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TOP 8 beauty bloggers in the USA

Do you need a tip to save your hair after a long dry summer? Or maybe some advice on how to get rid of those dark circles? Keep calm, beauty bloggers have your back!

May 16, 2022

What is a beauty blogger ?

They are always aware of the latest cosmetic innovations, and their advice is priceless. They spend weeks testing all kinds of beauty products, from cosmetics to makeup, to give you the best tips and tricks. Unlike your jealous classmate, beauty bloggers share their knowledge to see you shine. 

We can say that there are three types of queens and kings in beauty influence.

Beauty brand owners

Some have their own brands and promote their products while sharing their beauty routines through Instagram posts. This is the case with Kylie Jenner and her brand, Kylie Cosmetics. Who could've imagined the magnitude that it has reached? Kylie now has almost 340 million followers, and her brand audience is near to 26 million followers on Instagram. By associating her products with the lifestyle of a star, Kylie became a reference in the cosmetics world.

Beauty brand ambassadors

Others became strong brand ambassadors over time. They usually create content about their lifestyle but always include a few little novelties of the brands that sponsor them. Most of the time, those influencers post short videos showing how to apply the products, step by step. A few well-known brands, such as NYX, Origins, or La Roche Posay, work a lot with content creators, and it's a key factor in their branding strategy.

Don't be surprised if you see partnerships between these renowned brands and small content creators, they believe in the added potential and value of micro influencers. A good example is a partnership between NYX and Subana, a small beauty influencer with just over 7k followers. What's better than converting your loyal customers into strong brand ambassadors?

Beauty testers and advisors

The last category is the one whose influencers share beauty advice exclusively. There are hundreds of content creators specialized in testing and analyzing the effects of beauty products. Some work on specific content, including hair products only, for example, while others want to be known as beauty product testers and advisers. They create a lot of content to give you a great range of impressions on the widest variety of beauty products.

They give you the recommendation that best suits your physical characteristics, personal needs, and budget. They also compare similar products to provide you with the most detailed information about the results and their pros and cons. The best part: most of them take the time to manage a blog or a youtube channel where they talk more widely about their experience with different brands and product ranges. 

Content creators with a passion for cosmetics

If there is one thing you need to know about beauty bloggers is that they post a lot. There is no day off for a beauty influencer. They show you the entire testing process and give you daily feedback on the results of their experimentations. Beyond the few sponsored posts, beauty influencers are real content creators and share many tips without aiming for compensation. They are cosmetics enthusiasts, and they are genuinely passionate about self-care beauty advice. That's why they take the time to create complete and multi-format content and ensure that they leave no secrets behind when it comes to beauty tips.

Sometimes the most passionate content creators aren't necessarily the biggest ones. It can be very interesting to work with micro or even nano beauty influencers because of their steady audience. They have a very engaged community that is really on board with their daily routine, which helps highlight a product or a brand. Also, most of them have a blog, which improves the brand's SEO for featured posts.

Best beauty bloggers in the USA



👏 4,9/5 Favikon Score

Abbey is blessed with her golden locks and gives you plenty of tips on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube! She is a multi-channel beauty influencer, and she is not afraid of adapting the content to her different audiences. She interacts quite a bit with her audience, especially when holding votes for her followers to choose products to be tested. And, of course, she is the feedback pro!



👏 4,5/5 Favikon Score

If you are looking for skincare tips, Yulia is there for you! Despite not being present on other social networks, she is super active on Instagram, and her community is incredibly engaged! The growth of its audience is extraordinary, and she's the queen of beauty product giveaways. She multiplies her brand partnerships and has a blog where she suggests her favorite beauty products.


 👥 122,5k followers IG

👏 3,9/5 Favikon Score

Alexa is also a multi-channel influencer, and adapting content to different social media is not a problem for her! Her passion? Skincare! She makes lots of carousel posts to give as much detail as possible on the products she recommends, and she is a video formats pro. She also takes the time to write Instagram guides, which turns her Insta profile into a real beauty blog!

@glowopedia I bought Villa because I can wear that every day but I can’t decide on another- this felt like a balm but was so pretty! Trench wasn’t for me but I can think of so many other people I know would be stunning on! #glossier #lipstick @Glossier ♬ About Damn Time - Lizzo


 👥 83,2k followers IG

👏 3,8/5 Favikon Score

She went from 30k to more than 80k followers on Instagram in 1 month, and she is on the verge of reaching 1M followers on TikTok! On her Instagram account, you will find some make-up tutorials, but it is mainly on TikTok that she talks about her experiences with many cosmetic brands and a few cosmetic procedures she went through.

@xoxoemira #grwm to find a new sugar daddy 😤✨💓 also this blush was INSANE 😭 i didn’t think i could make it look good #makeuptutorial #foundationroutine #makeuproutine #easymakeuproutine #nyc ♬ original sound - XOXOEMIRA


 👥 250k followers IG

👏 3,6/5 Favikon Score

It's like she said, good skin starts from within! And what better than a true cosmetics enthusiast to guide you? Ava has an impressive audience on TikTok of around 1.5M followers, and her content always has a touch of humor or good vibes. In her Instagram bio, you will find the link to her digital shop guide, where she mentions all her beauty product recommendations.


 👥 326k followers IG

👏 3,5/5 Favikon Score

Amy is a macro influencer with a very engaged community. She prepares captivating content such as product rankings or even vlogs where she shows all the beauty products that are part of her daily routine. She has more than 1M followers on TikTok, and she occasionally posts on Youtube when she wants to talk more widely about specific topics such as a recovery after an cosmetic procedure.


 👥 7,6k followers IG

👏 3,5/5 Favikon Score

This nano influencer grows at full speed, and her audience is incredibly engaged. She's truly passionate about skincare, and she posts Reels almost every day to show off her favorite products.


 👥 77,7k followers IG

👏 2,9/5 Favikon Score

Liz is an Instagram and TikTok content creator, but she also runs a skincare brand. Her feed is full of skincare tips, and she takes the time to record long tutorials for her IGTV. 

@lizkennedy__ Now that I can travel again I am really excited to bring this along , it’s so cute and convenient! #travelskincare ♬ original sound - Elizabeth Kennedy

What kind of content with a beauty blogger ?

Regarding the content posted by beauty bloggers, you can expect two things: variety and consistency. These influencers adopt a wide range of formats, whether simple selfies, multi-card carousels, Instagram Reels, or even longer videos for their IGTV. They also offer a great variety of content, and we can mention three primary examples:


Beauty influencers often post product crash tests on their Instagram stories. These are sponsored posts to promote a product or even a whole range of products most of the time. These collabs are very common on Instagram, and influencers have a real impact thanks to their feedback on the tested product. They often comment on the product's texture, fragrance, or even its results (if they are immediate).

You should know that beauty bloggers also do spontaneous and unpaid crash tests. Many influencers do crash tests just because their audience is curious about specific products or brands.

Long-term testing

It takes time to see the results for some products, especially when it comes to skincare. Beauty influencers test products over several weeks to provide the best feedback. These long-term tests can turn into strong collabs with brands. The best way for a brand to highlight its products is to appear in an influencer's routine.  


And finally, the giveaways you love so much! Beauty and cosmetics influencers very often organize giveaways in collaboration with brands. Logistically, it's very easy to set up because the products are generally easy to send and are appealing to many people. For the influencer, it's an efficient way to increase their engagement rate, and for a brand, it's a great way to gain visibility. And of course, for the participants, it's an opportunity to win prizes! Everyone comes out as a winner!