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TOP French Nano-Influencers for a Luxury Brand

They are creative, professional, and have their own style. Who are they? The best french nano influencers you'll find for your luxury brand!

December 6, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

Influencer marketing is the ideal solution for all brands without exception! Luxury brands are part of it and they have every interest in using nano influencers for their campaigns.

Looking for talented, creative, and professional influencers for your luxurious campaign? Look no more! We found the best french nano influencers for your brand. They know elegance, they love glamour, fashion is their second name... Ready to discover our gems? Let's go!


Abdel Fadel Ibrahim

If you are looking for simplicity and elegance, Abdel is the influencer for you! Fashion genius, he loves to share different outfits with his audience. This nano influencer works on a consistent feed, alternating between fashion content and aesthetic decors. With an excellent Favikon Score of 4.7/5 and 6.6k followers, he reached an excellent engagement rate of 8.69% and is going through a tremendous account growth rate of +10.30%. Congratulations, Abdel, for your creative and unique work!


We have a multitasker. Let's give it up for this Wonder Mom! Fashion, fitness, routines, she will take you on all of her adventures! She has already done a many collabs. With an impressive 4.5 Favikon score, Lou reaches an outstanding account growth of +48% and has an excellent account activity score with about 14 posts shared in a month. Great job!

Victoria Carratier

Victoria is a talented model who shares all her work with her audience. From an elegant, simple, vintage style to more extravagant outfits and shootings or even « everyday life » looks, Victoria can pull off all kinds of collabs. One common point in all her posts? Her professionalism! Clean, well-edited, and consistent pictures build her feed, and we congratulate her for that!


Here comes an influencer with badass vibes! Mathilde has many passions, yet something tells me fashion wins! Her outfits vary with a colorful feed and revolve around one word: glamour. Mathilde knows how to assemble the right outfit with the best setting and the perfect makeup touch… oh, and let's not forget she's a model, so posing is a child's play for her! In other words, give her an outfit, a destination, or any clue to reach your ideal collab, and you'll have a breathtaking result!

Mélissa Monka

This nano influencer is full of potential! With only 42 posts Melissa reached 1.299 followers. She shares pictures in beautiful settings like luxurious bars, fancy restaurants, art galleries and dreamy destinations. Reach out for a collab and she will find the place, plan a setting and she will have the perfect outfit, it is as simple as that! (P.S.: Did we specify she loves to travel? Have a look at her stories!)

That's it Did you enjoy discovering new influencers in the world of luxury? Some might fit your brand's needs and goals; if so, you can search for similar profiles on Favikon and plan a fantastic collab with them!

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