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TOP 8 Korean Instagram Influencers

There are Instagram influencers of all kinds, so here is our TOP 8 in Korea! From K-pop icons to everyday lifestyle Instagram influencers, let's discover them together.

March 22, 2022

Why work with Instagram influencers?

All kinds of influencers and quality content

As you'll see in our TOP Korean Instagram Influencers, Instagram is full of creative, original, and talented content creators. There is an influencer for every brand with unlimited categories and styles, from a cottagecore aesthetic to a sporty and badass feed on the social network. And for this edition, we will be focusing on Korean influencers! From worldwide Kpop stars, actors, and actresses to micro-influencers and athletes, be ready to be amazed by these Korean influencers!

Gain of visibility and engagement 

Our TOP is based on Instagram influencers' Favikon Score, calculated with key performance indicators such as engagement rate, content diversity, audience quality, etc. Instagram influencers are known for their quality content and their engagement rate. As it takes time to build a strong community on this social media platform, influencers need to communicate with their audience to create their community and grow their following. Thus by collaborating with an Instagram influencer, you are gaining visibility from an audience that trusts the influencer and the products they showcase in their feed. In other words, it's a win-win for the brand, which gains visibility and engagement, and the influencer, who earns experience by working with a business.

Now let’s discover our TOP 8 Korean Instagram influencers!

1. @inhyuk_bb


5/5 Favikon Score

Let's start with a handsome influencer: Bae In-hyuk! Not only does he know how to work his social media, but this content creator is also a musician! With a perfect Favikon Score of 5/5, he is number one on our TOP with 1.6 million followers, an impressive engagement rate of +30%, and positive account growth. His feed consists of sharing his adventures as a singer and actor. But also simply posting his favorite moments in his everyday life. 

2. @doobydobap


5/5 Favikon Score

Meet our favorite Korean foodie! She is a fantastic cook and also a talented influencer, meet Tina! Are you looking for delicious recipes? She got you! Tina loves to share her favorite dishes with her audience by filming the making and sharing the ingredients and steps in her posts' descriptions. With over 733k followers, she aced her Favikon score by reaching an engagement of +12%, an excellent account growth of +4%, and a great following ratio.

3. @sooyaaa__


4.8/5 Favikon Score

Ever heard of Black Pink? If you haven't, you might want to catch up! They are the most popular K-pop girl band, and Jisoo is one of the iconic members. You'd only have to check her following to know she is quite popular worldwide... But not only does she have a massive number of followers, but she is also doing a fantastic job as an influencer as she reaches a 4.8 Favikon Score! 

4. @arden_cho


4.6/5 Favikon Score

You might have spotted her in the American series Teen Wolf, as our next influencer is also an actress! Arden has 3 million followers a Favikon Score of 4.6/5, with an excellent audience quality and remarkable account activity. Arden loves to vary her content from sharing her brand partnerships and in-vogue photoshoots to posting her unique looks and fun moments with her friends.

5. @hajumpoo


4.2/5 Favikon Score

Meet our youngest influencer of the TOP: @hajumpoo! This young boy loves to share his passion for jumprope on social media. Tricks, progress, new achievements... Following him means following his journey, and followers love the authenticity of his account. With a super Favikon Score, this athlete is also on the path to becoming a great influencer! Give it up for @hajumpoo!

6. @_jungkong


3.9/5 Favikon Score

The next influencer is an incredible photographer and travel vlogger! Jungbin's objective is to present south Korea to the rest of the world. Thus you will find beautiful landscapes, unique places, and many more amazing locations in her feed. This content creator does a great job at varying her content as she shares her journeys with her community. Curious to see the wonders of South Korea? I think we've found the perfect influencer for that!

7. @rider_ellie


3.9/5 Favikon Score

Time to present to you the badass of our TOP: meet Ellie! As we can see in her @, she is a rider! Ellie knows a lot about motorcycles as she is a professional rider herself. With 17k followers on Instagram and 32k on YouTube, Ellie does a fantastic job adapting her content to every social platform. You'll find motorcycles of all kinds in her feed with suitable materials and her professional advice! Ellie is rocking it with an excellent following ratio and a nice content diversity score of 3/4!

8. @h_double_o_n


3.8/5 Favikon Score

And last but not least, we have a lifestyle influence to finish our TOP Korean Instagram Influencers! Kim Si-hoon shares different outfits and places from his everyday life. With 152k followers, this content creator has an amazing account activity of 25 posts shared in the last month and a great comment-like ratio.


Korean Instagram Influencers 

A strong community

Social Media are great communication channels to engage with your target market, yet some cultures are easier to approach when working with an influencer from the same culture. Just like a Spanish brand would choose a French influencer to access a French audience, it is advisable to contact a Korean Instagram influencer if your objective is to gain visibility within this community. Moreover, because they share the same culture as their audience, they will have more ease engaging with them than an influencer from a different culture!

What did you think of our TOP 8 Korean Instagram Influencers? If you enjoyed reading our article, check out our other TOPs in our blog!