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Top Australian YouTubers 2023

Explore the thriving landscape of content creation with our list of the Top 10 Australian YouTubers of 2023, curated through Favikon's advanced analytics. Whether you seek humor, education, or pure entertainment, find a creator that resonates with you.

October 24, 2023
Margot Daugieras

YouTube: A Platform for Content Creators

YouTube is more than just a video platform; it's a bustling global community for content creators. From vlogs and how-to tutorials to music videos and shorts, the platform has become an avenue for anyone to showcase their skills, share their knowledge, or entertain an audience. With its ever-evolving algorithm and features like "shorts," YouTube continually finds ways to engage its users and provide a stage for creators to shine.

The reach of YouTube is universal, crossing borders and breaking down linguistic barriers. With features like automated subtitles and localized trending pages, the platform has grown into an international powerhouse. And let’s not forget the rise of "shorts," YouTube’s answer to the short-form video craze. These quick videos have become a playground for creativity, pulling in even more users and keeping existing ones engaged.

The Challenge of Discovering Creators Outside Your Circle

As global as YouTube is, the platform's algorithms often prioritize content from your country or language. This can make it a challenge to discover new content, especially creators from other parts of the world. While the trending page or recommended videos may introduce you to new faces, they are often from the same region or speak the same language. This limitation could be keeping you from discovering your next favorite YouTuber!

Top 10 Australian YouTubers 2023

And that brings us to the crux of this article. We've scoured through the data using Favikon, the leading influencer marketing platform, to bring you the top 10 Australian YouTubers of 2023. These creators are bringing their own unique flair to the platform, shining not just Down Under but globally. Whether you're looking to laugh, learn, or simply be entertained, there’s someone on this list for everyone.

1. YBS - Brodie Moss - YBS Youngbloods

Brodie Moss, the Australian creator behind YBS Youngbloods, has amassed over 3 million YouTube subscribers by sharing outdoor adventures like fishing, camping, and exploring. In addition to inspiring an active, nature-focused lifestyle, the brand collaborates with other outdoor companies and sells its own line of apparel and accessories.

2. I did a thing

"I did a thing" is a YouTube channel that specializes in DIY projects, stunts, and science experiments, often adding a comedic element to the content. With corporate sponsorships and a second channel for behind-the-scenes footage and vlogs, the creator has diversified their content strategy.

3. Eystreem

Eystreem is a family-friendly YouTube channel operated by Spawnpoint Media, specializing in a wide array of Minecraft content across various editions. In addition to tutorials, tips, and funny videos, the channel also offers its own Minecraft server for both Bedrock and Java Editions.

4. Tom Cardy

Tom Cardy is a multi-talented content creator who blends music and comedy across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. In addition to streaming music and selling merchandise, he collaborates with other artists, has a strong following among cosplayers, and engages his audience with a variety of content including animated clips and podcasts.

5. Martincitopants

Martincitopants is a controversial internet personality with a significant following on Twitch and Twitter, known for his explicit and often offensive content. While he promotes merchandise and his gaming setup, his actions have led to multiple bans and suspensions across various platforms.

6. SunnyV2

SunnyV2 is a popular YouTuber with a diverse range of content including Top 10 lists, reactions, and commentary on trending and controversial topics. With over 3 million subscribers, he engages his audience by drawing inspiration from other creators and encouraging fans to like and subscribe.

7. How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous is an Australian YouTube channel featuring three guys who engage in entertaining stunts and challenges, like throwing objects from great heights or racing unconventional vehicles. With a large following, they regularly collaborate with other creators, promote charitable causes, and offer merchandise to their fans.

8. Primitive Jungle Lifeskills

Primitive Jungle Lifeskills is a YouTube channel run by four friends who left their jobs to focus on teaching survival and building skills in a jungle setting. The channel showcases various techniques for construction and primitive survival, encouraging viewer engagement through likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions.

9. Norris Nuts

The Norris Nuts is a family-led YouTube channel featuring members Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, Naz, Disco, Charm, Mama Brooke, and Papa Justin, who create a wide array of content ranging from family vlogs to challenges. With multiple subsidiary channels and a merch store, they have garnered a large following for their positive, family-friendly videos on topics like birthdays, travel, and cooking.

10. Lazar Beam

Lazar Beam, a well-known YouTuber and gamer, gained popularity for his comedic takes on games like Fortnite and collaborations with other big names like MrBeast and KSI. Recently appearing in the movie "Free Guy," he's diversified his content to include Photoshop battles and mobile game reviews, all while maintaining a merchandise line and staying active on social media platforms even after contracting COVID-19.

Find a Creator in Your Niche with Favikon

If this list has got you curious about finding creators in your own sector, Favikon is the tool for you. Say you're a tech company looking for influencers to collaborate with. Rather than slogging through endless search results and jumping from profile to profile, Favikon narrows down the field. Using advanced algorithms and comprehensive analytics, the platform can match you with creators who align with your brand's voice and ethos. This goes beyond just Australia and opens up a world of opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations.

Why Location Still Matters

Even in the digital age, where information and content can zip around the globe in milliseconds, the importance of location and language can't be underestimated. Localized content brings a sense of familiarity and relatability that global content sometimes misses. Australian YouTubers, for instance, have their unique style and humor that resonate with audiences both locally and abroad.

So there you have it! The Top 10 Australian YouTubers of 2023, bringing a mix of humor, education, and sheer entertainment. Whether you're an Aussie missing home or someone on the other side of the globe looking to expand your YouTube horizon, this list is your go-to resource. And if you're a brand seeking to connect with creators who can amplify your message, remember, Favikon has got your back.

YouTube is a treasure trove of talent waiting to be discovered. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in, explore, and maybe you'll find your next favorite creator today.

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