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TOP 9 badass grandmas on Instagram

These 8 profiles prove that influence has no age! These grandmothers are killing it on Instagram 👵🏻🤳

1. Ilona Royce Smithkin 🇺🇸



Favikon Score : 5/5

Engagement rate : 6.76%

Followers earned last month : 2.8K

🥇 It is the centenarian artist Illona Royce who is at the top of this ranking. The woman with orange hair and eccentric looks, varies between her hats as an author, actress and painter, a full life all in all! This glamorous and endearing profile is simply a rising star on Instagram, and her Favikon score only confirms her rise as an influencer. Congratulations to her!

2. Magda Life 🇺🇸🇧🇷



Favikon Score : 5/5

Engagement rate : 6.78 %

Followers earned last month : +1K

🥈 With Magda, age is an illusion because she's young in her head. Atypical and colorful looks, she will give your Instagram feed a peach! A granny who doesn't let the wear and tear of time get to her, this profile is worth a look.

3. Iran Khanoom 🇮🇷



Favikon Score : 4.5/5

Engagement rate : 9.24 %

Followers earned last month : 7.2K

🥉 At 88 years old, the Iranian influencer grandmother is exploding on the networks with her community of 270K followers. She carries the message of Iranian women's emancipation and advocates for women's freedom of expression and fashion. Indeed, Iran has an elegant and modern look, something that was not very common in her younger years in Iran. Congratulations to her for her well-deserved bronze medal!

4. Tao Porchon-Lynch 🇺🇸



Favikon Score : 4.1/5

Engagement rate : 6 %

Followers earned last month : + 389

5. Lady Silver 🇸🇪



Favikon Score : 3.9/5

Engagement rate : 11.45%

6. Marmeladenoma 🇩🇪



Favikon Score : 3.9/5

Engagement rate : 10.85%

Followers earned last month : +42

7. Liz 🇺🇸



Favikon Score : 3.5/5

Engagement rate : 10.88 %

8. Баб Валя и Внук 🇷🇺



Favikon Score : 3/5

Engagement rate : 5.63%

9. Baddie Winkle 🇺🇸



Engagement rate : 3.74%

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