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TOP 8 Fitness Influencers in Boston

From personal trainers to professional fitness coaches, here are 8 content creators located in Boston you should follow.

December 6, 2022

Social Media Fitness Influencers in Boston

Fitness influencers are everywhere on social media and worldwide! But do you know who are the best fitness influencers in Boston? We have gathered 8 great athletes and content creators for this TOP. And the best part is that most of them are official coaches and trainers! So if you are looking for specialized content creators in the fitness category, check out our TOP 8 Fitness Influencers in Boston!

@cameronahouse - Cameron Ahouse

Cameron Ahouse is an amazing fitness content creator! He shares his best practices regarding workouts by posting short videos of his fitness routine. This provides him with great visibility and engagement as he has an excellent Favikon Score of 5/5! With +118k followers and an engagement rate of +8.7%, Cameron reaches an account growth of +28%.

@_kerensarai - Keren Sarai Barreto

Another fitness enthusiast! Keren helps women during their fitness journey by providing her own tips and tricks. This content creator started a Christmas countdown for this year's season! She will post her workout in a short video every day in December until Christmas. She called this advent calendar “25 days of fitmass”! This original and creative approach is an excellent asset for any brand looking to collaborate with a fitness creator.

@ashleighwosny - Ashleigh Wosny

A super fitness warrior! Meet Ashleigh, a CrossFit game athlete, a weightlifter, and a content creator! Ashleigh shares her fitness journey with her audience by posting her workouts, best scores, training, and a bit of gym lifestyle content. When it comes to her audit, she has an excellent content diversity of 3/4, with a great engagement of +11% and account growth of +8%.

@meredithjeandoty - Meredith Doty

Moving on to Meredith! This fitness queen is all about spinning and body positivity. This content creator is a spinning instructor and let me tell you she is exceeding at it! She motivates thousands of women by being present in both her classes and on social media. Meredith is also about energizing her audience as much as possible so they can give all they have in their fitness journey. These messages are crucial for any fitness brand that has body positivity, inclusivity, or the “stronger together” vibe in its core values.

@ceegeee - Carla G

Are any fans of yoga in the room? She is a fitness enthusiast, a mom, and a content creator... In other words, she is clearly wonder woman! Carla is a fitness creator you should follow if you want tips on how to better your technique when working out. When it comes to her creator work, she has an excellent saturation rate, of less than 25%, a comment/like ratio, and an engagement rate of +14%.

@bodybyjillian - Jillian Barnes

The perfect mix of fitness and fashion! This personal trainer is also an outfit lover. She enjoys sharing lifestyle content, going from short workouts and runs to stylish ensembles and everyday life posts. With an amazing Favikon Score of 3/5, by sharing various types of content, she reaches an excellent diversity of content score with a 3/4. This creator could work a little bit more on engaging with her audience as her engagement rate revolves around 5%.

@coachmichaeljames - Michael James

Keeping up with the fitness enthusiasts, here comes Michael! This content creator is more of a picture format creator rather than a short video format creator. (Brands should always consider the creator’s usual format before partnering as it might not match their requirements.) Michael has a nice engagement rate of 6% as well as great hashtag quality!

@kevin_m93 - Kevin

Kevin has gone through quite the fitness journey! That is one reason why he enjoys sharing his physical evolution and gym experience with his audience. With 5.3k followers and a +9% engagement rate, Kevin has pretty good stats when it comes to content creation. He also reaches a 4/4 in content diversity, however, this creator should work on the quality of hashtags!