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TOP 50 Fitness Influencers You Need to Follow

Here are 50 fitness influencers that are doing amazing on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram in 2022!

August 28, 2022

TOP Fitness Mega Influencers

Chris Bumstead - 3.1M followers

Chris is close to perfection with a Favikon score of 4.9/5 on TikTok. He has participated 3 times in the Classic Physique Olympia, a bodybuilding competition! On his account you will find workouts and tips.

Diana Conforti - 2.6M followers

Your daily fitness coach, Diana shares workout routines and much of her sessions at the gym. Occasionally, she shows her healthy recipes to get maximum energy during your workouts. Didn't we tell you? Her Favikon score is 4.9/5!

BroScienceLife - 2.5M followers

Want to become a fitness pro? Just watch his videos! He knows everything about fitness workouts, and he's also a pro at brand partnerships. He's used to getting his videos sponsored, so he'll be open to a collaboration!

Analis Cruz - 2.4M followers

"Let's get strong together." That's Analis' quote and we can see why! This top athlete makes some very inspiring and motivating content to start exercising and push yourself. These sportswear are to die for, the perfect account for a sportswear brand!

Sascha Huber - 1.6M followers

Have you ever eaten a fitness pizza? Do you know what it is? If not, Sascha is the perfect influencer to introduce you to special workout recipes and very intense workouts! Her content works great, her Favikon score of 5/5 is totally deserved.

Natacha Océane - 1.52M followers

Natacha is a sportswoman full of energy and good advice. Her YouTube channel is beautiful with thumbnails always very well selected! It allows her to have a good buzz ratio while posting regularly.

Davis Diley - 1.5M followers

David's goal is to help you understand how your muscles work and how to work them properly. Thanks to his TikTok account, you will discover which muscles are used for each exercise and how to perform them. On top of that, David has a strong community!

Asalya Littos - 1.3M followers

Precision, agility and strength. These are the words that best characterize the content of Asalya, a gymnast ready to take on any challenge. Often outdoors, she has fun mixing gymnastics, stunts and other challenges. Her content is super energetic and full of humor!

Max Taylor - 1.1M followers

Max is one of the biggest fitness influencers in the world. He shares fitness tips daily on his Instagram, then creates different humorous content on TikTok with his 8.8M followers. This content creator is also very active on YouTube, and his Favikon score is excellent on all networks!

TOP Fitness Macro Influencers

Fernanda Ramirez - 991k followers

You know the "THAT girl" trend? Fernanda is the perfect example of influencers with the perfect lifestyle that makes you want to drop everything to go drink a matcha. In her healthy lifestyle, sports take up a lot of space. You can find all her tips for good workouts on her YouTube channel!

DANNY LAZZARIN - 968k followers

Fitness, cars and challenges. Danny's content is quite varied but his build leaves no doubt that sport is at the center of his life. You will follow his training through many YouTube Shorts.

Sean Nalewanyj  - 756k followers

Building muscle and losing fat is Sean's specialty! He tells you how to work your muscles and what not to do. If you get a little lost on his account (like us) you'll also learn what dysmorphia is and what bad Pre-Workouts are. A caring and easy to understand content!

NITANG - 730k followers

Thao is a young girl who shares her healthy lifestyle. Between recipes and workouts at home, her content is mainly addressed to girls who want to take care of themselves. You will find the progression of a part of her community, a content that generates buzz!

Aries Terrón - 669k followers

The fitness scientist of YouTube! Aries explains very clearly what is good for your body and what is not. Between exercises that are not recommended, proteins that are bad for your stomach and foods that you should eat regularly to build muscle... science will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Abhishek Yadav - 608k followers

Straight from India, Abhishrek is very successful in his country. He shares his workouts but especially before/after his progress! All his videos are making the buzz and his engagement rate is very high which allows him to have a Favikon Score of 4.9/5.

Andry - 484k followers

A real pro at gainage! Andry is a personal trainer who teaches you to develop and control your strength. He is able to do the planche in all situations! At the gym, on the street, at home, in the woods or on top of a tree... nothing stops him!

Sehaj Zaildar - 466k followers

This 19 year old Indian boy lives from his passion: bodybuilding. On his YouTube channel you can find workouts, challenges and motivational videos for young people wishing to start in fitness.


Sports coach and bodybuilder, Firas shares a lot of advice on workouts and nutrition. He has a very good account growth and does not make for the moment any partnership, be the first brand he will work with!

Back Guy - 421k followers

Discover the "Weekly Dose of Fitness" sponsored by Gymshark and Myprotein! What is it exactly? A good dose of positivity around fitness and WTF workouts. There are lots of memes and iconic fitness moments!

Tharun Kumar - 349 k followers

A Favikon Score of 5/5! This is not surprising when you see the comment ratio of Tharun's YouTube channel. The whole content is very professional and well done. It varies between entertaining and fun content.

Youssef Safouani - 269k followers

Youssef is the perfect coach for YouTube for a brand located in the United Arab Emirates! He shares tips for a workout session at the gym as well as his own workout routines. An amazing point is the network he builds on his YouTube channel by often collaborating with other fitness influencers!


Olga Egbaria - 265k followers

Olga is a coach but also a fitness model. On her Instagram feed she shares photos of herself and her workouts in Reels. Her community follows her life as a fitness influencer through her gym stories. 

VLADISLAV GERASIMOV - 221k followers

This Instagram influencer is quite the fitness enthusiast. He enjoys sharing his fitness journey as well as other parts of his daily life. He mixes different formats such as single posts, carousels, and reels to share gym sessions, fashion and luxury content, and other activities. 

John Lucas - 210k followers

Here comes our motivated fitness coach! John is motivated to train his customers as well as his followers. Body evolutions, training sessions and many more content to go! Moreover this Instagram content creator has a 4.8/5 Favikon Score!

LenaLifts - 208k followers

Are you more of a That girl vibe? Then this influencer will fit you perfectly. This YouTuber is all about aesthetic and lifestyle vlogs. Her content is about her daily life routines with content like what I eat in a day, workouts, meal preps, living alone vlogs and so on.

Glitch - 204k followers

Let’s get into boxing! This influencer is a boxing enthusiast and coach. He has a great +5% engagement rate as well as an excellent account growth of +12% followed by a Favikon Score of 4.6/5.

TOP Fitness Mid Tier Influencers

Dann Urrutia - 193k followers

Another vloger! Dann is a Mexican fitness content creator. Her vlogs are about motivating her audience to take the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Her YouTube videos have an excellent engagement rate with content such as meal preps, workout routines, day in her life, etc. 

Erik Sixdorf - 187.4k followers

This guy can do workout sessions anywhere! Erik is an outdoors sports enthusiast and TikTok influencer! He usually posts different types of sport routines which provide an amazing content quality score as well as an excellent buzz ratio.

Евгений Лось - 179k followers

This Instagram fitness influencer is specialized in calisthenics! He shares his journey by posting his progress through time. Regarding his statistics, he has a great audience quality with 179K followers and an engagement rate of +7%.

Jay Chris - 150k followers

Jay Chris is a professional athlete who focused on combat sports and other workout techniques such as calisthenics. He participated and won several world championships such as the Featherweight Championship. What a beast! Today he counts 150K followers and an excellent 5/5 Favikon score!

Gianmarco Bollaro - 155k followers

He is big, he is motivated and he is a trainer! This Instagram content creator has an excellent Favikon score of 5/5 with an account growth of +8%, a great content diversity score of 3/4 and a promising engagement rate of +5%.

Ahmad Seifane - 123k followers

Meet Mr. Universe of Lebanon 2022! Ahmed works on natural bodybuilding and provides coaching as well. But when it comes to his talent as an influencer, he is impressive! With a +17% account growth and an excellent account activity of 21 posts shared in the last month, Ahmed reaches a Favikon Score of 4.8/5!

Carla Leclercq - 111k followers

She is only 22 and already has 111K followers on Instagram! This young fitness influencer motivates her community by sharing her own personal fitness journey. She mostly posts pictures with her gym buddies and has already partnered with different fitness brands such as gym wear companies and pre-workout brands.

Oussama Sidaoui - 103k followers

Oussama’s Instagram account is quite interesting. When it comes to his regular posts’ feed he shares pictures of his lifestyle. However when it comes to his reels, this influencer is all about sharing his workout sessions. Great content diversity!

Maël - 100k followers

This fitness coach targets only men, for a brand that focuses on men it's perfect! His content is very professional with a perfectly maintained feed and his product placements are very successful!

Saif Agha - 100k followers

Saif loves to see progress in himself and others! He has come a long way in the fitness industry and now he reaches 100K! He varies his content as he enjoys coaching his audience with different workout routines. With great adaptability and creative skills he is perfect for a partnership!

Marco - 100k followers

Our Italian fitness influencer! This guy has an excellent Favikon score of 5/5 with an engagement rate of +17% and an amazing following ratio! When it comes to his content, he mostly shares reels of his post-workouts.

Oscar Junior Acosta - 88.5k followers

Wait a minute! Is he a comedian or a fitness influencer? Oscar has a great sense of humor and loves to mix sports and silliness. For a brand with a quirky and fun tone, he's the perfect content creator!

Álvaro Andrades - 85.4k followers

You just found the best place to get all kinds of workout tips! This spanish Instagram influencer has a fantastic Favikon Score of 5/5. Even though he is still a micro influencer, his account grows bigger everyday and he has already partnered with a few brands. This is the perfect example for combining professionalism with original content!

TOP Fitness Micro Influencers

Kamila Skórka - 78k followers

Kamila practices all kinds of workouts from spinning, to weight lifting, pilates and more. This is the perfect influencer for a brand that targets a female audience as the content creator can adapt to different sport activities!

Verginia Koleva - 69.1k followers

Gymnast and dancer, Verginia has a perfect control of flexibility and grace. She mainly shares her tricks in publication and her workouts in her Instagram stories. This is a perfect combo for a gym wear brand whose strong point is fluid textile and stretchy fabric for instance.

Kali - 58.2k followers

Here comes the gym, workout and lifestyle queen! Kali has an amazing TikTok account in which she shares various mini vlogs of her day. Her content is mostly about her fitness journey, yet she loves to practice different types of activities from going to the gym or to pilates.

Noah Banken - 56.3k followers

Are you looking for a fitness and humor combo? We just found your perfect TikTok influencer! Noah’s TikToks are hilarious and his content mostly revolve around fitness and gym workouts. What an original and creative approach! Moreover he has an excellent buzz ratio and engagement rate!

Monet - 42.8k followers

This influencer is very impressive! She created a consistent TikTok feed with gym inspo with a dark tone that makes her content aesthetically pleasing. This influencer is the perfect match for a female gym wear brand that tends towards a fashion and elegant image!

 Jackie - 40.5k followers

Jackie works everyday on pushing her limits! She loves to share TikToks about her workout routines by mixing motivational content with the vlog format. This approach makes her feed consistent and professional! Any brand could partner with her such as a gym wear brand, a protein brand, an equipment brand, etc.

TOP Fitness Nano Influencers

Naz - 24.6k followers

Did anyone say fitness guru? Naz is a fitness coach who shares his working knowledge, routines and progress with his audience. With a 4/5 Favikon score and an engagement rate of +14%, he is becoming quite the content creator!

Hairolette - 22.4k followers

Another creative and professional TikToker! This content creator posts very often with a consistent feed and clean thumbnails which make her account look very professional! Moreover she doesn’t speak in her videos as they follow a vlog style which also shows her editing skills. This influencer would be a great match for a brand that is looking for sleek and clean content!

Aleks Becker - 21.4k followers

This one beats any age records! Aleks is a TikTok fitness influencer with 21.4K followers and he is only 17 years old. What a champion! With an excellent engagement rate, community ratio, and activity rate, he might just go viral any time soon!

Natalia Munoz - 16.2k followers

One of our favorite nano influencers! Natalia is a true sunshine as she always shares her fitness journey with a dynamic and fun approach. Not only is her content great but her stats are fire as well! She aced her Buzz ratio with an A+ grade and a breathtaking community ratio of +115%!

Jackson Edwards - 12.1k followers

Jackson is the smallest influencer of this TOP 50 yet his content is worth thousands of followers! This fitness content creator loves to share all his best tricks and tips when it comes to his work out sessions. With a Favikon score of 4.1/5, an excellent buzz ratio and a community ratio of +51%, he is collab material!