speaking content creation.

Exploring the Top 10 Creators:


Leading the rankings is the illustrious YouTuber, MrBeast, with an astonishing Favikon score of 10,040, maintaining his dominance in the creator scene.

Michael Reeves:

Securing the second spot, Michael Reeves, a charismatic YouTuber and robotics developer known for his whimsical approach, brings a blend of humor and technical ingenuity with a Favikon score of 1,262.

Rowan Cheung:

Claiming the third position is Rowan Cheung, an AI News Curator, with a Favikon score of 286. With a pulse on artificial intelligence developments, Cheung captivates audiences daily.

Marques Brownlee:

Renowned tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee takes the fourth spot with an impressive Favikon score of 2,051, captivating audiences with insightful tech reviews and industry commentary.

Chris Bakke:

In the fifth position is Chris Bakke, visionary founder, and CEO of, with a Favikon score of 195. Bakke reshapes tech recruitment dynamics with innovative approaches.

Sam Altman:

Holding the sixth position, Sam Altman, a distinguished entrepreneur and investor, contributes to the entrepreneurial landscape with a Favikon score of 289.

Paul Graham:

Securing the seventh spot is Paul Graham, a distinguished computer scientist, and entrepreneur co-founder of Y Combinator, with a Favikon score of 290.

Greg Isenberg:

In the eighth position, Greg Isenberg, a highly successful entrepreneur, claims his spot with a Favikon score of 340, showcasing his influence in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Alejandra Caraballo:

Taking the ninth position is Alejandra Caraballo, a clinical instructor at Harvard Law Cyberlaw Clinic, specializing in gender and technology, with a Favikon score of 171.

Lex Fridman:

Closing our Top 10 is Lex Fridman, a Russian-American AI researcher and MIT professor, with a Favikon score of 1,798, contributing significantly to artificial intelligence and academia.

In concluding our exploration of the Top 200 X Worldwide English Speaking, we've uncovered a diverse blend of creators shaping the digital sphere. Stay tuned for more as Favikon continues unraveling the stories behind these influential figures.

The journey has just begun, and more creators await their spotlight. 🌟

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